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Hercules, The Legendary Journeys / Xena, Warrior Princess


Lucy Lawless as Xena
Renee O'Connor as Gabrielle
Ted Raimi as Joxer
Kevin Smith as Ares
Hudson Leick as Callisto
Alexandra Tydings as Aphrodite
Kevin Sorbo as Hercules
Michael Hurst as Iolaus
Bruce Campbell as Autolycus
Danielle Cormack as Ephiny
Karl Urban as Julius Caesar
Claire Stansfield as Alti
Adrienne Wilkinson as Eve
Jennifer Sky as Amarice
Charles Mesure as Michael
Tim Omundson as Eli


Episode 1 - Sins of the Past
Xena heads to her village after deciding to reform her ways, but must evade an manipulative leader who wants to keep the warrior princess as a force for evil.

Episode 2 - Chariots of War
Xena goes up against a violent warlord who has terrorized the community of peaceful homesteaders led by her friend Darius.

Episode 3 - Dreamworker
When Gabrielle is taken to perform a series of tasks so that she can become the bride of Morpheus, the God of Dreams, Xena must enter the dream realm to retrieve her.

Episode 4 - Cradle of Hope
When Xena sets out to find the parents of an abandoned baby, she learns that the baby has been condemned to death due to a prophecy which says he will overthrow a local monarch.

Episode 5 - The Path Not Taken
Xena must ingratiate herself with her murderous former colleagues so she can find out where they're hiding a kidnapped princess.

Episode 6 - The Reckoning
When Xena is accused of killing four people, she considers an offer of aid by Ares, God of War.

Episode 7 - The Titans
Gabrielle accidentally releases three Titans from centuries of confinement and one of them struggles with the others over the fate of a village.

Episode 8 - Prometheus
Xena and Hercules set out on a joint quest to acquire the only sword that can free Prometheus, who has been imprisoned by the gods.

Episode 9 - Death in Chains
The Lord of the Underworld, Hades, asks Xena to free his sister, the embodiment of Death, from a king who has ensnared her.

Episode 10 - Hooves and Harlots
While Xena tries to stop a war between the Centaurs and the Amazons, Gabrielle is chosen to take the place of an Amazon princess she tried to save.

Episode 11 - The Black Wolf
To rescue the freedom-fighter daughter of an old friend, Xena must fight her way into a dungeon.

Episode 12 - Beware of Greeks Bearing Gifts
Xena goes to the embattled city of Troy to help end the war with Greece, but discovers a traitor in the ranks.

Episode 13 - Athens City Academy of the Performing Bards
Gabrielle enters a storytelling competition in order to audition for a prestigious school for bards.

Episode 14 - A Fistful of Dinars
Xena becomes a member of a treasure hunting team that includes an assassin and a warlord to whom she was once engaged.

Episode 15 - Warrior...Princess
The warrior princess discovers that the royal life isn't all it's cracked up to be when she impersonates a lookalike princess who has been threatened with death.

Episode 16 - Mortal Beloved
The ghost of her beloved Marcus inspires Xena to visit the Underworld, where a madman has stolen Hades' helmet of invisibility.

Episode 17 - The Royal Couple of Thieves
When Xena is asked to recover the world's most powerful weapon, she seeks assistance from the self-proclaimed King of Thieves, Autolycus.

Episode 18 - The Prodigal
Gabrielle discovers that her hometown is under attack by an evil warlord, and the townspeople's protector no longer believes that he can do his job.

Episode 19 - Altared States
Xena protects a young boy who discovered that he was going to be sacrificed and ran away from home.

Episode 20 - Ties That Bind
Xena meets a man who claims to be her estranged father, but has reason to doubt the truth behind his assertion.

Episode 21 - The Greater Good
After Xena is struck by a poisoned dart, Gabrielle must pretend to be Xena so that she can protect a group of villagers.

Episode 22 - Callisto
The vicious warrior Callisto, whose family was killed by Xena during her unreformed days, takes revenge by impersonating her.

Episode 23 - Death Mask
Xena is reunited with her prodigal brother Toris, and joins his quest to kill the man responsible for the destruction of their village.

Episode 24 - Is There A Doctor In The House?
Xena and Gabrielle are trapped in the middle of a fierce war, and try to save the wounded in a temple of healing before negotiating between the warring parties.


