Flowers replace Cups in this Tarot -- the suit whose element is water and whose qualities focus on emotion and introspection. The positive aspects of Cups are empathy, compassion, peacefulness and deep love, while the suit's darker side includes brooding, hypersensitivity, moodiness and passivity.

Ace of Flowers      Eliza Doolittle from My Fair Lady
The beginning of love, joy and beauty is represented by the Ace of Cups, of which this card is the equivalent. Here Barbie as Eliza is peddling flowers in Covent Garden and dreaming of a loverly warm room; she is about to meet Henry Higgins and have her fortunes changed.

Two of Flowers      Blushing Orchid Bride from the Wedding Flower Collection
The name of this doll is very nearly an oxymoron, for the orchid represents luxury, beauty and aphrodisiac qualities; the bride may be blushing but she's very happy. The Two of Cups portrays a new and blessed romance, so it's appropriate to have Barbie as a bride here.

Three of Flowers      Flower Power Barbie, Teresa and Christie
In the Rider-Waite deck, three women dancing in a garden raise their glasses in a toast to one another. The card represents hospitality and fertility, and here we see Barbie and her friends sharing similar sentiments in their flowery clothes.

Four of Flowers      Calla Lily from Flowers in Fashion
A symbol of purity at weddings and funerals alike, the calla lily is also associated with death and resurrection. The Four of Cups is concerned with reevaluation and renewal, which can lead either to a fresh start or an unfortunate end.

Five of Flowers      Iris from Flowers in Fashion
The card of disappointment and sorrow bears Barbie as an iris, a flower associated so strongly with the hated French monarchy during the Terror that people were guillotined for bearing its image on jewelry or embroidery. The goddess Iris was a messenger who left rainbows in her wake, but she lived isolated and at the beck and call of other gods.

Six of Flowers      Sunflower from the Artists Series
A card representing unexpected gifts, happy memories and surprises from the past is here adorned by Sunflower, a Barbie dressed in Van Gogh's colorful imagery and bringing unexpected brightness to her surroundings.

Seven of Flowers      Flower Ballerina from The Nutcracker
The image on the Seven of Cups is of a man trying to choose among dreams and illusions, while the card meaning concerns willpower and determination. Here is Barbie as a fantasy ballerina, balanced perpetually on tiptoe as this delicate dancing flower.

Eight of Flowers      Pioneer Shopkeeper from the American Stories Collection
The Eight of Cups is concerned with striving for something higher, even if it means abandoning one's current path. This young woman has moved out to the frontier to create a new life for herself despite the hardships of the journey west.

Nine of Flowers      Radiant Rose from TRU Exclusives Society Style
One of the most positive images in the Tarot, the Nine of Cups represents security, well-being and fulfilled wishes, sometimes even overindulgence. This elegant, self-assured Barbie is dressed in the color of love, in velvet and satin, and smiling widely.

Ten of Flowers      Water Lily from the Artists Series
Barbie wears a dress based on a Monet painting of a calm pond on this card representing lasting happiness, peace and delight in family and nature, often adorned with flowers and a rainbow.

Princess of Flowers      Rose from A Garden of Flowers
This Rose wears buds on her shoulders and her gown looks almost bridal, suggesting greenness and innocence. The card indicates a person who is sensitive and emotional, or sometimes young at heart instead of in years.

Prince of Flowers      Prince Daniel from Swan Lake
The card of the romantic dreamer, this prince is in danger of deluding himself. In the Barbie version of the ballet, of course, the prince marries the right Barbie, they banish the evil sorcerer and they live happily ever after, but not all fairy tales end so well and the prince's story might serve as a warning about being easily led.

Queen of Flowers      Antique Rose Barbie from FAO Exclusives
A vision of beauty and imagination representing a good mother or gentle person. This Barbie appears to have old-fashioned values or tastes but she is also a bit showy.

King of Flowers      The Tango Set
A rather formal figure, sometimes symbolizing a lawyer or politician, this king also appreciates the arts and things that move the emotions as well as reason. Here he is dancing a traditional yet passionate dance with Barbie.

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