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William Shatner as Captain James T. Kirk
Leonard Nimoy as Mr. Spock
DeForrest Kelley as Dr. Leonard McCoy
James Doohan as Lieutenant Commander Montgomery Scott
George Takei as Lieutenant Hikaru Sulu
Nichelle Nichols as Lieutenant Nyota Uhura
Walter Koenig as Ensign Pavel Chekov


Majel Barrett as Nurse Christine Chapel
Grace Lee Whitney as Yeoman Janice Rand
Bruce Hyde as Lieutenant Kevin Riley
John Winston as Lieutenant Kyle
Eddie Paskey as Lieutenant Leslie
Roger C. Carmel as Harry Mudd


Episode 1 - The Man Trap
Stardate 1513.1
A shape-shifting "salt vampire" which seduces its victims by appearing as someone attractive to them comes on board.

Episode 2 - Charlie X
Stardate 1533.6
When the Enterprise transports Charlie, an adolescent human with powerful telekinetic abilities, back to the Federation, he makes crewmembers vanish and takes frightening steps to make Yeoman Rand fall in love with him.

Episode 3 - Where No Man Has Gone Before
Stardate 1312.4
When the Enterprise nears the galactic barrier, two crewmembers develop telepathic powers which threaten the ship.

Episode 4 - The Naked Time
Stardate 1704.2
The crew contracts a disease which brings their repressed emotions to surface, causing a young lieutenant to shut down the engines and leading Kirk to fear he can't command the ship.

Episode 5 - The Enemy Within
Stardate 1672.1
A transporter malfunction splits the captain into a good Kirk, who can't command very well, and an evil Kirk, who makes passes at Janice Rand and manipulates the crew.

Episode 6 - Mudd's Women
Stardate 1329.8
Kirk rescues pirate Harry Mudd and the three beautiful women who are his cargo en route to a lithium mining colony.

Episode 7 - What Are Little Girls Made Of?
Stardate 2712.4
Kirk pursues the missing fiance of Nurse Chapel, who has survived underground with the help of androids from a vanished civilization.

Episode 8 - Miri
Stardate 2713.5
On a planet of decades-old children, one of whom develops a crush on Captain Kirk, the away team becomes infected with a genetically engineered disease that prolongs youth but kills adolescents.

Episode 9 - Dagger Of The Mind
Stardate 2715.1
While delivering supplies to a facility for the criminally insane, Kirk is taken hostage by a power-hungry doctor who uses a neural neutralizer to control the minds of his patients.

Episode 10 - The Corbomite Maneuver
Stardate 1512.2
An alien ship threatens the Enterprise with destruction, forcing Kirk to abandon negotiation in favor of poker tactics.

Episode 11 - The Menagerie Part One
Stardate 3012.4
Spock takes over the Enterprise and faces the death penalty to take his former Captain, who has been horribly disfigured in an accident, to a planet where an alien race has learned to turn thoughts into reality.

Episode 12 - The Menagerie Part Two
Stardate 3013.1
During Spock's courtmartial, Kirk learns of his predecessor Captain Pike's encounter with the illusions created by a race desperate for breeding stock to help them rebuild their planet.

Episode 13 - The Conscience Of The King
Stardate 2817.6
The leader of a traveling theatrical troupe is suspected of being a genocidal governor and the suspicious deaths of people who could identify him concerns Kirk - especially since he's one of the survivors.

Episode 14 - Balance Of Terror
Stardate 1709.2
When the Neutral Zone is violated, Kirk wonders how best to avert a war with the mysterious Romulans whose ships are equipped with cloaking shields.

Episode 15 - Shore Leave
Stardate 3025.3
The crew takes shore leave on an idyllic planet, but when people's fantasies begin to come true - deadly as well as benign - Kirk must evade his own demons to solve the mystery.

Episode 16 - The Galileo Seven
Stardate 2821.5
An away mission led by Spock falls victim to a disastrous crash on a hostile planet, where Spock and McCoy fight over the ineffectuality of his strictly logical approach to the situation.

Episode 17 - The Squire Of Gothos
Stardate 2124.5
A powerful alien named Trelane abducts crewmembers for his amusement, but when Kirk refuses to play his games, Trelane puts him on trial and prepares to execute him.

Episode 18 - Arena
Stardate 3045.6
When the Enterprise encroaches on alien space in pursuit of a ship that apparently helped to destroy a Federation outpost, Kirk finds himself and the leader of the alien vessel, the Gorn, stranded on a planet where they are forced to fight for supremacy.

Episode 19 - Tomorrow Is Yesterday
Stardate 3113.2
When a black hole sends the Enterprise back in time to the 20th century, an air force pilot who spots the "U.F.O." is beamed aboard when the Enterprise must destroy his ship and its weapons. Kirk must return the pilot to his own century, yet find a way not to disrupt the timeline, before he can try to return to his own era.