Episode 25 - Orphan of War
When Xena assists a group of Centaurs menaced by one of her former allies, she is reunited with the son she left in their care years earlier.

Episode 26 - Remember Nothing
The Fates offer Xena the opportunity to undo her past and save her brother's life if she will vow never again to shed blood in anger.

Episode 27 - Giant Killer
During a battle between the Israelistes and Philistines, Xena finds herself at odds with her old friend Goliath.

Episode 28 - Girls Just Wanna Have Fun
Xena takes on the bloodthirsty Bacchae in order to get to Bacchus, their mad leader who plans to take over the world.

Episode 29 - The Return of Callisto
Callisto murders Gabrielle's new husband Perdicas to punish Xena for her crimes against Callisto's family.

Episode 30 - Warrior...Princess...Tramp
Xena tries to protect her lookalike friend Princess Diana from bad-girl lookalike Meg's schemes.

Episode 31 - Intimate Stranger
When her nemesis Callisto escapes from the Underworld by infiltrating Xena's dreams, the warrior princess must regain control of her life.

Episode 32 - Ten Little Warlords
Trapped in the body of her most vicious enemy, Callisto, Xena enters a competition to become the next God of War.

Episode 33 - A Solstice Carol
Xena and Gabrielle return the holiday spirit to a kingdom where the Winter Solstice celebration has been banned.

Episode 34 - The Xena Scrolls
In Macedonia of the 20th century, an archaeologist and her guest discover the "Xena Scrolls," ancient documents that chronicle the life of the Warrior Princess.

Episode 35 - Here She Comes...Miss Amphipolis
Xena disguises herself as a contestant in a beauty contest in order to find the villains plaguing the event.

Episode 36 - Destiny
Critally injured in a fight, Xena flashes back to her association with Julius Caesar.

Episode 37 - The Quest
While Xena's spirit sets out to reclaim her body, Gabrielle must decide how to deal with her tie to the Amazons.

Episode 38 - A Necessary Evil
When the new goddess Velasca unleashes a vendetta against Gabrielle, Xena turns to the immortal but insane Callisto for assistance.

Episode 39 - A Day In The Life
A day in the life of Xena, who must prevent a warlord from destroying one village and a giant from crushing another.

Episode 40 - For Him the Bell Tolls
During a struggle with Cupid, Aprodite, Goddess of Love, transforms Joxer a handsome hero so he can lure a princess away from her fiance.

Episode 41 - The Execution
Gabrielle tries to protect Meleager, whom she's certain has been falsely accused of murder, but Xena's not so sure of the man's innocence.

Episode 42 - Blind Faith
A warrior who believes that murdering Xena will make him a legend blinds her and makes possible the kidnapping of Gabrielle.

Episode 43 - Ulysses
Xena falls in love and helps Ulysses retake Ithaca from greedy would-be rulers despite the interference of Poseidon, God of the Sea.

Episode 44 - The Price
In order to help an army regain self-confidence against a vicious horde, Xena preaches ruthlessness, and nearly loses Gabrielle's friendship in the process.

Episode 45 - The Lost Mariner
Cecrops, a mariner cursed by Poseidon to wander the seas forever, takes Xena and a seasick Gabrielle onto his ship.

Episode 46 - A Comedy of Eros
Xena tries to stop Draco from selling temple maidens into slavery, but finds herself falling in love with him; worse, Gabrielle finds herself falling in love with Joxer.


Episode 47 - The Furies
Xena is plagued with madness by Ares and the Furies until she avenges the murder of her her mother.

Episode 48 - Been There, Done That
Xena finds herself reliving the same day in a small town over and over, while no one else seems to realize that time is repeating.

Episode 49 - The Dirty Half Dozen
Xena gathers a band of thugs trained by herself in her unreformed days to stop a warrior who has been given metal of the gods by Ares, God of War.

Episode 50 - The Deliverer
Xena and Gabrielle travel to Brittania, where Caesar is persecuting the natives, but Gabrielle is lured into a cult of devil-worshippers.

Episode 51 - Gabrielle's Hope
Pregnant by the Dark Lord Dahok, Gabrielle flees banshees and knights who fear her child as the incarnation of evil.

