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Patrick Stewart as Captain Jean-Luc Picard
Jonathan Frakes as William Riker
LeVar Burton as Geordi La Forge
Marina Sirtis as Deanna Troi
Brent Spiner as Data
Michael Dorn as Worf
Gates McFadden as Beverly Crusher


Wil Wheaton as Wesley Crusher
Denise Crosby as Tasha Yar
Diana Muldaur as Katherine Pulaski
Whoopi Goldberg as Guinan
Colm Meaney as Miles O'Brien
Majel Barrett as Lwaxana Troi
John de Lancie as Q
Rosalind Chao as Keiko O'Brien
Dwight Schultz as Reginald Barclay
Michelle Forbes as Ro Laren
Patti Yasutake as Alyssa Ogawa
Robert O'Reilly as Gowron
Suzie Plakson as K'Ehleyr
Brian Bonsall as Alexander Rozhenko
Natalia Nogulich as Alynna Nechayev
Andreas Katsulas as Commander Tomalak
Armin Shimerman as DaiMon Bractor
Marc Alaimo as Badar
Eric Menyuk as The Traveler


Episodes 1 & 2 - Encounter At Farpoint
Stardate 41153.7
The crew of the new Enterprise is forced to stand trial for the crimes of humanity by the mysterious Q.

Episode 3 - The Naked Now
Stardate 41209.2
The crew is afflicted with a touch-transmitted virus which lowers inhibitions and threatens to turn deadly until Riker remembers hearing about something similar happening to Kirk's Enterprise.

Episode 4 - Code of Honor
Stardate 41235.25
Kidnapped by an alien who wants her to become one of his wives, Tasha Yar fights for her own freedom and the welfare of a planet.

Episode 5 - The Last Outpost
Stardate 41386.4
Federation and Ferengi crewmembers must impress an alien Portal before they are allowed to return to their journeys through space.

Episode 6 - Where No One Has Gone Before
Stardate 41263.1
A mysterious Traveler sends the Enterprise to a region of space where thoughts shape reality.

Episode 7 - Lonely Among Us
Stardate 41249.3
While traveling to a peace conference, an unknown entity alters the personalities of Picard, Crusher, and Worf.

Episode 8 - Justice
Stardate 41255.6
Wesley Crusher is sentenced to death for accidentally violating alien law, forcing Picard to choose between obeying the noninterference directive and manipulating the alien culture.

Episode 9 - The Battle
Stardate 41723.9
A Ferengi captain uses a mind-altering device to force Picard to relive combat from years earlier on a now-abandoned starship.

Episode 10 - Hide and Q
Stardate 41590.5
When Q offers Riker powers equivalent to his own. Riker grants everyone what he thinks are their dearest wishes, only to discover that he makes a lousy god.

Episode 11 - Haven
Stardate 41294.5
When Deanna Troi's mother arrives to fulfill the terms of an arranged marriage, Troi must face her feelings for Riker while her new fiance considers an entirely different destiny.

Episode 12 - The Big Goodbye
Stardate 41997.5
The holodeck malfunctions, trapping Picard and other crewmembers in 1940's San Francisco in the middle of a gangster plot.

Episode 13 - Datalore
Stardate 41242.4
When the crew discovers a prototype for Data, the lookalike android first attempts to ingratiate himself, then to take over the ship.

Episode 14 - Angel One
Stardate 41636.9
Riker struggles with the female leader of a planet where males are second-class citizens, while a plague on the Enterprise makes sanctuary for the rebels impossible.

Episode 15 - 11001001
Stardate 41365.9
The Enterprise is hijacked by aliens who communicate in the binary language of computers.

Episode 16 - Too Short a Season
Stardate 41309.5
An aging admiral negotiating for the release of hostages, who blames himself for a tragic previous hostage crisis on the same planet, takes a wonder drug that makes him become a much younger man.

Episode 17 - When The Bough Breaks
Stardate 41509.1
The children of the Enterprise are kidnapped by a sterile civilization that wants to teach them their customs and use them to repopulate their kind.

Episode 18 - Home Soil
Stardate 41463.9
An inorganic life form threatens to destroy the Federation scientists working to terraform its planet.

Episode 19 - Coming of Age
Stardate 41416.2
Picard faces a competency investigation while Wesley takes the Starfleet Academy entrance exam.