Episode 20 - Court Martial
Stardate 2947.3
Kirk is put on trial for negligence when the computer records contradict his logs about the death of a crewmember during a shipboard crisis.

Episode 21 - The Return Of The Archons
Stardate 3156.2
The Enterprise pursues a missing starship's crew on a planet ruled by a being named Landru, which takes over their minds to make them part of a passive, complacent society.

Episode 22 - Space Seed
Stardate 3141.9
Kirk and his crew find a "sleeper ship" of genetically bred superhumans, led by the ruthless 20th century dictator Khan Noonian Singh, who tries to take over the ship with the help of a 23rd century archaeologist who falls in love with him.

Episode 23 - A Taste Of Armageddon
Stardate 3192.1
An arrogant ambassador places the Enterprise in the midst of a civil war between two planets fought entirely by computer, which reports the casualties so that people can voluntarily report to disintegration chambers without their societies risking physical destriction.

Episode 24 - This Side Of Paradise
Stardate 3417.3
Humans are kept safe on a planet bombarded with deadly radiation by a spore which has the side effect of making people blissfully content. Spock is reunited with an old friend who uses the spores to make him fall in love with her, but when Kirk realizes that the price for paradise is an end to exploration, he determines to recover his crew from the spores.

Episode 25 - The Devil In The Dark
Stardate 3196.1
A creature that can eat its way through solid rock is killing miners on a distant outpost.

Episode 26 - Errand Of Mercy
Stardate 3198.4
Sent to establish an alliance with the peaceful, unsophisticated planet Organia, Kirk is disgusted to find the inhabitants apathetic to the invasion of their world by Klingons.

Episode 27 - The Alternative Factor
Stardate 3087.6
The crew meets two nearly-identical men named Lazarus, one from their universe and one from an antimatter universe with the potential to destroy both universes should they come together.

Episode 28 - The City On The Edge Of Forever
An accidental drug overdose sends Dr. McCoy on a disastrous trip through a time portal, where he changes the course of Earth's history. Kirk and Spock pursue him into the past, where Kirk falls in love with a social worker whose life plays a pivotal role in the events McCoy will affect.

Episode 29 - Operation: Annihilate!
Stardate 3287.2
Kirk's brother's family is devastated by an interplanetary crisis of mass insanity and Spock is attacked by one of the creatures which caused the crisis. McCoy must find a way to kill the aliens without destroying their hosts before the creatures can take over the galaxy.


Episode 30 - Amok Time
Stardate 3372.7
Spock enters the pon farr, the Vulcan time of mating, and Kirk returns him to Vulcan against Starfleet orders. But when his bride chooses to challenge the arranged marriage, she chooses Kirk as her champion.

Episode 31 - Who Mourns For Adonais?
Stardate 3468.1
The Enterprise is trapped by the Greek god Apollo, who wants to be worshipped again. Kirk is unimpressed, though one of his crewmembers falls in love with Apollo and tries to work with him to keep the crew safe.

Episode 32 - The Changeling
Stardate 3451.9
A powerful probe called Nomad, the hybrid of an Earth probe and an alien machine, mistakes Kirk for its creator and tells him of its plan to destroy all impurity - including the imperfect organic crew of the Enterprise.

Episode 33 - Mirror, Mirror
Four crewmembers switch places with their parallels in another universe, where savagery reigns and advancement is by assassination.

Episode 34 - The Apple
Stardate 3715.3
Kirk leads a landing party to a paradise with a particularly unpleasant snake in the garden.

Episode 35 - The Doomsday Machine
The Enterprise discovers a huge weapon which has destroyed several star systems and the U.S.S. Constellation, whose commanding officer is bent on destroying the machine at any cost.

Episode 36 - Catspaw
Stardate 3018.2
The crew comes into conflict with aliens from another galaxy who use images from Western witchcraft - black cats, scepters, medieval torture rooms - to frighten their prey into submission.

Episode 37 - I, Mudd
Stardate 4513.3
The Enterprise crew finds scoundrel Harry Mudd living on a planet of androids who live to serve humans, but won't let them leave.

Episode 38 - Metamorphosis
Stardate 3219.8
When their shuttle is diverted by a strange energy formation, Kirk, Spock and McCoy are shocked to find warp drive inventor Zephram Cochrane, who was stranded there with the cloudlike being The Companion but became lonely for other humans.

Episode 39 - Journey To Babel
Stardate 3842.3
Spock's estranged father comes aboard as part of a dipomatic entourage, but when he is accused of murder and subsequently collapses from a rare ailment, Spock is the only person who can save his life.

