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* July 22, 1934 in Birmingham, Alabama, USA

Middle name:
* Estelle

* Cancer
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* Daughter of Rev. Robert Capers Fletcher and Estelle Caldwell Fletcher
  - Parents met at Gallaudet College in Washington, DC and married in 1930
  - Both parents were deaf from childhood: father after being hit by lightning, mother after an illness
  - Rev. Fletcher, an Episcopal minister, founded several churches for the deaf in Alabama
* Three siblings
  - Older brother John Fletcher, a minister
  - Younger sister Roberta Fletcher Ray, a teacher
  - Younger sister Georgianna Fletcher Thames, an educator for the deaf
* Spent summers with mother's sister
  - Aunt "Beezie" and Uncle George Long lived in Bryan, Texas
  - Maternal grandfather John Seeley Caldwell also lived in Texas
* Married to Jerry Bick 1960-78
* Two sons, John (b. April 1961) and Andy (b. December 1962)

* University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
* Studied acting with Jeff Corey

* Best Actress Academy Award, 1975 for One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest
* Best Actress British Academy Award, 1975 for One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest
* Best Actress Golden Globe Award, 1975 for One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest
* #2 on Screen World's Promising New Actors of 1979
* L.H.D. degree, Gallaudet University, 1982
* L.H.D. degree, Western Maryland College, 1986
* D.D.L. degree, North Carolina State University
* Best Guest Actress Emmy Award Nomination, 1996 for Picket Fences
* Outstanding Guest Actress Roddenberry Award, 1999 for Deep Space Nine's "Strange Bedfellows"
* Nurse Ratched named as #5 on the American Film Institute's list of the all-time greatest screen villains, 2004
* Best Guest Actress Emmy Award Nomination, 2004 for Joan of Arcadia

Other film and television:
* Click here for filmography
* Deep Space Nine episodes

* Height: 5'10"
* Fletcher's Academy Award acceptance speech was the first delivered in sign language.
* Lily Tomlin's role in Nashville was originally written for and in part by Louise Fletcher.
* Director Sergio Leone had to cut Fletcher's role from Once Upon a Time in America when the film ran long.
* Fletcher was one of a number of actors who opposed the proposed SAG-AFTRA merger in 1999.
* Fletcher coat of arms

Other work:
* In 1991, Fletcher started a business as an art dealer.
* Deafness Research Foundation, member of board of directors, 1980.
* National Institute of Deafness and Other Communication Disorders, member of advisory board.
* Caption Center, member of advisory board.

 Don Buchwald & Associates
 Attn: Renee Jennett
 6500 Wilshire Boulevard, Suite 2200
 Los Angeles, CA 90048

You can write to Louise Fletcher care of:
 Star Trek: Deep Space Nine
 Paramount Pictures
 5555 Melrose Avenue
 Los Angeles, CA 90038

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Who created this site?
* Not a relative. Not someone connected professionally with Louise Fletcher. Not a friend -- I have never met her. I am just someone who enjoys her work and thought there should be a site for other people interested in her career. You can reach me here.