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Welcome to Michelle's home page. Here are some of my writings and links to my interests.

Some of my serious passions: Shakespeare, Pre-Raphaelite art, Amelia Earhart, libraries, Star Trek, Jewish renewal, utopian and science fiction by women, Wicca, popular folk music, American Modernist expatriates, Evita, academic studies of fandom, the First Amendment, Arthurian legend, Loreena McKennitt, Octavia Butler's novels, Tennyson, Milton, John Cassavetes movies, the Kabbalah, Walt Whitman, fan fiction, mountaineering, Sharon Olds' poetry, musical theater, Tarot, Janette Turner Hospital novels, raising sons as an at-home feminist mom, resisting censorship, and protecting people's sexual and reproductive freedoms.

Some of my guilty pleasures: Richard Bach, celebrity Barbie dolls, slash, Nestle Crunch, baseball movies, La Femme Nikita, Smartfood, Dawson's Creek, Goddesses In Everywoman, Torvill and Dean, Ayn Rand, mint chip, Andromeda, Thomas Kinkade, Woody Allen, tie-dye, Witchblade, cute cat pictures, Junior Mints, action figures, crystal balls, disco, politically incorrect sex jokes, glass beads, Andrew Lloyd Webber, fan clubs, flower fairies, Promethea, Barry Manilow, Princess Grace, Yankee Candles and jewelry with big glittery fake stones.

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