Aragorn, Boromir and the One Ring

In which the warriors are nearly seduced by power and cardboard, but resist. Herein lies the tale. Apologies to the Professor.

Aragorn is tempted by the Ring!

And he attempts to run off with it, but Boromir sees... Aragorn goes back to plotting escape. But then Boromir is tempted!

The Ring's call is too strong! Can he resist?

Forced to make a choice, Boromir decides that it is more important to prevent Aragorn from running away without him than it is to take the Ring.

And who wouldn't give up the One Ring, really, for a nibble from Aragorn?

So they all lived happily ever after. The end.

Jommy illustrated a moment from this saga...

...the temptation and recovery of Boromir!

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