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Playboy on producer Michael Douglas
Cuckoo at 25 in The New York Times
Cuckoo at 25 in Entertainment Weekly
Nurse Ratched, Greatest Villain
Nurse Ratched in wax

Fletcher at the Academy Awards, 1976
New York Times 1976 Academy Awards ceremony coverage
Inside Oscar
Academy Award Winners
Academy Awards 1976 Oscar Annual
Fletcher bio from Academy Awards 1976 Oscar Annual
Hollywood Reporter on Oscar's Greatest Moments
USA Today Oscar article
Fletcher recalls Oscar win for the Associated Press
Washington Post Oscar article
Entertainment Weekly Special 2001 Oscar Guide
Official Emmy Nominees Guide, 1996
Official Emmy Nominees List, 2004

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More Dogs Than Bones article
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Once Upon A Time In America book excerpt
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Oscar's Greatest Moments review
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Picket Fences article
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Return to Two Moon Junction article and photos
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Louise Fletcher and her dogs
Pissed-off principal
Flossing her teeth
Nora Bloom and her family
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The Kai and her boyfriend abuse tribbles...
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