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Mary Kay Adams
This beautiful soap opera star been both DS9's Grilka and B5's Na'Toth, hidden under layers of prosthetic makeup.

Philip Anglim
Vedek Bareil's "Resurrection" was engineered in part by fans who refused to let Kira's lover die.

Vaughn Armstrong, 2000
He's been an alien of many least six and counting.

Vaughn Armstrong, 2002
Promoted to admiral -- and to human -- the actor reflects on running Enterprise's Starfleet.

Rene Auberjonois, 1999
This shapeshifter has starred on sitcoms and in Shakespeare, but he loves being in the Gamma Quadrant.

Rene Auberjonois, 2000
With Odo and Deep Space Nine behind him, the actor becomes a mad professor in Geppetto.

Rene Auberjonois, 2002
After making several movies and appearing as two different judges on television, the actor returns to the Trek franchise as a father on Enterprise.

Scott Bakula
No longer Captain Archer, the actor reflects at the National Press Club on the relevance between his roles and the political and social world.

Harve Bennett
The executive producer of Star Trek II, III, IV and V reminisces.

J. Paul Boehmer
He's been Torres' lover and Seven's friend; what more could a Trek guest star want?

K Callan
Superman's mother from Lois and Clark swindled Quark's rival on Deep Space Nine.

James Cawley
The producer and star of Star Trek: New Voyages talks about Treks new and old.

Josh Clark
Lieutenant Carey has been missing from Voyager's engineering section for awhile; here's what he's been up to.

Jeffrey Combs, 2000
Deep Space Nine's Weyoun and Brunt get reanimated as a Hirogen on Voyager.

Jeffrey Combs, 2002
The man who did double duty on DS9 comes to Enterprise as both an Andorian and a Ferengi.

Jeffrey Combs, 2003
Enterprise's Shran talks about his latest reanimation on the small and large screens.

Ann Crispin, Howard Weinstein and Carlos Mota
The creative team behind the Enter the Wolves comic are all long-time Trek fans with impressive resumes.

Denise Crosby
The actress who played Tasha Yar went on to produce Trekkies and star in Deep Impact.

Brett Cullen
Deep Space Nine's "Meridian" actor has a Legacy on UPN.

James Darren
Becoming holographic as Vic Fontaine has been great for this actor and singer's career.

Bruce Davison
The X-Men star reflects on playing an altered Vulcan on Enterprise and a fascist on Voyager.

John de Lancie
The immortal Q reflects on omnipotence, the appeal of science fiction and whether he'd rather flirt with Picard or Janeway.

Nicole deBoer
Ezri Dax has gotten over Worf and now has a new life playing Sarah on The Dead Zone.

Keith R.A. DeCandido
In addition to co-creating Star Trek: S.C.E., he's written Buffy, Xena, Farscape, and many other universes.

Anthony DeLongis
Voyager's Culluh uses a whip better than anyone in the galaxy. Just ask Michelle Pfeiffer.

Aron Eisenberg
There's nothing diminutive about the actor who plays Nog, other than his size.

Lolita Fatjo
Want to write for Star Trek? Here's what you need to know from the script coordinator.

Louise Fletcher
Before she was Kai Winn, she was one of the most interesting performers ever to win an Academy Award, and her strong, scary female characters are unforgettable.

Lynda Foley
Being a Voyager intern is like being an Ocampa; your time is short but unforgettable.

Jonathan Frakes
Not only will we see Will Riker in the next Trek film, he'll be behind the camera as well.

Jeff Greenwald
For Future Perfect: How Star Trek Conquered Planet Earth, he went around the world talking to Trek actors and fans about what it all means.

Martha Hackett
Long before Seven of Nine showed up, Seska was the most formidable female Captain Janeway had to face.

Sue Henley
As Kate Mulgrew's stand-in, she must walk like Janeway and talk like Janeway...

J.G. Hertzler, 1999
Martok wants to go on a rampage over Dax and the Dominion, and will recruit at conventions if necessary.

J.G. Hertzler, 2000
On leave from writing a book about being the Klingon chancellor, he returns to wrestle The Rock.

Penny Johnson Jerald, 2002
In her latest incarnation on 24, Sisko's widow marries a presidential candidate and becomes one of prime time's most controversial women.

Penny Johnson Jerald, 2006
Kasidy Yates talks about life after being both the first lady and Condoleezza Rice.

Lisa Kaminir
In "Rise," this stage actress took on Neelix, Tuvok, and a Voyager conspiracy.

Maria Kelly, John Bennett and Michael Johnson
These stunt stars have gotten battered, burned and blasted for Sisko, Kira, Worf, and many others.

Jacqueline Kim
She has been Sulu's daughter Demora and Xena's mentor Lao Ma, but her first love is the stage.

Alice Krige
The Borg Queen opens up about being an omnisexual character, playing villainnesses and her upcoming projects.

Rob LaBelle
This First Waver was Ken Biller's classmate and has donned Talaxian makeup more than once.

Hudson Leick
Xena's Callisto auditioned to play Seven of Nine to impress her Trekkie sister.

Robert Duncan McNeill
Tom Paris comes into his own, and the actor branches out into directing.

Barbara March
As half of the Duras sisters, she made cleavage fashionable on Star Trek and scared the daylights out of Gowron.

Chase Masterson
Leeta the Dabo Girl may be a ditz, but don't ever suggest that about this actress.