Episode 52 - The Debt
After receiving a message from a foreign informant, Xena travels to the Kingdom of Chin to murder the Green Dragon, a young prince who has persecuted her former mentor, Lao Ma.

Episode 53 - The Debt II
Imprisoned by the Green Dragon after Gabrielle betrayed her plans to him, Xena remembers the way of life she learned from Lao Ma.

Episode 54 - The King of Assassins
When Joxer's evil twin brother Jet is enlisted to murder Cleopatra, Autolycus is enlisted by Xena and Gabrielle to steal the murder weapon.

Episode 55 - Warrior...Priestess...Tramp
Xena enlists her harlot lookalike Meg to help protect a cult with a virgin high priestess who's also a dead ringer for the warrior princess.

Episode 56 - The Quill Is Mightier...
An enchantment on Gabrielle's scroll causes everything written on it to become true, in unexpected and sometimes unpleasant ways.

Episode 57 - Maternal Instincts
Hope returns, meets Xena's son Solon among the centaurs, and murders him.

Episode 58 - The Bitter Suite
An enraged Xena finds herself flung into the mystical world of Illusia with Gabrielle, where the two of them work out their problems operatically.

Episode 59 - One Against An Army
When Gabrielle is injured, Xena must singlehandedly fight off an invasion force.

Episode 60 - Forgiven
A reckless young thief pretends to be a Xena wanna-be in order to divert the warrior princess from her own boyfriend's thieving ways.

Episode 61 - King Con
Xena and Gabrielle work a swindle to retrieve property for an honest man with the help of two attractive men.

Episode 62 - When In Rome...
Xena tries to save local hero Vercinix from Caesar and Pompeii's deadly plans.

Episode 63 - Forget Me Not
Gabrielle enters the Temple of Mnemosyne to be purged of painful memories, but is tormented by Ares as she seeks oblivion.

Episode 64 - Fins, Femmes, and Gems
A curse from Aphrodite causes Xena to become obsessed with fishing, Gabrielle to become vain, and Joxer to turn into an ape-man.

Episode 65 - Tsunami
Xena and Autolycus attempt to save the crew of a cruel miner trapped on a ship when a tidal wave hits.

Episode 66 - Vanishing Act
When a statue of the goddess Pax is stolen, Xena and Gabrielle resort to extreme measures to get it back.

Episode 67 - The Sacrifice, Part I
With Callisto and Hope as his messengers, Dahok prepares to take over the world.

Episode 68 - The Sacrifice, Part II
As Gabrielle sacrifices herself to stop Hope from bringing Dahok into the world, Xena stabs Callisto with a knife covered in hind's blood.


Episode 69 - Adventures in the Sin Trade, Part I
A half-mad Xena searches the Amazon afterlife for Gabrielle, but finds instead the victims of the evil sorceress Alti who was once the warrior princess' ally.

Episode 70 - Adventures in the Sin Trade, Part II
With the help of a band of young Amazons, Xena fights Alti on the psychic plane and wins spiritual freedom for Gabrielle and the trapped Amazons.

Episode 71 - A Family Affair
Gabrielle returns...but not before Hope, pretending to be her mother, impersonates Xena's friend and puts everyone they love at risk via Dahok's deadly grandchild.

Episode 72 - In Sickness and In Hell
Fungi, lice, and nausea help Xena and Gabrielle defeat an army attacking a resource-rich village.

Episode 73 - A Good Day
A helpless town is caught in the middle of Caesar and Pompey's struggle for land and power.

Episode 74 - A Tale of Two Muses
In a town where arch-conservatives have banned dancing, Xena and Autolycus help bring some fun to the younger generation.

Episode 75 - Locked Up and Tied Down
Imprisoned for a crime she committed years earlier, Xena is tortured by a vicious jailer who despises her for her past wrongs.

Episode 76 - Crusader
Gabrielle is enchanted by a healer with the strength of Xena and a deep spiritual committment, but Xena suspects that the woman has a darker side.

Episode 77 - Past Imperfect
Xena struggles to fight an enemy who seems to have studied with her, copying her own past battle techniques.

Episode 78 - The Key to the Kingdom
When Autolycus determines to steal the Crown of Athena with Xena lookalike Meg, he doesn't count on having to take care of a baby.