Episode 20 - Heart of Glory
Stardate 41503.7
When Klingon fugitives come aboard and try to commandeer the ship, Worf must weigh his loyalty to Starfleet and the humans who raised him.

Episode 21 - The Arsenal of Freedom
Stardate 41798.2
Picard and an away team including a badly wounded Beverly Crusher try to stay alive on a planet run by computerized weapons.

Episode 22 - Symbiosis
Two alien races struggle over a shipment of a drug ostensibly used to treat a deadly disease.

Episode 23 - Skin of Evil
Stardate 41601.3
An evil alien kills Tasha Yar and holds Deanna Troi hostage while she argues the innate goodness of most beings.

Episode 24 - We'll Always Have Paris
Stardate 41697.9
When a scientist's temporal experiments turn deadly, Picard tries to rescue him and his wife - Picard's old flame - before the galaxy begins to tear apart.

Episode 25 - Conspiracy
Stardate 41775.5
After a fellow captain and his crew are killed in mysterious circumstances, Picard returns to Earth to investigate a conspiracy among the highest ranks of Starfleet Command.

Episode 26 - The Neutral Zone
Stardate 41986.0
On the way to a meeting with the Romulans, the Enterprise encounters a ship carrying cryogenically frozen humans from the 20th century, whom they revive.


Episode 27 - The Child
Stardate 42073.1
A mysterious alien impregnates Deanna Troi so that it can incarnate as a human while the ship's storage compartments are carrying a deadly plague.

Episode 28 - Where Silence Has Lease
Stardate 42193.6
The ship is trapped by a being who wishes to understand death by observing the crew dying in as many ways as possible.

Episode 29 - Elementary, Dear Data
Stardate 42286.3
When Data plays Sherlock Holmes on the holodeck and LaForge asks for an opponent capable of defeating him, the holodeck turns off the safety protocols to create a sentient Moriarty.

Episode 30 - The Outrageous Okona
Stardate 42402.7
The Enterprise hosts a witty renegade captain, and Data tries to gain a sense of humor.

Episode 31 - Loud as a Whisper
Stardate 42193.6
A deaf mediator who has three vocal interpreters is brought in to stop a deadly war on an alien planet.

Episode 32 - The Schizoid Man
Stardate 42437.5
A dying scientist transfers his mind into Data's body so that he can live forever, continue his experiments, and woo his young apprentice.

Episode 33 - Unnatural Selection
Stardate 42494.8
Dr. Pulaski is exposed to a virus that accelerates the aging process, causing people to die of old age in a matter of hours.

Episode 34 - A Matter of Honor
Stardate 42506.5
Riker is assigned to a Klingon vessel as part of an exchange, but his loyalties are tested when he learns the ship plans to attack the Enterprise.

Episode 35 - The Measure of a Man
Stardate 42523.7
When a scientist wants to disassemble Data in order to figure out how to replicate him, Picard and Riker must take opposing sides in arguing Data's right to refuse.

Episode 36 - The Dauphin
Stardate 42568.8
The Enterprise escorts a young planetary leader for whom Wesley develops feelings before he learns that she is not what she appears to be.

Episode 37 - Contagion
Stardate 42609.1
The ship's computer begins to malfunction as a result of a mysterious computer virus which programs the ship to self-destruct.

Episode 38 - The Royale
Stardate 42625.4
While investigating a discovery from ancient Earth, an away team is trapped in the hotel Royale, a bad holonovel with no end in sight.

Episode 39 - Time Squared
Stardate 42679.2
Picard encounters his own double from several hours in the future, who is catatonic after witnessing the destruction of the Enterprise.

Episode 40 - The Icarus Factor
Stardate 42686.4
Riker's estranged father is sent to brief his son when Will is promoted to captain of the Aries; meanwhile, Worf laments the anniversary of his Rite of Ascension in the absence of other Klingons.

Episode 41 - Pen Pals
Stardate 42695.3
When a young girl who has been communicating with Data tells him that her planet is in trouble, Picard must reconcile the Prime Directive and the need for intervention to save her people.

Episode 42 - Q Who
Stardate 42761.3
Q flings the Enterprise into the path of a malevolent race of organic-artificial aliens called the Borg.