Kate Mulgrew, 1996
From KMAS, learn Captain Janeway's early second season views on fandom, family, women, and Chakotay.

Kate Mulgrew, 1997
Also from KMAS, a discussion of her post-third season opinions on great books and art, Janeway's boots and hair, relationships, female empowerment, working as an actress, and how Janeway loves Chakotay.

Kate Mulgrew, 1998
In which you will learn her fifth season views on executive producers, Janeway's sexuality, Seven of Nine, and what viewers want to see.

Kate Mulgrew, 1999
In which you will learn her pre-sixth season adjustments following her marriage to Tim Hagan and her complicated contract renegotiation.

Bill Mumy
He's been lost in space and become a Ranger, then he died for the Federation and partied in his pants -- what a career!

Donna Murphy
Picard's love interest Anij experienced her greatest passion on Broadway.

Janet Murray
This professor wrote Hamlet on the Holodeck, a study of virtual reality, interactive storytelling, and entertainment culture.

John Ordover
Want to know how to get your Trek novel into print? Pocket Books' senior editor, a writer of several Deep Space Nine episodes, can tell you.

Leland Orser
Being a crazy hologram on Voyager is easy compared to dealing with an Alien Resurrection.

Constance Penley
In NASA/TREK, she slashed a space agency with a hit science fiction show and identified a new literary genre.

Robert Picardo, 1997
He's an actor, not a Doctor, though people often mistake him for the latter.

Robert Picardo, 1998
On hiatus from Voyager, Bob Picardo played a role in Small Soldiers and contemplated his career.

Robert Picardo, 1999
Finally, he has gotten the co-star he always believed he deserved: himself!

Robert Picardo, 2000
At the start of Voyager's final season, the holographic Doctor is being kept very busy.

Eric Pierpoint
The star of Alien Nation learns what it's like aboard the Klingon Barge of the Dead.

Michael Piller
The co-creator of Deep Space Nine and Voyager talks about producing The Dead Zone and why he needed to leave Trek.

Shawn Piller
Dead Zone's co-executive producer remembers writing his first Next Gen episode and collaborating with his father.

Scarlett Pomers
Though she's almost as young as Naomi Wildman, this actress already has several major roles under her belt.

Andrew Robinson
In between stints acting and directing, he takes a stitch in time to tell Garak's backstory.

Majel Barrett Roddenberry, 1998
She's been Number One, Nurse Chapel, Lwaxana Troi, the voice of the computer, and a major player on Earth: Final Conflict. What's it like upholding the Roddenberry legacy?

Majel Barrett Roddenberry, 1999
After years in the Trek galaxy, the first lady of science fiction is ready to go to Andromeda.

Majel Barrett Roddenberry, 2001
With her involvement in Star Trek negligible, Gene's widow works on Earth: Final Conflict, Andromeda and Starship.

Clayton Rohner
Before he died on G vs. E or became The Rain King on The X-Files, he appeared as Admiral Mark Jameson on Star Trek: The Next Generation.

Tim Russ
Logical as a Vulcan, Tuvok's alter ego branches out into directing, singing, and filmmaking.

Michele Scarabelli
Best known as Alien Nation's Susan Francisco, she was also Data's girlfriend Jenna D'Sora.

Sandy Schoenfeld, the Reeves-Stevenses, the Oltions, and others
Some of Trek's best-known writers are married to other Trek writers; still others are actually two people sharing a psudonym.

Armin Shimerman
With DS9's Quark and Buffy's Principal Snyder departing the screen, the actor has immersed himself in Renaissance literature.

Alexander Siddig
Syriana and Kingdom of Heaven brought DS9's Dr. Bashir international fame, and next up he scheduled tormenting 24's Jack Bauer.

Marina Sirtis
Deanna Troi keeps coming back, in films and on Voyager, plus she's branching out on Earth: Final Conflict.

Dean Wesley Smith and Kristine Kathryn Rusch
The popular Trek novelists and fantasy editors bring back The Doomsday Machine to haunt Voyager.

Kurtwood Smith
The time-traveling Annorax actor has gone back to his disco days on That '70s Show.

David Ogden Stiers
The M*A*S*H star talks about meaty storylines and working with Michael Piller on Next Gen and The Dead Zone.

Eric Stillwell
He founded the fan organzation Starfleet, wrote "Yesterday's Enterprise," and worked as an assistant to several Trek execs.

George Takei
Sulu actor's not happy about Shatner's tell-all books, but he is thrilled with his role in the feminist fable Mulan.

Patricia Tallman
Before she became Lyta on Babylon 5, she was one of Star Trek's most versatile stuntwomen.

Jeri Taylor
From KMAS, Voyager's executive producer talks about her mid-second season views on women in command, the purpose of Star Trek, and television audience expectations.

Mary Taylor
A longtime fan and avid internet poster was invited by a Pocket Books editor to write about the finest of the Trek novels.

Tony Todd
Worf's brother Kurn may no longer be a visitor, but Candyman lives forever.

Nana Visitor
After Deep Space Nine, Major Kira returned to her roots in the musical theater.

Deborah Warner
The legendary fan author of the "Mistress Janeway" series is now producing a television show.

Bruce Weinstein
A filmmaker turns his attention to passionate fans and how they got that way.

Kurt and Cody Wetherill
Voyager's Borg twins talk about the show and their lives as teen actors.

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