Aragorn and Boromir

First picture! Originally Boromir's name was going to be Pippin but my son realized the wrongness of this...

...perhaps due to moments like this when Aragorn slept on top of Boromir.

And here's Boromir sleeping on top of Aragorn...

...and Aragorn with his tail wrapped protectively over Boromir.

This led the very talented Jommy to draw Aragorn and Boromir as gerbils!

Sometimes one or the other attempts escape, leading to wrestling!

But typically, Aragorn works out all evening...

...while Boromir gnaws on nesting material.

This led to more artwork by Jommy!

They get it on in the treehouse.

Aragorn nibbles Boromir upside-down.

And they just hang out together afterward.

Boromir licks Aragorn's ears...

...inspiring yet more artwork by Jommy!

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