Miscellaneous Men of Gondor

Aragorn and Boromir had to be separated after the influence of the One Ring made Boromir territorial; he attacked Aragorn and nearly bit his foot off. Here they are, head to head in separate cages.

Side by side on wheels.

Boromir has gnawed his house, turned it upside down and made a nest out of it.

Aragorn and a statue of Boromir.

Boromir and a statue of Aragorn.

Cinnamon, the Dark Cat of Mount Doom, watches Aragorn and Boromir sniffing each other. We were rather worried about Boromir, as he had a cut on his belly that was bleeding in the cage and we didn't know whether there was a tumor or what (we couldn't really get close enough to inspect, as Boromir bites when he feels threatened). He slept a lot for a day or so but he ate lettuce when we passed it to him through the cage bars and gnawed some toilet paper tubes, and now he seems fine, back on his wheel and everything. Aragorn seemed concerned about him and kept poking his nose through the bars to sniff him, which we took as a good sign, as I've always heard that rodents will stay away from a very sick rodent nearby. Here they are doing their usual sniff-and-groom routine.

The entire family played LOTR Monopoly before the kids went to bed, and as you can see, I really mean "the entire family" -- Aragorn and Boromir were represented by game pieces, but Cinnamon and Rosie insisted on being present so that Cinnamon could try to bat at the dice when they were thrown and Rosie could nip at the hand of whoever was moving pieces along the red and yellow properties. She tried to hoard Daniel's $500s, too.

Here Rosie expresses her opinion of Adam's white lion (this is an official Siegfried & Roy lion from the Mirage Hotel in Las Vegas from our trip the summer before last). Doesn't she look like a kid who was forced to pose next to someone she doesn't really like?

Daniel and Adam demanded that I track them down the cat slippers from JCPenney. Here they are, with Cinnamon insisting on being in the photo as well because why have fake cats when you can have a real one sitting on your feet to warm them?

And here is Boromir amidst his nestyfluff, which consists of shredded paper towels and napkins, gnawed toilet paper tubes, some recycled hamster-and-gerbil cage material and bits of a macaroni box that he somehow managed to drag into his cage and gnaw before we discovered and removed it.

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