Episode 43 - Samaritan Snare
Stardate 42779.1
Geordi is held hostage by slow aliens while Wesley takes Starfleet exams and Picard fights for his life in surgery.

Episode 44 - Up the Long Ladder
Stardate 42823.2
The ship rescues a long-lost Earth colony of boisterous farmers and discovers a nearby dying civilization comprised of clones.

Episode 45 - Manhunt
Stardate 42859.2
Lwaxana Troi comes aboard the Enterprise in search of the perfect man, and settles on Picard.

Episode 46 - The Emissary
Stardate 42901.3
Worf's former flame K'Ehleyr is sent to mediate a potentially inflammatory situation with a Klingon sleeper ship in Federation space.

Episode 47 - Peak Performance
Stardate 42923.4
Riker and part of the crew are sent to the derelict ship Hathaway for simulated battle maneuvers against the Enterprise.

Episode 48 - Shades of Gray
As Riker's central nervous system is attacked by a deadly microbe, Pulaski tries to stimulate his memories to ward off the effects.


Episode 49 - Evolution
Stardate 43125.8
A group of nanites unleashed by Wesley attacks the life support systems, forcing the crew to fight them to survive.

Episode 50 - The Ensigns of Command
Stardate: 43133.3
Data struggles to save a colony that's been marked for death by aliens if the humans fail to evacuate.

Episode 51- Survivors
Stardate 43152.4
On a remote planet where only two of thousands have survived an alien attack, the survivors seems kindly despite their refusals to be evacuated, but Deanna Troi begins to suffer horribly at the sound of their music box.

Episode 52 - Who Watches The Watchers
Stardate 43173.5
Upon witnessing Federation technology, a primitive culture begins to venerate Picard as a god and plans to sacrifice Troi to him. Picard must violate the Prime Directive even further to demonstrate that he's only a person.

Episode 53 - The Bonding
Stardate 43198.7
When an archaeologist dies on an away mission, leaving an orphaned son for whom Worf feels responsible, the alien who caused her death creates an artificial image of the mother and their home for the boy.

Episode 54 - Booby Trap
Stardate 43205.6
When the ship is caught in an ancient snare that transforms energy into radiation, LaForge creates a holographic simulation of scientist Leah Brahms to help them escape.

Episode 55 - The Enemy
Stardate 43349.2
When Geordi is stranded on a planet plagued by storms with a hostile Romulan, the crew must contend with a warship seeking its missing crewmembers.

Episode 56 - The Price
Stardate 43885.6
When a group of delegates converge on the Enterprise to bid on the rights to a stable wormhole, Deanna Troi falls for the unscrupulous half-Betazoid representing one of the Federation's competitors.

Episode 57 - The Vengeance Factor
Stardate 43421.9
An ancient assassin plagues the crew's attempt to stop a violent dispute between warring aliens.

Episode 58 - The Defector
Stardate 43462.5
A high-ranking Romulan defector bent on preserving peace between his empire and the Federation leads the crew into a showdown that could trigger a war.

Episode 59 - The Hunted Stardate 43489.2
A solder who has been medically altered to be the perfect killer threatens the Enterprise while the crew debates what responsibility they have to try to help him.

Episode 60 - The High Ground Stardate 43510.7
Crusher is abducted by a group of terrorists who are desperate to demonstrate their suffering to Starfleet before the Enterprise assists the other side in their civil war.

Episode 61 - Deja Q
Stardate 43539.1
Q appears again, in trouble with the Continuum and minus his powers, while the Enterprise is trying to save a planet.

Episode 62 - A Matter of Perspective
Stardate 43610.4
When Riker is accused of murdering a scientist who claimed the first officer made a pass at his wife, Picard uses the holodeck to study the crime.

Episode 63 - Yesterday's Enterprise
Stardate 43625.2
The appearance of the Enterprise-C coincides with time rift that causes a dramatic shift in history, creating a universe where Tasha Yar is alive and the Federation is at war with the Romulans.

Episode 64 - The Offspring
Stardate 43657.0
When Data creates an android daughter using his own neural network, an admiral wants to place her in Starfleet custody at a robotics institute.

Episode 65 - Sins of The Father
Stardate 43685.2
Worf's long-lost brother Kurn arrives to draw Worf into a battle for his family's honor with the unscrupulous Duras.

