Anderson, My Thirty Years' War Anderson, The Fiery Fountains Anderson, The Strange Necessity

In the 1910s and '20s, The Little Review was the most influential literary magazine in the world. Here you will find information about and links to the works of some of the writers and texts The Little Review introduced to the world, most famously James Joyce's Ulysses, which the editor was tried for obscenity for publishing.

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Click here to read a history of Anderson's work with her partner Jane Heap and foreign editor Ezra Pound and an analysis of critical perspectives on The Little Review.

Click here for an annotated bibliography on The Little Review, Anderson, Heap, Sylvia Beach, Janet Flanner, Harriet Shaw Weaver, Gertrude Stein, and other fascinating Modernist women of letters.

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A Chicago middle school student, Laurel Huntley, found this web site while working on a film project for a class about Margaret Anderson and The Little Review. She wrote asking me some questions for her film, which went on to compete in the Illinois state student competition. I asked whether I could embed the documentary on this web site as an introduction to Margaret Anderson and she agreed, so here is Fighting Reality: Margaret Anderson and The Little Review.