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Hercules, The Legendary Journeys / Xena, Warrior Princess


Kevin Sorbo as Hercules
Michael Hurst as Iolaus
Robert Trebor as Salmoneus
Bruce Campbell as Autolycus
Kevin Smith as Ares
Alexandra Tydings as Aphrodite
Lucy Lawless as Xena
Renee O'Connor as Gabrielle
Hudson Leick as Callisto
Liddy Halloway as Alcmene
Jeffrey Thomas as Jason
Meg Foster as Hera
Joel Tobeck as Strife
Ian Bohen as Young Hercules
Dean O'Gorman as Young Iolaus


Telemovie 1 - Hercules and the Amazon Women
The son of Zeus fights against a band of warrior women but comes to realize that the men of the local village have no respect for them; he also falls in love with their leader, Hippolyta, but loses her when Zeus reverses the clock to spare Iolaus from death.

Telemovie 2 - Hercules and the Lost Kingdom
Hercules saves Troy from a curse by Hera and allies himself with Deianeira, whom he rescues from a sea monster.

Telemovie 3 - Hercules and the Circle of Fire
Prometheus leads Hercules to the eternal source of all fire on earth, but Hercules must fight his father as well as his stepmother to retrieve it.

Telemovie 4 - Hercules in the Underworld
When spirits begin leaving the Underworld and killing the living, Hercules travels away from his wife and family to discover the Cerberus has gotten loose.

Telemovie 5 - Hercules in the Maze of the Minotaur
Hercules is summoned to save a group of young people from a vicious monster which not even Zeus can restrain.


Episode 1 - The Wrong Path
After Hera murders his wife and family, Hercules embarks on a path of destruction.

Episode 2 - Eye of the Beholder
When an enormous Cyclops threatens a village, Hercules fights him off, then enlists his help in fighting off Hera's minions.

Episode 3 - Road to Calydon
Hercules protects a group of people on pilgrimage to Calydon from the wrath of Hera and assorted monsters.

Episode 4 - The Festival of Dionysus
A greedy son of the King of Meliad plots with Ares to have his father murdered by drunken virgins.

Episode 5 - Ares
Hercules convinces the God of War's young soldiers to give up fighting, then battles a hideous projection of war.

Episode 6 - As Darkness Falls
A centaur kidnaps the bride at the wedding of a friend of Hercules, forcing him and Salmoneus to attempt a rescue.

Episode 7 - Pride Comes Before a Brawl
Hercules meets up with his old love Nemesis, who helps him protect Iolaus from Hera.

Episode 8 - The March to Freedom
Hercules buys a woman to save her from a life of slavery, but the woman's beloved suspects different motives and attacks Hercules.

Episode 9 - The Warrior Princess
The vicious warrior Xena uses her charms to lure Iolaus, then tries to pit Hercules against his best friend.

Episode 10 - Gladiator
Hercules incites a slave riot when he learns that men are being forced to fight for the amusement of a cruel Roman owner.

Episode 11 - The Vanishing Dead
Hercules realizes that Ares has triggered a war to provide the bodies of dead soldiers to feed to his hound Graegus.

Episode 12 - The Gauntlet
Denounced by the evil Darphus, who makes her walk a gauntlet, Xena challenges Hercules to a duel but then helps him kill her tormentor.

Episode 13 - Unchained Heart
When Ares raises Darphus from the dead, Hercules and Xena fight his troops together as the son of Zeus and the warrior princess begin to fall in love.


Episode 14 - The King of Thieves
When Iolaus is sentenced to death for a theft he didn't commit, Hercules goes in search of Autolycus, the King of Thieves.

Episode 15 - All That Glitters
Salmoneus and Hercules have a bad time at King Midas' gambling palace, thanks to nasty new controller Voluptua.

Episode 16 - What's In a Name?
Hercules' jealous half-brother Iphicles pretends to be the son of Zeus in order to court the daughter of a warlord.