Episode 66 - Allegiance
Stardate 43714.1
Captain Picard is abducted by aliens and replaced with a wild and crazy double; meanwhile, the real Picard must work with unruly aliens to try to escape.

Episode 67 - Captain's Holiday
Stardate 43745.2
Picard goes to Risa for vacation and meets an archaeologist named Vash, who is searching for an artifact from the future which is coveted by aliens from that era as well as her own.

Episode 68 - Tin Man
Stardate 43779.3
A disturbed telepath attempts to help the crew protect a a lifeform resembling a biological starship from the Romulans.

Episode 69 - Hollow Pursuits
Stardate 43807.4
Lieutenant Barclay creates holographic versions of the ship's crew as an escape from having to deal with the real ones.

Episode 70 - The Most Toys
Stardate: 43872.2
While the crew believes that Data is dead, he is actually being held hostage by a trader who wants to add him to his collection of unique items.

Episode 71 - Sarek
Stardate 43917.4
When Spock's father, the famed ambassador, comes on board strange outbreaks of violence begin to afflict people close to him.

Episode 72 - Menage a Troi
Stardate 43930.7
When Deanna and Lwaxana Troi are kidnapped by a Ferengi, only Picard's love can save them!

Episode 73 - Transfigurations
Stardate 43957.2
The Enterprise rescues a mysterious amnesiac alien who has a seemingly miraculous ability to heal.

Episode 74 - The Best of Both Worlds, Part One
When the Borg set course for Earth, Riker must work with ambitious Commander Shelby to come up with a plan to combat them.


Episode 75 - The Best of Both Worlds, Part Two
Stardate 44001.4
Riker tries to find a way to save both Picard and the human race when the Borg use the captain as part of their plan to assimilate Earth.

Episode 76 - Family
Stardate 44012.3
While the Enterprise is repaired at Earth's spacedock, Picard stays with his older brother and Worf's parents arrive to visit him.

Episode 77 - Brothers
Stardate 44085.7
When a dying Dr. Soong summons Data and accidentally brings Lore home as well, the two androids struggle to understand the reasons their "father" created them.

Episode 78 - Suddenly Human
Stardate 44143.7
Picard must decide whether to risk a war and violate a boy's wishes to reunite the long-lost human child with his family.

Episode 79 - Remember Me
Stardate 44161.2
After Beverly Crusher watches an experiment of Wesley's go wrong, crewmembers begin to disappear.

Episode 80 - Legacy
Stardate: 44215.2
Tasha Yar's mysterious sister becomes close with Data when the crew is sent on a rescue mission to her home planet.

Episode 81 - Reunion
Stardate 44246.3
Picard is asked by the Klingons to mediate a struggle for succession, forcing Worf to confront the Klingon family which disgraced his own.

Episode 82 - Future Imperfect
Stardate 44286.5
Riker awakens in sickbay after a disastrous away mission to discover that sixteen years have passed, he now commands the Enterprise, and he has a young son.

Episode 83 - Final Mission
Stardate 44307.3
On his way to Starfleet Academy, Wesley accompanies Picard on an away mission that turns deadly, leaving him to keep the captain alive.

Episode 84 - The Loss
Stardate 44356.9
When two-dimensional life forms cause Counselor Troi to lose her empathic powers, she resigns her post as counselor.

Episode 85 - Data's Day
Stardate 44390.1
During twenty-four hours in the life of Data, the impending wedding of Miles and Keiko causes the android to study human feelings, which in turn enable him to sniff out a Romulan spy.

Episode 86 - The Wounded
Stardate 44429.6
A Federation starship commanded by a captain who lost his family to the Cardassians begins attacking their ships, claiming that they are preparing for a new war.

Episode 87 - Devil's Due
Stardate 44474.5
A woman claiming to be the devil appears on a world which has committed its citizens to eternal slavery to her.

Episode 88 - Clues
Stardate 44502.7
Picard and the crew find mounting evidence that Data is lying to them about how much time they were unconscious and what transpired while they were out.

Episode 89 - First Contact
When he is injured during a reconnaissance mission, Riker's identity as an alien is discovered by an alien culture deeply fearful of the idea that they are not alone in the galaxy.

Episode 90 - Galaxy's Child
Stardate 44614.6
While the crew fights to save an alien baby whose mother was accidentally killed, LaForge tries to bond with Leah Brahms, who is nothing like his holographic dream woman.