Episode 40 - Friday's Child
Stardate 3497.2
The Federation and the Klingon Empire compete for an alliance with the people of a mineral-rich planet, where the ruler is murdered and his pregnant wife threatened by those who would take his place.

Episode 41 - The Deadly Years
Stardate 3478.2
Kirk and his senior staff are exposed to a disease which causes them to age rapidly and leads a commodore to question Kirk's fitness to command.

Episode 42 - Obsession
Stardate 3619.2
Kirk meets up with a gaseous being that feeds on human blood cells, which he failed to destroy during an encounter years earlier, costing the life of his captain.

Episode 43 - Wolf In The Fold
Stardate 3614.9
When a serial killer strikes, all evidence points to Scotty until an investigation reveals that the murderer may be an ancient being who has plagued Earth.

Episode 44 - The Trouble With Tribbles
Stardate 4523.3
Adorable creatures which eat and reproduce constantly interfere with Kirk's assignment to protect a shipment of grain, but they save the day when it's discovered that tribbles don't like Klingons.

Episode 45 - The Gamesters Of Triskelion
Stardate 3211.7
Kirk, Uhura, and Chekov are dragged hundreds of light years away by the gambling leaders of the planet Triskelion, who force aliens to participate in combat to the death for their amusement.

Episode 46 - A Piece Of The Action
A century ago, a Starfleet vessel left a book about Chicago mobs on a highly imitative planet. When the Enterprise checks up on the planet's development, they find a planet-wide gang war in progress and become caught in the middle.

Episode 47 - The Immunity Syndrome
Stardate 4307.1
When a huge single-celled alien destroys an entire solar system, Kirk must decide which of his senior officers' lives to risk on a mission to discover the entity's vulnerabilities.

Episode 48 - A Private Little War
Stardate 4211.4
Kirk beams down to a peaceful planet he visited years earlier, only to find that some of the natives have been given sophisticated weaponry by the Klingons.

Episode 49 - Return To Tomorrow
Stardate 4768.3
The last survivors of a devastating war, who have lived as pure energy beings for centuries, borrow the bodies of crewmembers to build android forms to house their consciousnesses.

Episode 50 - Patterns Of Force
Kirk is horrified to discover that a Federation advisor has experimented with controlling a planet by declaring himself Fuhrer and recreating Nazi Germany.

Episode 51 - By Any Other Name
Stardate 4657.5
When the ship is taken over by beings from the Andromeda Galaxy who have assumed human form in order to control the ship, Kirk and his crew devise ways to use their new sensual feelings against them.

Episode 52 - The Omega Glory
Kirk and Spock encounter a power-hungry captain who has violated the Prime Directive on a planet where rebels with a Constitution battle against a long-lived collective.

Episode 53 - The Ultimate Computer
Stardate 4729.4
A brilliant inventor comes on board to test his latest creation - a computer capable of running the starship without needing a captain.

Episode 54 - Bread And Circuses
Stardate 4040.7
Kirk beams down a landing party to a planet with a Roman-style governor who wants to use the Enterprise crew as fresh blood for the arena.

Episode 55 - Assignment: Earth
When the Enterprise goes back to the 20th Century to do research, the crew discovers an infiltrator trying to interfere with the launch of a missile that could ignite the Cold War.


Episode 56 - Spock's Brain
Stardate 5431.4
Spock's brain is stolen by a woman in a metallic purple jumpsuit to run the technology her people have forgotten how to use.

Episode 57 - The Enterprise Incident
Stardate 5027.3
When Kirk orders the ship into enemy space, Spock becomes close with the Romulan Commander who tries to seduce him into switching sides.

Episode 58 - The Paradise Syndrome
Stardate 4842.6
An encounter with an alien device gives Kirk amnesia, making him forget that he was trying to save the planet, where he accepts a position of honor and marries a native princess.

Episode 59 - And The Children Shall Lead
Stardate 5029.5
The Enterprise retrieves a group of orphaned children, only to discover that they are remorseless and under the influence of an evil alien.

Episode 60 - Is There In Truth No Beauty?
Stardate 5630.7
A Medusan, a member of a race so unpleasant to look at that humanoids can go insane from a single glimpse, comes on board accompanied by a telepathic doctor.

Episode 61 - Spectre Of The Gun
Stardate 4385.3
When Kirk ignores a warning message to stay out of Melkotian space, the Melkotians punish his crew by making them relive the gunfight at the OK members of the losing side.

Episode 62 - Day Of The Dove
Kirk and his crew do battle against the Klingon leader Kang and his crew before they realize that an alien being has set them against one another.