Episode 17 - Siege At Naxos
Hercules and Iolaus become involved in a struggle against rampaging barbarians.

Episode 18 - Outcast
When the human wife of a centaur is murdered by prejudiced thugs, the centaur seeks vengeance.

Episode 19 - Under the Broken Sky
Hercules helps reunite a man with his wife, who is working in a pleasure palace.

Episode 20 - The Mother of All Monsters
When Alcmene begins to date Demetrius, Hercules is horrified to learn that his mother's suitor works for Echidna, the mother of several monsters he has killed.

Episode 21 - The Other Side
When Hercules helps rescue Persephone from the Underworld, he must choose between his obligation to protect the world from her mother Demeter and Hades' promise to restore his own wife and children to life.

Episode 22 - The Fire Down Below
Hercules protects Salmoneus from the wrath of Hera in the form of Nemesis when he sells her treasure.

Episode 23 - Cast a Giant Shadow
Hercules frees a giant named Typhon from a curse by Hera, but discovers that the man is married to the monstrous Echidna.

Episode 24 - Highway To Hades
Hercules helps Hades capture King Sisyphus, who has tricked another man into taking his place in the Underworld.

Episode 25 - The Sword of Veracity
Hercules and Iolaus retrieve a sword which forces people to tell the truth in order to rescue a friend from a false accusation of murder.

Episode 26 - The Enforcer
Hercules is attacked by The Enforcer, created by Hera to be an assassin, and reunites with his former love Nemesis, now a mortal.

Episode 27 - Once A Hero
At a reunion for Jason and the Argonauts, Hercules discovers that his old friend has been drinking too much and a rival steals the Golden Fleece.

Episode 28 - Heedless Hearts
A lightning bolt gives Iolaus the power to foretell events, and Hercules falls in love with a woman from one of the visions.

Episode 29 - Let the Games Begin
The Olympic Games are disrupted by a leader armed with Mesomorphs by Ares.

Episode 30 - The Apple
Aphrodite, Athena, and Artemis ask Iolaus to choose the fairest, his choice and the gift of the Goddess of Love nearly triggers a war.

Episode 31 - Promises
Hercules and Iolaus try to rescue the fiancee of a king from a warlord who has abducted her.

Episode 32 - King For a Day
Iolaus agrees to pretend to be Prince Orestes, but when the prince is kidnapped, he gets stuck in the role.

Episode 33 - Protean Challenge
A god who can change shape at will torments a sculptor in order to pursue his daughter.

Episode 34 - The Wedding of Alcmene
Hercules' mother plans to marry his old friend Jason, but a would-be-successor plots to kill the King of Corinth.

Episode 35 - The Power
A boy with super-powers from Aphrodite falls in with the wrong crowd.

Episode 36 - Centaur Mentor Journey
Hercules is summoned by his dying mentor to try to stop a war between humans and centaurs.

Episode 37 - The Cave of Echoes
Tiny sounds are magnified into great threats as Hercules and Iolaus recall their past adventures.


Episode 38 - Mercenary
When escorting a mercenary home to stand trial, Hercules must fight off sand sharks and pirates.

Episode 39 - Doomsday
Hercules convinces the inventor Daedalus to stop inventing machines that kill people.

Episode 40 - Love Takes a Holiday
When Aphrodite walks off the job as the Goddess of Love, Hephaestos' assistant tries to take advantage of the situation.

Episode 41 - Mummy Dearest
An Egyptian princess asks Hercules to help her find a missing mummy that can be controlled by an amulet.

Episode 42 - Not Fade Away
Iolaus is mortally wounded battling Hera's new Enforcer, but Hercules joins with the old Enforcer to free his soul from the Underworld.

Episode 43 - Monster Child in the Promised Land
When the child of Typhon and Echidna is kidnapped, Hercules helps get the baby back.