Episode 91 - Night Terrors
Stardate 44631.2
The crew is trapped in a rift in space where lack of dreams causes hallucinations; only Troi can still dream, and she is plagued by horrible nightmares.

Episode 92 - Identity Crisis
Stardate 44664.5
LaForge learns that every officer on an away mission to Tarchannen Three years earlier has begun to transform.

Episode 93 - The Nth Degree
Stardate 44704.2
After an encounter with an alien probe, Barclay develops superhuman intelligence and tries to take over the ship.

Episode 94 - Qpid
Stardate 44741.9
In the middle of an archaeology conference, Q, trying to show the captain a good time, turns Picard and crew into Robin Hood and his merry men.

Episode 95 - The Drumhead
Stardate 44769.2
A famous Starfleet admiral leads a hunt for a traitor aboard the Enterprise.

Episode 96 - Half a Life
Stardate 44805.3
A visiting scientist who becomes Lwaxana Troi's lover seeks asylum to avoid having to commit ritual suicide,.

Episode 97 - The Host
Stardate 44821.3
Crusher falls in love with a Trill, only to discover that his real personality exists in a small symbiont living inside his body.

Episode 98 - The Mind's Eye
Stardate 44885.5
LaForge is kidnapped and altered by Romulans to take part in an assassination plot against a Klingon ambassador.

Episode 99 - In Theory
Stardate 44932.3
Data creates a romantic subroutine to experiment with love when a crewmember becomes interested in dating him.

Episode 100 - Redemption Part One
Stardate 44995.3
When Picard is asked as Arbiter of Succession to oversee Gowron's installation as governor, Worf decides to resign from Starfleet to fight for his family honor against the Duras and their Romulan ties.


Episode 101 - Redemption Part Two
Stardate 45020.4
While Worf fights the Romulan conspiracy within the Klingon empire, Picard intervenes in the Klingon civil war and discovers that Tasha Yar's daughter is a leader of the Romulans.

Episode 102 - Darmok
Stardate 45047.2
Picard is exiled with the leader of an alien race which speaks in metaphors, but his crew attempts to rescue him at an inopportune moment.

Episode 103 - Ensign Ro
Stardate 45076.3
When a courtmartialed Starfleet officer from war-torn Bajor is sent to help locate a terrorist leader, Picard begins to suspect a high-level conspiracy.

Episode 104 - Silicon Avatar
Stardate 45122.3
A scientist devoted to hunting down the Crystalline Entity comes on board and discovers that Data's positronic brain contains the memories of her son.

Episode 105 - Disaster
Stardate 45156.1
Troi must take command of the ship while Picard struggles to work with three children and Worf delivers Keiko's baby.

Episode 106 - The Game
Stardate 45208.2
When an interactive game worn over the eyes and ears becomes addictive to the crew, priming them for invasion, Wesley and his new girlfriend must save the day.

Episode 107 - Unification, Part One
Stardate 45233.1
Shocked to learn that Ambassador Spock has apparently defected to the Romulans, Picard and Data travel to the Romulan homeworld to meet with an underground peace movement.

Episode 108 - Unification, Part Two
Stardate 45245.8
Picard tells Spock of the death of his father and learns the reason for Spock's visit to Romulus: an attempted reunification of the long-separated Vulcan and Romulan races, who are part of the same species.

Episode 109 - A Matter Of Time
Stardate 45349.1
When a visitor from a future era arrives on the ship, Picard violates the noninterference directive to ask for assistance about how to save a dying planet.

Episode 110 - New Ground
Stardate 45376.3
After Worf's human mother brings his son Alexander on board, insisting that she can no longer raise the boy, Worf seeks Troi's help in helping him fit in.

Episode 111 - Hero Worship
Stardate 45397.3
A young boy who is the sole survivor of a disaster that killed his parents chooses to emulate Data's nonemotional strength rather than face the facts of the accident.

Episode 112 - Violations
Stardate 45429.3
When a race of telepathic aliens comes on board, Troi, Riker, and Crusher fall into inexplicable comas after having their memories probed and distorted.

Episode 113 - The Masterpiece Society
Stardate 45470.1
A genetically planned, engineered society threatened by a disaster refuses to relocate and resists contact with the imperfect humans and aliens of Starfleet.