Episode 63 - For The World Is Hollow, And I Have Touched The Sky
Stardate 5476.3
Just after Dr. McCoy is diagnosed with a fatal illness, the ship encounters a spaceship disguised as an asteroid, on course with a populated planet.

Episode 64 - The Tholian Web
Stardate 5693.2
When an away team beams aboard a drifting starship with a dead crew, Kirk becomes trapped between dimensions.

Episode 65 - Plato's Stepchildren
Stardate 5784.2
The Enterprise arrives on a mercy mission to help a race with telekinetic abilities, which they use to manipulate the crew in an effort to force them to leave Dr. McCoy behind.

Episode 66 - Wink Of An Eye
Stardate 5710.5
Kirk beams down to a planet which is apparently populated only by insects, then finds himself accelerated in time so that his crewmates cannot see him.

Episode 67 - The Empath
Stardate 5121.5
Aliens capture Kirk, Spock, and McCoy to use as test subjects in an experiment to see whether a mute empath will use her abilities to save them.

Episode 68 - Elaan Of Troyius
Stardate 4372.5
While transporting a warrior leader to her wedding, Kirk comes into contact with her tears, which make men fall in love with her.

Episode 69 - Whom Gods Destroy
Stardate 5718.3
A shape-shifting former Starfleet captain has taken over an insane asylum, and plans to take Kirk's ship by impersonating him.

Episode 70 - Let That Be Your Last Battlefield
Stardate 5730.2
Two men who are white on one side of their bodies and black on the other, but on opposite sides, come aboard the Enterprise and involve the crew in their racial civil war.

Episode 71 - The Mark Of Gideon
Stardate 5423.4
While trying to beam down to a planet just after recovering from a plague, Kirk finds himself the only person on board the Enterprise, save an alien woman who claims to have no knowledge of what happened to his crew.

Episode 72 - That Which Survives
A beautiful woman desires to touch the men on the Enterprise and on an away team, but her touch causes death.

Episode 73 - The Lights Of Zetar
Stardate 5725.3
Scotty's new love is possessed by energy beings which have been without physical form for millennia, and decide to keep the woman's body rather than letting her consciousness reassert itself.

Episode 74 - Requiem For Methuselah
Stardate 5843.7
Kirk, Spock and McCoy meet an immortal human who was once Da Vinci and Brahms, but who still hasn't solved the mysteries of the human heart.

Episode 75 - The Way To Eden
Stardate 5832.2
A group of rebels under the influence of a charismatic leader takes over the ship in search of a paradise of brotherly love.

Episode 76 - The Cloud Minders
Stardate 5818.4
The Enterprise goes on an emergency mission to a planet where the aristocrats live in a beautiful city in the clouds while the working class mine a mineral which retards their intelligence.

Episode 77 - The Savage Curtain
Stardate 5906.4
An alien sets up a confrontation between good and evil, forcing Kirk, Spock, Abraham Lincoln, and Vulcan philosopher Surak to fight against four villains.

Episode 78 - All Our Yesterdays
Stardate 5943.7
Kirk, Spock and McCoy are caught in the past of a planet whose sun is about to go nova.

Episode 79 - Turnabout Intruder
Stardate 5928.5
A jilted lover of Kirk's who has always wanted to command a starship forces him via an alien machine to switch bodies with her, trapping him in her dying form while she takes over his ship.


Star Trek: The Motion Picture
As the new Enterprise under the command of Captain Decker prepares for launch, Admiral Kirk learns of a threat to the galaxy and summons his old crew for assistance.

Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan
When a Starfleet vessel accidentally finds Kahn and his comrades, stranded on Ceti Alpha V decades before by Captain James T. Kirk, the former tyrant steals the ship and comes seeking vengeance. Meanwhile, Kirk discovers the son he never knew he had and learns of the existence of a powerful new force for life...or death.

Star Trek III: The Search For Spock
Upon learning that Spock's consciousness is alive and housed in the brain of Dr. McCoy, Kirk and his crew steal the Enterprise and rush to retrieve Spock's body, pursued by vengeful Klingons.

Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home
Returning home to be court-martialed, the Enterprise crew pick up a distress call from Earth and travel back in time to recover some extinct humpback whales to communicate with the alien responsible.

Star Trek V: The Final Frontier
A mysterious force at the center of the galaxy claims to be God; when Spock's long-lost brother goes on a spiritual quest and draws diplomats from the Federation, the Klingons, and the Romulans along with him, Kirk is forced to intervene.

Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country
In the midst of secret negotiations for peace, Kirk's crew discover an assassination plot involving high-ranking Klingons and Starfleet officers.


World Enough and Time
Fan production 'Star Trek: New Voyages' delivers an episode about Sulu and a road not taken that holds its own against anything produced by Paramount.



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