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SUMMARY: In the midst of the Dominion War, Winn and Dukat enter the Fire-Caves to free the Pah-Wraiths. Though Winn tries to sacrifice her onetime lover to the Kosst Amojan, the Pah-Wraiths choose Dukat as their Emissary, and he and Sisko struggle for the fate of Bajor. Official Star Trek site, part one. Official Star Trek site, part two. Mania Magazine review. DS9 Bistro review.

Waking the Pah-Wraiths

"I've never seen you look more radiant!"

Farewell, Adami

From The Deep Space Nine Companion CD-ROM, a scene from the script which was cut from the aired episode, some time after the argument at the entrance to the Fire Caves where Winn told Dukat to stop calling her Adami:

INT. ANOTHER SECTION OF FIRE CAVES. CLOSE ON Dukat wincing with pain as Kai Winn tries to remove an insect stinger from his neck.

WINN: (annoyed) Be still.

DUKAT: I am being still. What's taking so long?

WINN: The stinger is embedded in your skin. Dukat winces again. Does it hurt?

DUKAT: Of course it hurts. Have you ever been stung by a cave-wasp?

WINN: Not that I recall. I warned you not to slap it.

DUKAT: It was annoying me.

Squeezing a little harder, Winn manages to pinch the stinger with her nails and yank it out. Dukat GRUNTS with pain.

WINN: There. Is that better?

DUKAT: Not really. This Bajoran skin is so...delicate.

WINN: Then perhaps you should've stayed a Cardassian.

DUKAT: Nothing would've made me happier. But I needed to win your trust. Dukat reaches out and takes Winn's hand. And you have to trust me. Only together can we free the Pah-wraiths. Winn doesn't pull her hand away. You still care about me, don't you? A beat. Don't you?

WINN: All I care about is freeing the Pah-wraiths.

DUKAT: That's not true and you know it.

WINN: You may look like a Bajoran, but your ego is unmistakably Cardassian.

DUKAT: I'll take that as a compliment.

WINN: Of course you will. A beat. Now do us both a favor...next time you see a cave-wasp, leave it alone.

And with that, Winn turns her back to Dukat and continues her trek through the cavern.

DUKAT: I'll try to remember that.

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