Episode 114 - Conundrum
Stardate 45494.2
Suffering from inexplicable amnesia about their names and roles, the crew struggles to understand their place in the war they're fighting.

Episode 115 - Power Play
Stardate 45571.2
Troi, Data, and O'Brien are possessed by evil aliens who demand assistance freeing fellow entities who were stripped of their bodies as an alien form of imprisonment.

Episode 116 - Ethics
Stardate 45587.3
When an accident leaves Worf paralyzed, he asks Riker and Alexander to assist him in committing suicide rather than live paralyzed.

Episode 117 - The Outcast
Stardate 45614.6
An androgynous race asks for Federation help in locating a missing shuttle, but the situation is complicated when one of the androgynes begins to fall in love with Riker, who brings out her forbidden "female" feelings.

Episode 118 - Cause And Effect
Stardate 45652.1
The ship is caught in a time loop after an explosion, causing the crew to experience increased deja vu as they relive the events leading up to the disaster.

Episode 119 - The First Duty
Stardate 45703.9
Wesley gets involved in a cover-up to protect his friends at the Academy when a stunt leads to a deadly collision.

Episode 120 - Cost of Living
Stardate 45733.6
Lwaxana Troi arrives to wed a man she's never met, prepared to forego the traditional nude Betazoid ceremony, but unwilling to stop exposing Alexander to free thinking and mud baths.

Episode 121 - The Perfect Mate
Stardate 45761.3
A beautiful, empathic woman sent as a peace offering to marry an alien leader begins to bond with Picard instead of her intended mate.

Episode 122 - Imaginary Friend
Stardate 45852.1
The "imaginary friend" of a little girl begins to appear to crewmembers, threatening the Enterprise.

Episode 123 - I Borg
Stardate 45854.2
When the crew rescues a lone Borg, Picard must decide whether to treat him like an individual or use him to disable the entire Borg collective.

Episode 124 - The Next Phase
Stardate 45892.4
Though the crew believes them dead, LaForge and Ro are trapped out of phase by a Romulan cloaking device.

Episode 125 - The Inner Light
Stardate 45944.1
After being trapped in a probe's energy beam, Picard awakens in the midst of living a life as a scientist and husband on a distant planet.

Episode 126 - Time's Arrow, Part One
Stardate 45959.1
When archaeologists discover Data's head buried under San Francisco, an investigation traps data in the very era where he apparently lost his life centuries earlier.


Episode 127 - Time's Arrow, Part Two
Stardate 46001.3
While Data meets Guinan and Mark Twain in the 19th century, the Enterprise crew tries to stop aliens from interfering with Earth's past, and to prevent Data's death in ancient San Francisco.

Episode 128 - Realm Of Fear
Stardate 46041.1
Barclay's terror of the transporter leads him to believe that he's being attacked while within the beam, but the crew discovers that just because he's paranoid, it doesn't mean that something's not out to get him.

Episode 129 - Man Of The People
Stardate 46071.6
A visiting ambassador puts his negative feelings into Troi's psyche, causing her to age prematurely and to act nastily.

Episode 130 - Relics
Stardate 46125.3
When the crew discovers a Dyson Sphere, they also discover the original Enterprise's chief engineer Scotty trapped in limbo in the transporter of a damaged ship which has been in orbit for decades.

Episode 131 - Schisms
Stardate 46154.2
Members of the crew experience bizarre symptoms and recreate a vaguely remembered alien lab on the holodeck, which leads Riker to seek the aliens who have apparently been experimenting on them.

Episode 132 - True Q
Stardate 46193.8
A promising young student realizes during her stay on the Enterprise that her unusual powers are the result of her being descended from the Q continuum.

Episode 133 - Rascals
Stardate 46235.7
A transporter accident turns Picard, Ro, Keiko, and Guinan into children, just before Ferengi take over the ship; Picard pretends to be Riker's son to help take it back.

Episode 134 - A Fistful of Datas
Stardate 46271.5
When Data is connected to the ship's computer while Worf and Alexander are playing out a Wild West holodeck scenario, the Klingons are trapped with hostile images of Data in their story and the safety protocols off.

Episode 135 - The Quality of Life
Stardate 46307.2
When a scientist develops a sentient machine, Data risks Picard and LaForge's lives rather than allowing the exocomps to be sacrificed.

