Rio Geese 2005

Remember the adorable goslings that live near the multiplex and Barnes & Noble? Well, look what happened! They grew up! I stand by my belief that there has been either cross-species hanky panky, adoption or duckie day care going on. As the summer has gone on and the geese have grown up, it has become apparent that these babies being raised by two Canadian geese are in fact not of the same genetic background. People speculated that a domestic goose either was using the day care services of the more nurturing Canadian goose or had actually laid her eggs in the Canadian goose nest, yet in all my photos of this family, the darkest of the light geese stands out as neither-nor. There are four large white geese that live among the Canadian geese at the office park...they appear to have no children, but they have the same orange bills and feet as the lighter geese here. (And from the bottom sign it appears that some people are concerned about the geese!)

The adventures of the Rio goslings:
Baby Goslings
Growing Goslings
Goslings in the Sun
Adolescent Goslings
Grown Up Geese

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