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Welcome to the archive of Now Voyager, the newsletter of the Kate Mulgrew Appreciation Society (KMAS), Kate Mulgrew's Official Fan Club from Spring 1995 through Spring 2000.

At long last, PDFs of the newsletters are available by clicking on the covers (even the never-printed material for the final newsletter, which has been available online for 20 years). Please note that all material, particularly the artwork which has not previously appeared on the internet, remains the property of its original creators and may not be reposted, printed, transformed, or otherwise circulated without permission both of the creators and this web site. Please share links to this site rather than to the individual newsletters so that all current copyright and contact information will remain intact.

If you want to read the text-only versions of the newsletters, they are available at the links with the content descriptions below the covers.

Now Voyager #1
Vol 1, #1, February 1995
First issue, a little of everything. (Text Only)
Now Voyager #2
Vol 1, #2, April 1995
San Francisco and Grand Slam con reports, interviews with preproduction coordinator Lolita Fatjo and Trek episode writer Eric Stillwell. (Text Only)
Now Voyager #3
Vol 1, #3, June 1995
Interview with Kate's stand-in Sue Henley, Bellevue con reports. (Text Only)
Now Voyager #4
Vol 1, #4, August 1995
Vulkon Janeway fan discussion, interview with special effects technician David Stipes. (Text Only)
Now Voyager #5
Vol 1, #5, October 1995
Interview with Kate, full page publicity photo. (Text Only)
Now Voyager #6
Vol 1, #6, December 1995
Four Captains and charity event photos/reports, interview with Robert Beltran and full page publicity photo. (Text Only)
Now Voyager #7
Vol 2, #1, January 1996
Interviews with producer Jeri Taylor and actor Robert Picardo, con report, photos. (Text Only)
Now Voyager #8
Vol 2, #2, March 1996
Heartbeat review and photo, interview with Trek novelist Christie Golden. (Text Only)
Now Voyager #9
Vol 2, #3, May 1996
Kate's horoscope, a review and full page photo from A Stranger is Watching. (Text Only)
Now Voyager #10
Vol 2, #4, July 1996
Denver Starfest convention reports and Now Voyager club members' breakfast with Kate. (Text Only)
Now Voyager #11
Vol 2, #5, September 1996
Florida Vulkon reports, Batman: The Animated Series review, also see "Resolving Resolutions" below. (Text Only)
Now Voyager #12
Vol 2, #6, November 1996
Minneapolis and Detroit con reports, Mosaic reviews. (Text Only)
Now Voyager #13
Vol 3, #1, January 1997
MTR and San Diego con reports, interview with Pocket Books Trek editor John Ordover. (Text Only)
Now Voyager #14
Vol 3, #2, March 1997
Chicago con reports and photos of Now Voyager meeting with Kate, interview with Kate's mother Joan Mulgrew. (Text Only)
Now Voyager #15
Vol 3, #3, May 1997
Kate's baby pictures, Portland con reports, interview with director Winrich Kolbe, sketches of Kate. (Text Only)
Now Voyager #16
Vol 3, #4, July 1997
Kate's high school yearbook pictures, Dubuque, Grand Slam con reports, interviews with director Nancy Malone and Kate's stand-in Sue Henley. (Text Only)
Now Voyager #17
Vol 3, #5, August 1997
Kate answers club members' questions, UCLA charity reading reports, photos from theatrical work, Viacom Store opening. (Text Only)
Now Voyager #18
Vol 3, #6, October 1997
Heartbeat photos, Young Janeway novelists, Trek writers, fan fiction summaries and reviews. (Text Only)
Now Voyager #19
Vol 4, #1, December 1997
Sojourn Seaside Soiree honoring Kate, Robert Beltran interview. (Text Only)
Now Voyager #20
Vol 4, #2, February 1998
Kate speaking at Conference for Women, Roxann Dawson con report. (Text Only)
Now Voyager #21
Vol 4, #3-4, August 1998
Special double issue! Grand Slam and FedCon reports, interview with Robert Picardo, reviews of twelve episodes, book reviews and fanfic. (Text Only)
Now Voyager #22
Vol 4, #5, December 1998
Interview with Kate on Voyager's fifth season, transcript of People Online chat, Bellevue con reports, fanzine reviews. (Text Only)
Now Voyager #23
Vol 5, #1, March 1999
Technology for Kids and Tim Hagan Retirement Roast reports, stage photos, Robert Duncan McNeill and Anthony De Longis interviews. (Text Only)
Now Voyager #24
Vol 5, #2, July 1999
Short Kate interview, Scarlet Pomers interview. (Text Only)
Now Voyager #25
Vol 5, #3, Nov 1999
Final Voyager season 5 reviews, interviews with Tim Russ and Mary P. Taylor, artwork, and fanzine reviews. (Text Only)
Now Voyager #26
Vol 5, #4, Mar 2000
Sojourn, Galaxy Ball and ICC Gala reports, Voyager season 6 reviews, Marina Sirtis interview and fanfic. (Text Only)
Resolving "Resolutions"
Published for fun with the 11th issue, a collection of stories based on the second season's penultimate episode, full of suppositions about what went on between Janeway and Chakotay after the Angry Warrior scene, absolutely not reflecting the views of Paramount or Kate Mulgrew. (Text Only)
The Lost Issue
A collection of articles, reviews, commentary, and fan fiction submitted to Now Voyager between the publication of the last issue and the dissolution of the club in April 2000. (Text Only)

This is a not-for-profit, amateur publication and is not intended to infringe upon the rights of Paramount Pictures or any other broadcasting or motion picture corporation. All material herein is copyrighted by the authors, except for the copyrights, trademarks, and patents of Paramount Pictures and its licensees. You may not reproduce any part of this newsletter without written permission of the editors and writers. If you received this newsletter electronically, you may not forward it, excerpt from it, post the illustrations, nor disseminate it in any other manner without permission of the editors.

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February 2002