Episode 136 - Chain Of Command, Part One
Stardate 46357.4
Picard, Crusher and Worf are abruptly reassigned for a classified mission. While Captain Jellico tries to whip the crew into shape for a confrontation with the Cardassians, Picard is taken prisoner and interrogated.

Episode 137 - Chain Of Command, Part Two
Stardate 46360.8
While the crew battles Jellico over his tactics in dealing with the Cardassians, Picard resists torture by the vicious Gul Madred.

Episode 138 - Ship In A Bottle
Stardate 46424.1
When Data reopens the Sherlock Holmes holodeck file, he discovers that the archvillain Moriarty, who became self-aware when the program was first played, can exit the holodeck and hold the ship hostage until his lover can also be freed from holo-existence.

Episode 139 - Aquiel
Stardate 46461.3
LaForge falls in love with a Starfleet officer whom he is supposed to be investigating as a murder suspect.

Episode 140 - Face Of The Enemy
Stardate 46519.1
Kidnapped and forced to play the role of a Romulan operative, Troi must match wits against a wily Romulan captain as part of an elaborate defection scheme.

Episode 141 - Tapestry
When Picard's artificial heart fails and he dies after a surprise attack, Q gives him a chance to relive his youth and change his fate.

Episode 142 - Birthright, Part One
Stardate 46578.4
Worf learns from an alien that his father may be alive in a Romulan prison camp, while an experiment by DS9's Dr. Bashir causes Data to see visions of his father.

Episode 143 - Birthright, Part Two
Stardate 46579.2
Held by the Romulan-Klingon society which has grown out of the prison camp, Worf is willing to die to show the young Klingons their lost heritage.

Episode 144 - Starship Mine
Stardate 46682.4
While the Enterprise is shut down for a cleansing purge which is deadly to humans, Picard finds himself trapped on the ship with a band of thieves trying to steal toxic residue to make a weapon.

Episode 145 - Lessons
Stardate 46693.1
Picard falls in love with an officer on his ship, but finds that the stress of command protocol and the conflict between emotion and duty makes the relationship difficult, especially when he must send his lover on a dangerous mission.

Episode 146 - The Chase
Stardate 46731.5
Picard is drawn by an archaeological mentor into a competition with Cardassians, Romulans, and Vulcans to solve an ancient mystery.

Episode 147 - Frame of Mind
Stardate 46778.1
After a case of stage fright and a difficult away mission, Riker finds himself in an alien mental hospital, facing mounting evidence that he is going insane.

Episode 148 - Suspicions
Stardate 46830.1
When a scientist dies and another apparently commits suicide while testing a metaphasic shield, Crusher must unravel the mystery of who is causing the deaths, and why.

Episode 149 - Rightful Heir
Stardate 46852.2
The legendary Klingon warrior Kahless returns from the dead, precipitating first a crisis of faith and then a crisis of politics as Gowron attempts to unravel the mystery of the reappearance of a myth.

Episode 150 - Second Chances
Stardate 46915.2
When he returns to the site of a mission from years earlier, Riker is shocked to find a clone of himself trapped on the planet.

Episode 151 - Timescape
Stardate 46944.2
An away teams returns to find the ship frozen in time on the brink of destruction by a Romulan ship, caused by alien interference, and must figure out how to reset the clock far enough in the past to prevent a warp core breach.

Episode 152 - Descent, Part One
Stardate 46982.1
The Borg return to battle Starfleet, though they now have feelings and give the same to Data, courtesy their new leader, Lore.


Episode 153 - Descent, Part Two
Stardate 47025.4
While Picard, Troi, and LaForge are held prisoner by Data, the rest of the crew works with Hugh and his companions to defeat Lore's plans for the Borg.

Episode 154 - Liaisons
When his shuttle crashes on an alien world, Picard is cared for by a woman who falls obsessively in love with him.

Episode 155 - Interface
Stardate 47215.5
While testing a new sensor for his VISOR, LaForge is shocked to discover his missing mother marooned on a nearby alien world.

Episode 156 - Gambit, Part One
Stardate 47135.2
Riker discovers that Picard, who has been believed dead, is working as a mercenary on an archaeological raid.

