Grown Up Goslings 2005

At the Rio shopping center in Gaithersburg where the goslings have been growing up, my younger son noticed that a lot of the geese were moulting. "Look at all those feathers!" he said when we walked out of a movie. "There must have been a war." Ever since then, whenever we have gone to a movie or shopping at Rio, he has looked for further evidence of Goose Wars -- which is plentiful, since the goslings lose feathers all over the grass as they grow. A few days ago for school the kids in his class were supposed to write something non-fiction about something they had witnessed. This is what he wrote:

By Adam

No one but me knows this but, for 2 years now, at Rio, there have been 2 tribes of geese, good and bad (that was obvious). So, it all started when people fed one group of geese (which became the good ones), and the ones that didn't get fed, became the bad ones.

The bad ones got jealous fast. Soon enough, they made poop-powered goose bazookas. But the good ones were on to the bad ones, so they copied the bazookas and the evil geese were furious and started a war!

I've been investigating them since a month after it started, long enough to tell the good geese from the bad. Hypnotizing neutrals into being good is easy though. If you want to tell were a battle has happened, just look for an area covered in feathers (battle feathers).

Now the bazookas have been destroyed (they sank in the water) so that's the end of the war right? Wrong! They were destroyed 2 months and 7 days ago! But anyway, this war should go on for another decade or 18!

Son tells me that this is an old battlefield and they made their rebel base there.

And yet more evidence that these geese are either of mixed parentage or involved adoption in the family of eight.

Adam's "non-fiction" turkey essay

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