Episode 79 - Daughter of Pomira
Xena and Gabrielle return a girl raised by the Horde to her biological parents, but the girl does not want to abandon the family that raised her.

Episode 80 - If the Shoe Fits
Xena, Gabrielle, Joxer, and Aphrodite tell competing versions of a fairy tale to a little girl who has run away from her wicked stepmother.

Episode 81 - Paradise Found
Xena and Gabrielle stumble into a beautiful, peaceful haven under the administration of a mysterious spiritual master.

Episode 82 - Devi
After arriving in India on a trip to the Far East, Xena is stunned when a chance encounter with a magician causes Gabrielle to develop the powers of a healer.

Episode 83 - Between the Lines
An Indian woman saved from suttee by Xena sends the warrior princess into one of her future lives so that she can kill the evil sorceress Alti at the height of her powers.

Episode 84 - The Way
When a dark god kidnaps Gabrielle and the healer Eli, Xena must invoke the help of Krishna to save them.

Episode 85 - The Play's The Thing
One of Gabrielle's scrolls falls into the hands of an unscrupulous theater producer, who convinces Xena's friend to put on a drama reenacting their adventures.

Episode 86 - The Convert
Nejara of the Djinn returns, claiming that Eli changed her life and she wants to reform along with Gabrielle.

Episode 87 - Takes One to Know One
A murder at an inn leads Discord to order Xena to find the killer...even though all the suspects are friends and relatives of the warrior princess.

Episode 88 - Endgame
When Ephiny is killed fighting Roman forces, Xena and Gabrielle find the Amazons trapped between Pompey and Caesar.

Episode 89 - The Ides of March
Callisto returns from Hell to help Caesar trap Xena, Gabrielle, and Eli, all of whom are slated for crucifixion.

Episode 90 - Deja Vu All Over Again
In the 20th century, sometimes a little warrior princess can get the job done.


Episode 91 - Fallen Angel
Xena and Gabrielle are reunited in Heaven, but Callisto and the forces of Hell don't intend to let them stay there.

Episode 92 - Chakram
Back in her own body, Xena has lost her memories of violence, which opens her to exploitation by gods of war.

Episode 93 - Succession
Ares looks for someone to take the warrior princess' place in his heart and at his side.

Episode 94 - Animal Attraction
Xena is shocked to discover that she's pregnant ahough she hasn't been with a man in ages.

Episode 95 - Them Bones, Them Bones
Alti tries to steal the soul of Xena's unborn child so she can be reincarnated in its body.

Episode 96 - Purity
Xena and Gabrielle travel to China, where they meet Lao Ma's identical twin daughters - one on the path of peace, the other on the path of war.

Episode 97 - Back in the Bottle
The spirit of the Green Dragon helps warlord Genghis Khan use newly discovered gunpowder to terrorize Chin.

Episode 98 - Little Problems
When Aphrodite mistakenly puts Xena's soul into the body of a little girl, the warrior princess must fight thugs three feet taller than she is.

Episode 99 - Seeds of Faith
Eli sacrifices his life to help bring about the end of the rule of the gods.

Episode 100 - Lyre, Lyre, Hearts On Fire
A competition for a golden lyre gets Xena, Gabrielle, and Joxer's brother Jace involved in a battle of the bands.

Episode 101 - Punch Lines
Gabrielle tells Aphrodite about her writer's block, exacerbated by a run-in with Lachrymose, God of Despair.

Episode 102 - God-Fearing Child
When Xena gives birth to a baby destined to overthrow the Olympians, Hercules confronts his father and stepmother for the last time.

Episode 103 - Eternal Bonds
Trying to protect Eve from vengeful gods, Xena considers an offer from Ares.

Episode 104 - Amphipolis Under Siege
Athena turns her wrath on Xena's hometown in the hope of getting the warrior princess to trade her daughter's life for her people.

Episode 105 - Married With Fishsticks
Gabrielle hallucinates that she's a mermaid married to a Joxer lookalike.

Episode 106 - Lifeblood
Xena and Gabrielle visit the Amazons to have Eve initiated into the tribe, which is rediscovering its history...

Episode 107 - Kindred Spirits
...and come into conflict about whether they want to settle down among the warrior women as Joxer is arrested for trespassing.