Episode 157 - Gambit, Part Two
Stardate 47160.1
Aboard the pirate vessel, Picard and Riker work with a Vulcan agent to retrieve an ancient, deadly weapon.

Episode 158 - Phantasms
Stardate 47225.7
When Data initiates a dreaming program, he sees terrifying images of the crew and ship which seem to parallel their mechanical problems.

Episode 159 - Dark Page
Stardate 47254.1
Lwaxana Troi is dying from repressing a traumatic secret which Deanna must probe her psyche to access.

Episode 160 - Attached
Stardate 47304.2
When an alien race links them telepathically in prison, Picard and Crusher are forced to confront the feelings for one another they have buried for years.

Episode 161 - Force Of Nature
Stardate 47310.2
A pair of alien scientists attempt to demonstrate that use of high warp speeds is destroying the fabric of space.

Episode 162 - Inheritance
Stardate 47410.2
Data meets a woman who claims to be Soong's lover and co-worker and therefore his "mother," but he realizes that she, too, is an android.

Episode 163 - Parallels
Stardate 47391.2
Worf finds reality shifting around him, and concludes that he is moving from universe to universe while nobody else seems aware of the change.

Episode 164 - The Pegasus
Stardate 47391.2
An admiral who was once Riker's commander orders him to keep the nature of a salvage mission a secret even from Picard.

Episode 165 - Homeward
Stardate 47423.9
Worf's human brother uses the Enterprise to violate the noninterference directive in order to save a primitive, dying race.

Episode 166 - Sub Rosa
When she travels for her grandmother's funeral, Crusher begins to fall under the spell of the old woman's young lover.

Episode 167 - Lower Decks
As they wait to learn which of them will be promoted, four junior officers on the Enterprise take part in a secret mission.

Episode 168 - Thine Own Self
Stardate 47611.2
Data loses his memory and inadvertently exposes a technologically unsophisticated culture to deadly radiation.

Episode 169 - Masks
Stardate 47618.4
As an alien probe transforms the Enterprise, Data takes on the personalities of many of the members of the civilization which created it.

Episode 170 - Eye of the Beholder
Stardate 47622.1
Troi finds herself suffering from the aftereffects of an officer's suicide, seeing visions of his experiences which cross over into her own budding relationship with Worf.

Episode 171 - Genesis
Stardate 47653.2
When the Enterprise crew devolves into prehistoric beings, Picard and Data must figure out how to reverse the process.

Episode 172 - Journey's End
Stardate 47751.2
On a mission to relocate a group of Native American settlers from a planet in the Demilitarized Zone, Wesley decides to change his future and leave Starfleet.

Episode 173 - Firstborn
Stardate 47779.4
A family member with a mysterious past comes to the Enterprise to teach Alexander how to be a warrior.

Episode 174 - Bloodlines
Stardate 47829.1
Picard is shocked to discover that he has a son, and that an old alien nemesis has targeted the young man for death.

Episode 175 - Emergence
Stardate 47869.2
When the Enterprise begins to develop intelligence of its own, the warp drive becomes unpredictable and several crewmembers are trapped on the holodeck.

Episode 176 - Preemptive Strike
Stardate 47941.7
Sent on assignment to infiltrate the Maquis, Ro Laren finds her loyalty to Picard and the Federation weighed against her hatred for Cardassia.

Episode 177 - All Good Things
Stardate 47988.1
Q causes Picard to leap back and forth in time in an attempt to save humanity from destruction by his own folly.


Star Trek: Generations
When a mad scientist tries to destroy a star in order to enter a utopian Nexus, Picard must prevent him with the help of Captain Kirk, who vanished into the Nexus a generation earlier.

Star Trek: First Contact
As the Borg attempt to change human history by preventing Zefram Cochrane's first warp flight, Picard and Data face off against the Borg Queen.

Star Trek: Insurrection
When Starfleet allies itself with a race determined to destroy a peaceful paradise, Picard and crew rebel.

Star Trek: Nemesis
A Romulan plot brings Picard face to face with an unexpected doppelganger while Data meets a brother he never knew.

Sev Trek: Pus In Boots
A parody by famed Sev Trek cartoonist John Cook. When a giant pimple on Commander Piker's face demonstrates sentience, Captain Pinchard and the crew must decide how to deal with the threat it poses to the P.C. Directive.



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