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A Trek Tarot Deck
My husband Paul made me a Star Trek Tarot deck as an anniversary present several years ago. Here are some images from it.

The Selling Out of Star Trek
A very dated (1991) article about the commodification of Trek by commercial and academic interests. From The Charred Phoenix.

"Get Out Your Phasers, Ladies"
A little bit of rant about the backlash against the word "feminist" in terms of Janeway and Trek. From Now Voyager, the newsletter of Kate Mulgrew's fan club.

My Janeway/Chakotay Manifesto'
Why pairing these two characters would have been a good thing for the show and its audience. From Now Voyager.

Having It All In the 24th Century
Some discussion on the portrayal of femininity and domesticity on Voyager. From Now Voyager.

The Most Lamentable Tragedy of Benjamin Sisko's Love Life
Or, why can't Trek writers ever create a realistic romance for a main character? From Station Log, the newsletter of Avery Brooks' fan club.

Turn It Off!
A disgusted rant on the use of the holodeck to demean female characters, following "Way of the Warrior" and "Persistence of Vision," long before "Fair Haven" proved the point. From Now Voyager.

Star Trek's Principles and the Maquis Way
How the inconsistent characterization of the Maquis and its ideals has been damaging to Trek and to Voyager in particular. From Now Voyager.

"Resolutions" Top 10 Lists
Because it's important to keep a sense of humor about episodes that have a profound effect on the audience. From Now Voyager.

The Prime Directive
It sounds like a good idea, but it's gotten too silly to take seriously. A He Said, She Said column from Mania.

Voyager's "Remember" and the Holocaust
From B3 Prime, the newsletter of Roxann Dawson's fan club.

Voyager at 100
On the occasion of its 100th episode, how is Voyager doing? From Mania.

Voyager's Fourth Season Starts
At the commencement of its fourth season, how is Voyager doing? From Mania.

Voyager's Fourth Season Ends
At the end of its fourth season, how is Voyager doing? From Mania.

Truth In Numbers
How Voyager really fared in the 1997-98 ratings -- putting the lie to UPN's hype. From KMAS.

Voyager's Fifth Season: A He Said, She Said Column
Voyager enters the long night. From Mania.

Voyager's Fifth Season Ends
As it inherits the Trek franchise, Voyager remains lost in space. From Mania.

Voyager's Sixth Season Ends
In the home stretch, can Voyager find home...and closure? From Mania.

Now Voyagers
Walt Whitman and May Sarton both wrote poems called "Now Voyager." Want to know what they have to do with Janeway? From Now Voyager.

The Search For God On Star Trek
Why is religion always portrayed negatively in Roddenberry's universe? A He Said, She Said column from Mania.

A Review of Roots: The Gift
Brooks and Mulgrew starred together along with LeVar Burton and Tim Russ in this slavery tale. From Station Log.

Picard Saves Paradise: A Review of Star Trek Insurrection
The ninth installment of the film franchise features most of the things I like about Trek and scant few which I don't. From Mania.

If Brannon Braga Wrote Babylon 5
How to ruin two science fiction shows at once. A He Said, She Said column from Mania.

Deep Space Nine: What They Leave Behind
Thoughts on the conclusion of Trek's finest series. From Mania.

Star Trek Monopoly
Would the Federation sell the Borg to build hotels? From Mania.

Out of the Closet
Why, even though it's past time for a gay couple on Trek, I think a love affair between Janeway and Seven of Nine would be disastrous. From Now Voyager.

Save Star Trek!
Can it be done? From Mania.

Are Action Figures Dolls?
If you dress your Janeway in a Barbie wedding gown, is she a boy toy or a girl toy? A He Said, She Said column from Mania.

Armageddon's Deep Impact On TV
How would various starship captains deal with a giant meteor? A He Said, She Said column from Mania.

Next Trek
What do we want from the new series, and what can we realistically expect? A He Said, She Said Column from Mania.

A Tribute To Gene Roddenberry
TrekToday asked a number of critics and writers to share their feelings on the tenth anniversary of Gene Roddenberry's death; these were my thoughts. From Trek Nation.

TV Fans Connect and Create Online
An article on how fans reinterpret and transform television shows. From MSNBC.

Voyager vs. Enterprise
How come I'm being so easy on Enterprise when I was so tough on Voyager? A very brief response.

Sev Trek: Pus In Boots
A review of the parody by famed Sev Trek cartoonist John Cook, in which a giant pimple on Commander Piker's face poses a challenge to the P.C. Directive.

I've Lost Faith Of the Heart
Enterprise's first season is over, and I'm trying to remember why I ever watched Star Trek in the first place.

I've Found Faith Of the Heart
At the end of Enterprise's second season I have to admit: this show has really grown on me.

If I Was Les Moonves
Or, why I won't be donating thousands of dollars to the TrekUnited campaign.


Now Voyager Club Policies
I ran Kate Mulgrew's official fan club, KMAS Inc., for more than five years and edited its newsletter Now Voyager. Here is our first mission statement.

Why I Started Now Voyager
My very first editorial, from before the club was official.

Why Fandom Has a Dark Side
Some commentary on the behavior of certain overzealous individuals.

A Few Notes For Club Presidents
Most of these are common sense, but sometimes it's helpful to hear someone else tell you to follow your instincts.

Many people starting clubs or organizing conventions have asked whether they could take a look at the KMAS bylaws.

My KMAS, Inc. Archive
Links to newsletters, FAQ, and other material.

Official Star Trek Site
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