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David Duchovny as Agent Fox Mulder
Gillian Anderson as Agent Dana Scully
Mitch Pileggi as Assistant Director Walter S. Skinner
William B. Smith as The Cigarette-Smoking Man
Jerry Hardin as Deep Throat
Steven Williams as X
Tom Braidwood as Melvin Frohicke
Dean Haglund as Richard Langly
Bruce Harwood as John Fitzgerald Byers
Nicholas Lea as Alex Krycek
Laurie Holden as Marita Covarrubias
John Neville as The Well-Manicured Man
Sheila Larken as Margaret Scully
Vanessa Morley as Samantha Mulder
Zachary Ansley as Billy Miles
Roy Thinnes as Jeremiah Smith
Brian Thompson as The Alien Bounty Hunter
Chris Owens as Jeffrey Spender
Mimi Rogers as Diana Fowley
Martin Landau as Dr. Alvin Kurtzweil
James Pickens, Jr. as Deputy Director Alvin Kersh
Robert Patrick as Agent John Doggett
Annabeth Gish as Agent Monica Reyes
Kirk B. Woller as Agent Gene Crane


Dana Scully, a medical doctor who works as an instructor at the FBI Academy, is assigned as partner with "Spooky" Mulder, an FBI agent who transferred from the Violent Crimes Section to work on his own obsession, the "X-Files." These are cases which defy conventional explanation; Section Chief Scott Blevins fears Mulder may be wasting FBI time and resources on wild goose chases, and wants Scully to keep an eye on him and assess his reliability.

Mulder and Scully go to Oregon, where members of the graduating class of 1991 are disappearing one by one. They have odd burns and small machines implanted in their sinuses. Mulder explains that his sister was abducted when he was a boy, prompting his lifelong desire to uncover the truth about UFOs.

They determine that Billy Miles, the sheriff's retarded son, is killing the kids, and follow him to the woods where he's picked up by a blinding light that may have been a UFO. Scully turns in the nasal implant to her bosses, Blevins and The Cigarette-Smoking Man. At the end of the episode, the Smoking Man puts the implant away in a room in the basement of the Pentagon -- on a shelf containing several other nasal implants. Clearly, nothing Mulder and Scully saw is news to him.

Deep Throat
A pilot at Ellens Air Force Base has lost his mind testing experimental aircraft based on captured UFO technology. Mulder braves the base security to get pictures of the aircraft, is captured, and has his memory erased by the Air Force.

This episode introduces Jerry Hardin as Deep Throat, a government operative who occasionally gives Mulder a glimpse into the hidden world he works in every day.

Eugene Tooms, a genetic mutant, is killing people to eat their livers. He needs to eat five livers in order to enter a hibernative state for 30 years; he has already done this several times, and may in fact be centuries old.

Tooms gains access to his victims by stretching his rubbery body, allowing him to enter through the smallest enclosure. Although he is arrested, the last scene shows a guard delivering food through a small slot, which causes Tooms to smile.

Joel Palmer, a little boy, is receiving messages from space. His sister was kidnapped, but Joel spells out a digital message forming a photograph of the missing girl.

Using Joel, Mulder and Scully attract the attention of the alien kidnappers, who return the girl in a condition suggesting she's been weightless for a prolonged period.

The Jersey Devil
A man-beast supposedly living in the New Jersey woods is blamed for bite marks on a homeless man's body. Mulder learns of a male creature found dead in the pine barrens; he theorizes that with its mate dead, the female of the pair has moved to the city to find food.

Three men have been killed by a mysterious electromagnetic force that crushed their throats. Mulder suspects psychokinesis, and determines that the young woman who worked for one of the murdered men is killing everyone who attacks her, as she tries to prove her boss was murdered, rather than committing suicide. But is she using psychokinetic power on purpose, or is something possessing her?

Ghost In The Machine
A computer program kills people who want to turn it off. The program controls the elevators, power and other functions at the building where it is installed, which it uses against Mulder, Scully and a computer expert brought in to disarm the computer.

A small party of scientists in the Arctic kill each other; Mulder and Scully, investigating, discover primordial worms that crawl inside the skull, producing irrational, aggressive behavior. The worms were brought up by core-sampling drills and are probably millions of years older than most terrestrial life.

NASA suspects sabotage of recent shuttle liftoffs and calls in Mulder and Scully. The mission control officer is assaulted by visions of the Face on Mars. The shuttle is damaged, but supervisor Col. Belt orders the astronauts to deliver their cargo anyway. Belt turns out to be possessed by a creature that wants to sabotage the space program -- something that got inside him when he was an astronaut, years ago.