Episode 44 - The Green-Eyed Monster
When Aphrodite orders Cupid to shoot Psyche so she'll fall in love with Salmoneus, the God of Love misses and shoots Hercules instead.

Episode 45 - Prince Hercules
Queen Parnassa conspires with Hera to make Hercules a prince and the head of her army by giving him amnesia.

Episode 46 - A Star To Guide Them
As Iolaus and others are inexplicably drawn to the North, King Polonius hears a prophecy and orders every male child rounded up.

Episode 47 - The Lady and the Dragon
A lonely baby dragon is tricked by a warlord into believing that Hercules and Iolaus are his enemies.

Episode 48 - Long Live the King
When his cousin Orestes is murdered, Iolaus takes his place in order to see a peace plan through to fulfillment.

Episode 49 - Surprise
Hera promises Callisto a chance at immortality if she will kill Hercules; she drugs his family, forcing him to help her find the Tree of Life, which cures all ills and confers immortality.

Episode 50 - Encounter
Hercules and Iolaus set out to rescue the Golden Hind from an ally of Ares, who wants the creature's blood because it can kill a god.

Episode 51 - When a Man Loves a Woman
Hercules falls in love with Serena, the human form of the Golden Hind, but in order to be together, he must give up his strength and she her powers.

Episode 52 - Judgment Day
While Ares tries to turn Xena against his half-brother, Strife murders Serena and frames Hercules.

Episode 53 - The Lost City
Salmoneus and Iolaus fall into the home of an underground cult led by a mass murderer.

Episode 54 - Les Contemptibles
In France in 1789, revolutionaries are inspired by tales of Hercules.

Episode 55 - Reign of Terror
When a king goes mad and angers Aphrodite, Hera offers him permanent superhuman powers if he will kill Hercules.

Episode 56 - End of the Beginning
When Autolycus steals the Chronos stone and stops time, Hercules is reunited with his dead wife Serena while the King of Thieves faces off against an earlier incarnation of himself.

Episode 57 - War Bride
A princess facing an arranged marriage is kidnapped by thugs hired by her scheming sister.

Episode 58 - A Rock and a Hard Place
A murderer flees a lynch mob and becomes trapped in a cave, where Hercules brings his young son for a farewell.

Episode 59 - Atlantis
Shipwrecked on Atlantis, Hercules hears Cassandra's prophecy that the island will be destroyed and learns that a new super-weapon is causing quakes.


Episode 60 - Beanstalks and Bad Eggs
Hercules tracks down a woman lost years earlier to a giant who is raising harpies in a castle in the clouds.

Episode 61 - Hero's Heart
After he is unable to save a woman during a double rescue, Iolaus decides to quit being a hero.

Episode 62 - Regrets, I've Had a Few
A man cursed to die within a day determines to take as many thugs with him as possible.

Episode 63 - Web of Desire
Hercules and a gang of pirates are trapped in the lair of a giant spider-woman.

Episode 64 - Stranger In a Strange World
Iolaus crosses into an alternate universe where Hercules is a vicious sovereign bent on forcing Aphrodite to marry him after he murders her husband, Zeus.

Episode 65 - Two Men and a Baby
Hercules' former love Nemesis shows up with a child which she claims is his, but when the mother disappears and Ares shows up, ugly things start happening.

Episode 66 - Prodigal Sister
A boy blinded by Amazons is shocked to learn that his sister was kidnapped by a rogue band of the women warriors and raised as one of them.

Episode 67 - ...And Fancy Free
Hercules stumbles into the town of Rhumba on the eve of an annual dance competition and offers to help ugly duckling Althea become a swan on the dance floor, with some coaching from the Widow Twanky.

Episode 68 - If I Had A Hammer
When Hercules agrees to pose for an art contest, Atalanta falls in love with her version of him, which is then brought to life by Hephaistos.

Episode 69 - Hercules on Trial
Hercules is charged with performing selfless, heroic deeds that get ordinary mortals in trouble, even killed.

