The Grinch That Stole Thanksgiving

The Grinch That Stole Thanksgiving
By Adam

You never would believe I had a pet turkey, let alone one that nearly took over the world, to not get eaten for Thanksgiving!

The farmers were getting ready to kill their turkeys when one escaped. I was at my house, playing AdventureQuest, as I usually do on weekends. My brother was down the basement, my dad was in the shower and my mom was on the computer. I heard a loud plucking noise against the door. I ran to get it, when a turkey came trotting in.

"Okay," I said in shock.

"Who is it?" my mom asked.

"A turkey," I answered.

My mom was speechless as a feather-covered, blue-headed animal came up to her.

"World domination," it said to my astonishment. "Turkey population going down, I stop you from killing us," the turkey informed me.

Then the turkey took out a bazooka, to show he meant it. (It actually wasn't a bazooka, it was a ruler-maker machine, as the turkey explained.)

"It make ship so me can beat you," announced the turkey, which talked funny. "It can be indestructible, but has a limited supply of fuel and take 50 seconds to refuel."

The turkey stepped outside and turned some gauge to the left, and pressed a button that said "ACTIAT" (the turkey had spelled it wrong). A huge machine appeared out of some liquid silver. I later found out it had a huge cannon that shot eggs with nets that electrocutes something caught inside the net.

After the turkey pillaged some farms to save turkeys, his ship ran out of fuel. Thinking quickly, I said, "Let me refuel it."

The turkey let me, so I tried to take it apart. It had a simple mechanism and was soon in pieces.

"Squawk?" it said helplessly.

"You'll never stop Thanksgiving!" I said reluctantly.

So I ended up eating the turkey for Thanksgiving. Sure, you don't believe me, but it's true!

Thanksgiving cookie cake made by Paul.

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