The Gerbils of Moria

One day while Boromir was getting ready to battle Moria orcs with Legolas and Gimli, he sensed the presence of the Ringbearer...and the Ring!

He sniffed around and tried a little nibble.

Then he tried to bite the One Ring right off Frodo's finger! Legolas and Gimli looked on in horror, but fortunately Frodo was not wearing the Ring. (See? He's not invisible! That's how you can tell.)

Panicked, Aragorn ran to ask Gandalf for advice, but Gandalf could not cope with Aragorn's breath.

Meanwhile a Ring-crazed Boromir checked out Legolas' really big, err, bow. Gimli was so jealous that he raised his axe!

But Aragorn was not going to give up without a fight, despite the terrifying influence of the One Ring! He furiously attacked Legolas and Gimli.

And then he attacked Frodo!

And he pooped on him, too. Boromir was horrified, and remembered that the One Ring was evil and could cause terribly naughty behavior.

So Boromir helped Frodo back to his feet. (Okay, so his ulterior motive was that he wanted to climb him and flee the Mines of Moria. Who can blame him? It smelled bad enough in there before Aragorn pooped!)

Fortunately Frodo forgave Boromir. I'm not sure whether he forgave Aragorn, as Aragorn also gnawed on his foot and knocked his cloak off. But I'm sure it all worked out in the end, when Sam showed up and cooked Frodo macaroni while Aragorn and Boromir gnawed the box that the macaroni came in.

So they safely escaped the Mines, other than Gandalf falling with the Balrog and all, and soon Aragorn and Boromir were on the shores of Anduin ready for another adventure with Legolas and Gimli, because love conquers all. And they all lived happily ever after, again! The end.

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