Episode 70 - Medea Culpa
Hercules and Jason recall a quest in their youth where the two competed for the affections of the lovely Medea.

Episode 71 - Men In Pink
Pursued as criminals, Autolycus and Salmoneus disguise themselves as women and hide in the Widow Twanky's company, where they have romantic problems stemming from their feminine wiles.

Episode 72 - Armageddon Now, Part I
Hope allies with Callisto in the hope of destroying the Olympian gods; Ares goes along with them in the hope of seeing Hercules murdered before his own birth.

Episode 73 - Armageddon Now, Part II
When his mother dies before Hercules' birth, history is changed, trapping Hercules between the worlds until Iolaus gains the Chronos Stone from an unreformed Xena and sets the timeline right.

Episode 74 - Yes, Virginia, There Really Is a Hercules
While the staff at Renaissance Productions scramble to cover when star Kevin Sorbo vanishes, Hercules - who only pretends to be Sorbo to cover his immortal powers - saves California from an earthquake.

Episode 75 - Porkules
Discord turns Hercules into a pig to make Ares happy; while he's running around oinking, he meets a girl named Katherine.

Episode 76 - One Fowl Day
Ares turns Iolaus and Autolycus into inarticulate neanderthals; meanwhile, Discord, transformed into a giant chicken, pursues Hercules and his newly human friend Katherine with deadly intent.

Episode 77 - My Fair Cupcake
Autolycus transforms the Widow Twanke's protegee Cupcake into a princess so he can rip off Prince Charming, but finds that he is falling in love with her when he realizes that Cupcake really can charm a prince.

Episode 78 - War Wounds
Hercules becomes involved in a fight for the rights of a group of soldiers who find that they have no place in society after the end of the war.

Episode 79 - Twilight
As Hercules' mother lies dying, her son and his stepfather recall a battle in their youth when Hercules first told Jason of his bitterness towards his father.

Episode 80 - Top God
When Zeus asks his son to come live on Olympus, Hercules remembers a youthful conflict with his brother Apollo, and declares that the life of a god is not for him.

Episode 81 - Reunions
Hercules discovers that Hera and some of his own siblings are plotting to overthrow Zeus; though he forces his father to share human pain for a time, ultimately the hero does battle with his wicked stepmother.


Episode 82 - Faith
Nebula's brother, Sumerian emperor Gilgamesh, asks Hercules to accompany him on a quest, but the son of Zeus is horrified to learn that the king has allowed himself to be taken over by Dahok.

Episode 83 - Descent
Hercules attempts to retrieve the murdered Iolaus from Dumuzi, the Sumerian God of the Dead, but becomes embattled in a struggle to save tortured souls.

Episode 84 - Resurrection
Hercules flees to Eire, where the wicked Morrigan torments the Druids until a murder makes her one of them.

Episode 85 - Genies and Grecians and Geeks, Oh My!
Autolycus and Salmoneus are granted three magical wishes which have them wishing they never wished for anything in the first place.

Episode 86 - Render Unto Caesar
While Morrigan debates her loyalties, Caesar arrives on the shores of Ireland intent on conquest.

Episode 87 - Norse By Norsevest
Traveling on to Scandinavia, Hercules befriends the altruistic god Balder, only to become inadvertently involved in his murder.

Episode 88 - Somewhere Over Rainbow Bridge
Hercules realizes that the Book of Fate holds the key to restoring Balder and the Norse timeline from the trickster god Loki, who has thrown in his lot with Dahok.

Episode 89 - Darkness Rising
Returning to Sumeria with Morrigan, who has vowed to kill Dahok for slaughtering the Druids, Hercules finds that the evil god has taken over the body of Iolaus and is tormenting Nebula.

Episode 90 - For Those Of You Just Joining Us
The writing staff of Hercules: The Legendary Journeys goes on retreat together to try to figure out storylines for the rest of the season; Hercules, disguised as actor Kevin Sorbo, has to bail them out.