Episode 108 - Antony and Cleopatra
When the Queen of Egypt is murdered by warring Roman factions, Xena impersonates Cleopatra to play Antony, Brutus, and Octavius against each other.

Episode 109 - Looking Death in the Eye
Xena and Gabrielle flee the combined wrath of the Olympians when Xena kidnaps Celesta, goddess of death, so that Eve might never die.

Episode 110 - Livia
Waking twenty-five years in the future, Xena discovers Joxer has become an old man, and Eve has become Livia - the champion of Rome and fiancee of Augustus Caesar.

Episode 111 - Eve
Xena and Gabrielle fight to protect innocents from Livia's fury after Ares and Xena disrupt her link to Rome.

Episode 112 - Motherhood
After Eve's baptism, Xena acquires the power to kill gods, but Gabrielle is tormented by the Furies and sets her sights on Eve's destruction.


Episode 113 - Coming Home
Bereft of his powers, Ares becomes a victim of the Furies and requires Xena's help.

Episode 114 - The Haunting of Amphipolis
Upon learning of her mother's death, Xena must fight Mephistopheles for her daughter's life.

Episode 115 - Heart of Darkness
When Lucifer arrives to send Xena to Hell, the warrior princess shows the archangel some heavenly pleasures he's been denied by God.

Episode 116 - Who's Gurkhan
Xena and Gabrielle infiltrate a harem to find and rescue Gabrielle's niece.

Episode 117 - Legacy
After accidentally killing a young boy, Gabrielle is sentenced to death by a tribe of nomads.

Episode 118 - The Abyss
Fearing to use her weapons, Gabrielle hesitates when cannibals attack and almost becomes their dinner.

Episode 119 - The Rheingold
When Norse warrior Beowulf meets Xena in a mead hall, she realizes that she must undo an evil from her past.

Episode 120 - The Ring
While a guilt-ridden Xena fights Grinhilda and Odin, a besotted Brunhilda kidnaps Gabrielle.

Episode 121 - The Return of the Valkyrie
An amnesiac Xena believes she is Wealthea, bride of King Hrothgar, until Beowulf forces her to save Gabrielle.

Episode 122 - Old Ares Had a Farm
To protect him from angry warlords, Xena and Gabrielle convince Ares to try to become a farmer.

Episode 123 - Dangerous Prey
A prideful prince slaughters Amazons in his search for a worthy adversary until he comes up against Xena.

Episode 124 - The God You Know
The Archangel Michael asks Xena to kill Roman Emperor Caligula, who has stolen Aphrodite's powers for his blood cult to hunt the followers of Eli.

Episode 125 - You Are There
A tabloid reporter follows Xena, trying to get the sordid details of her life as she tries to restore love to the world.

Episode 126 - Path Of Vengeance
When Eve approaches the Amazons with a message of peace, Varia demands her blood in payment for Livia's crimes.

Episode 127 - To Helicon and Back
Artemis' son Bellerophon seeks the extinction of the Amazon Nation for failing to come to his mother's aid.

Episode 128 - Send in the Clones
Xena and Gabrielle are brought to life in the modern world, where they must contend with rabid fans and demons from the past.

Episode 129 - The Last of the Centaurs
Belach, the son of Borias, puts a bounty on the head of Xenan, the son of Ephiny. Xena tries to make peace between the warlord she betrayed and centaur she helped deliver.

Episode 130 - When Fates Collide
After Julius Caesar takes control of the Fates' looms, he changes history: Xena becomes his empress, Gabrielle becomes a playwright, Alti becomes bad news...

Episode 131 - Many Happy Returns
Xena and Gabrielle try to save a virgin from sacrifice and protect the helmet of Hermes, without provoking a warlord or missing Sappho's performance.

Episode 132 - Soul Possession
In the 21st century, scholars uncover a contract revealing that Xena married the God of War, though her modern incarnation has married Gabrielle.

Episodes 133 and 134 - A Friend In Need
A message from an island east of Chin summons Xena to Higuchi, where her past carelessness caused the deaths of tens of thousands of people. Now the souls of those people have been trapped by a demon who can only be killed by a ghost. Can Xena stop Yodoshi in time for Gabrielle to help her rise from the ashes?

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