Fallen Angel
An alien ship crashes in Wisconsin, but the military get there first and arrest him. Also held is Max Fenig, a UFO buff. Soldiers find the pilot of the alien ship, but are horribly burned by its camouflage field. Another UFO comes to retrieve the pilot, and kidnaps Fenig, too.

Two men are killed three thousand miles apart; each had an adopted eight-year-old girl, who turns up missing. It seems they are all clones, part of a government project, who have developed a mental link. The product of a previous experiment, Eve 7, is now a grown woman and is traveling the country, gathering up her young "sisters."

Cecil L'Ively, an Englishman, is going around igniting people with pyrokinesis. Phoebe Green, a Scotland Yard detective whom Mulder dated at Oxford, comes over to help the FBI nail Cecil.

Beyond the Sea
Scully's father, Captain William Scully, dies at the same moment Scully has a sudden nightmare of her father speaking to her. Luther Lee Boggs, a death row convict, claims to be channeling Capt. Scully's ghost and will tell Scully how to solve a current serial kidnapping if she gets his execution stayed. Of course, Boggs is working hand in glove with the kidnappers, but does he have psychic powers?

A modern mutant exemplifies the old legend of the incubus, a demon that can assume either male or female form. He turns out to be one of a whole community of shapechangers, the Kindred, who don't like the attention she's attracting.

Scully's old boyfriend, FBI agent Jack Willis, is shot in a bank robbery. The robber dies, but his spirit crosses over into Willis' body and begins transforming him into his old identity.

Young At Heart
A bank robber whom Mulder helped put in jail is back, even though he was pronounced dead in prison four years ago. The doctor who pronounced him dead was apparently researching reverse aging, which he may have done to the bank robber; the robber now had a regenerated hand that cannot die.

A UFO pilot captured in Iraq by the Gulf War coalition is stolen off a cross-country truck. Mulder consults a conspiracy club called the Lone Gunmen. Deep Throat lies to Mulder, sending him off the scent, but the Gunmen supply phony credentials that help Mulder and Scully track down the UFO alien. Deep Throat admits that all the nations of the world have signed a secret pact to immediately kill any aliens they capture.

Miracle Man
A man who has been able to heal with his touch since his childhood has started a ministry devoted to faith healing. Two people healed by his touch have then died mysteriously; poisoned by a man healed by the faith healer who wants to discredit him.

An Native American is killed by hunters who mistake him for an animal. One of the hunters is bitten, and begins changing into a werewolf.

Darkness Falls
Thirty loggers have vanished in the Northwest woods, victims of green glowing insects that cocoon them and preserve them for years. Trapped by well-meaning tree-spiking ecoterrorists, Mulder and Scully are surrounded by the bugs, but the cocooning doesn't kill them, implying that the other loggers may still be alive.

Eugene Tooms is released from a mental hospital over Mulder's strenuous objections. Tooms needs to eat a fifth fresh human liver to enter a hibernative state; Mulder knows he'll kill to get it. Tooms pretends to be beaten up by Mulder, so Mulder will be pulled off the case, but Mulder follows him anyway, to his nest under an escalator in a department store.

Born Again
A policeman is killed while helping a lost little girl find her parents. The girl says she sees a ghost, a man who was killed about the time she was conceived. Mulder suggests the man is reincarnated as the little girl, and is using psychokinetic ghost powers to kill the men who killed him in his previous life.

A cryonically frozen head takes over the body of its twin brother, using him to perform scientific research and murder his rivals. But who is in control: the head or the body?

The Erlenmeyer Flask
A super-strong man evades police and takes gunshots without flinching, bleeding green blood. Mulder discovers the existence of Project Purity Control, an effort to crossbreed humans and aliens. Scully and Deep Throat capture an alien fetus, but Mulder is captured, and they trade the fetus for Mulder. Deep Throat, who makes the exchange, is killed, telling Scully "trust no one."


Little Green Men
With the X-Files department shut down, Mulder has nothing better to do than meet Senator Matheson, who has quietly supported Mulder's research into the paranormal. An alien contact site in Puerto Rico is about to be cleaned up by Blue Beret retrieval forces, but Mulder still has 24 hours to get the truth.