Episode 91 - Let There Be Light
Dahok's priests are taking over Greece, while Dahok, in Iolaus' body, is winning converts while preaching against Hercules.

Episode 92 - Redemption
As Hercules tries to exorcise Dahok from Iolaus' body, Iolaus' spirit is tempted by the dark lord. Though he resists, ultimately he must accept that his life on Earth is over.

Episode 93 - Sky High
When an erupting volcano threatens a village, Hercules and Ephiny team up with a centaur and his son's murderer to save the people.

Episode 94 - Stranger and Stranger
Realizing that the Olympian gods are trapped in the mirror universe, Hercules disguises himself as the Sovereign and enlists the God of Love's help in distracting evil Empress Nebula so that he and the jester Iolaus can set things right.

Episode 95 - Just Passing Through
While the jester Iolaus, who has crossed over, tries to figure out how he fits into Hercules' universe, Hercules tells him a story about an incident involving himself, his best friend, Autolycus, and a stolen gem which awakened a vicious panther.

Episode 96 - Greece Is Burning
When the megalomaniacal ruler of Trendopolis tries to control fashion to suit his personal tastes, Hercules helps arrange a rebel fashion show.

Episode 97 - We'll Always Have Cyprus
Hercules and Morrigan reflect on their last romantic interlude before they both realize that duty requires them to part.

Episode 98 - The Academy
Hercules discovers that a bunch of thugs have taken over his old school, turning it into an assassin's training ground.

Episode 99 - Love on the Rocks
Iolaus falls for a mermaid, but her absence from the sea will make the oceans freeze over, destroying human life.

Episode 100 - A Greek Hero in King Arthur's Court
Merlin sends a wicked King Arthur back into the era of Hercules in the hope that the young ruler can learn how to reign from the son of Zeus.

Episode 101 - Fadeout
A curse from the eye of a cyclops causes Hercules to begin to fade away, much to the delight of Ares and Discord.

Episode 102 - My Best Girl's Wedding
Iolaus' mermaid lover returns, but a tyrant who destroyed Triton's trident is trying to force her hand in marriage. Meanwhile, Hercules runs into his former wife Serena, who is petitioning the sea-god to return her husband in this timeline.

Episode 103 - Revelations
The original Iolaus returns once again, and must help Hercules and unlikely ally Ares against an even greater threat.


Episode 104 - Be Deviled
A demon takes the form of Hercules' dead wife Serena to try to lure the hero into committing murder.

Episode 105 - Love, Amazon Style
Aprodite and Hephaistus break up, causing the Goddess of Love to cast some pretty terrible spells.

Episode 106 - Rebel With a Cause
After Creon takes the throne of Thebes from his disgraced Oedipus, Hercules helps Antigone become its rightful ruler.

Episode 107 - Darkness Visible
When they visit their old friend Prince Vlad, Hercules and Iolaus nearly wind up dead...or undead!

Episode 108 - Hercules, Tramps and Thieves
When Autolycus meets up with his cunning ex-wife in a town with a brand-new bank, it can only mean trouble.

Episode 109 - City of the Dead
Hercules and Iolaus try to help Queen Nefertiti stop a deadly supernatural menace.

Episode 110 - A Wicked Good Time
When he tries to help a friend, Hercules is accused of using witchcraft.

Episode 111 - Full Circle
Zeus frees Hera from the Pit of Tartarus...and the Titans along with her. Can Hercules save the world once more?

God-Fearing Child
When Xena gives birth to a baby destined to overthrow the Olympians, Hercules confronts his father and stepmother for the last time.

Hercules and Xena Wrap Their Seasons
An essay on the progress of Ancient Greece in 1998.

Hercules and Xena Go To Hell
An essay on the themes of damnation and salvation from late 1999.

Hercules Heads Into the Sunset
An essay on the conclusion of the series following its finale.

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