The Host
A Soviet sailor, yanked off a ship in New Jersey, seems to have been infested with some kind of parasite. Mulder and Scully are assigned to the case, which appears to be a routine unnamed-body identification until another person in the area becomes host to a fluke, or flatworm, which lives in his body.

Mulder locates the Flukeman, a humanoid creature that apparently gestates in human hosts, getting larger each time until it emerges full-grown. Mulder drops a gate on the Flukeman, cutting it in half, but the Flukeman survives, although no one sees it escape.

A small down has been experiencing a rash of bizzare murders. Electronic devices are taunting the townspeople with frightening messages; they respond violently because of an experimental insecticide, designed to heighten the fear response in insects.

Mulder and Scully manage to subdue Ed Funsch, a deranged postal worker, before he kills everyone in town with a sniper rifle. Funsch says "they won't let me stop," but Mulder never finds out who "they", the originators of the digital messages, were.

Scully is off this week, so Mulder gets assigned Agent Alex Krycek to help him. Krycek is a big admirer of Mulder's work and seems too clean-cut to be true.

Dream images are coming to life, killing people near the sleep-disorder clinic run by Dr. Saul Grissom. All the veterans of a Marine special ops unit, except one, have died in this manner. The last survivor, Augustus Cole, is missing from a VA Hospital.

X, a new informant for Mulder, tells him of a secret project to create super-soldiers who don't need to sleep. Cole is the last survivor of a group that hasn't slept, or dreamt, in 25 years, and is sending murderous dreams to the creators of the project, whom he blames for his condition. At last, Mulder and Krycek corner Cole, and Krycek shoots him dead, saying he thought he saw a gun in Cole's hand.

Duane Barry
Duane Barry has been repeatedly abducted by aliens; now, believing they're coming for him again, he takes hostages at the mental hospital where he's confined. Barry was a former FBI agent who was shot in the brain and lost all moral sense. He's also delusional; Scully assumes he's not really an abductee and tries to warn Mulder, who has gone to negotiate an end to the hostage standoff.

Barry is captured, but an examination validates his abduction story. There are small metal objects in his body and tiny holes in his teeth. Scully idly passes one of the metal implants over a supermarket scanner; miles away, Barry suddenly jolts awake and escapes from prison. He crashes into Scully's house while she's on the phone with Mulder, and the line goes dead.

Duane Barry has kidnapped Scully and is headed to Skyland Mountain, in Virginia, the site of his first abduction. He takes out after Scully, and Krycek, on the orders of the Cigarette-Smoking Man, follows him.

When Mulder catches him, Barry has already "traded" Scully to the aliens. Krycek shows up and takes custody of Barry, who dies moments later of "cardiac arrest." Mulder reports this to Skinner, who decides to get back at the Cigarette-Smoking Man by reopening the X-Files unit.

With Scully still missing, Mulder investigates a series of murders in Los Angeles in which the victims were drained of blood. He catches John, one of the killers, who believes he will live forever if he drinks enough blood, like a vampire. When sunlight enters his prison cell, John is horribly burned to death.

Mulder follows clues to a vampire bar in L.A., where he meets Kristen, a woman who seems to know all about him. But when he refuses to taste her blood, she leaves with someone else. John returns from the dead and comes after Mulder and Kristen, who has renounced the blood cult and warned Mulder of their tendencies. Kristen tastes the blood of one of the vampires, since only a vampire can kill another vampire. Then she burns the vampires, and herself, with gasoline, killing them.

One Breath
Scully turns up in a Washington, D.C. hospital in critical condition. Mulder steals her hospital chart and shows it to the Lone Gunmen, who deduce that her DNA has been tampered with. Someone steals Scully's blood sample, and Mulder runs into X, who kills the thief.

The Cigarette-Smoking Man warns Skinner to keep Mulder on his leash. Mulder tries to resign from the FBI, but Skinner won't accept his resignation, saying Mulder is one of the very few who isn't afraid to look behind the curtain at the scary underside of reality. The FBI needs him, Skinner says. Scully eventually emerges from her coma.

Scientists studying a volcano in Washington State use a robot that can operate inside the molten volcanic core. Two of the scientists have been killed, and fear that their leader, Dr. Daniel Trepkos, has lost his mind and become a killer.

Trepkos' notes say he found a subterranean, silicon-based life form inside the volcano, with the aid of Firewalker. Trepkos is killing his partners because they've become infected with spores from this volcanic lifeform, spores that were brought back to the surface by Firewalker.

Red Museum
A kidnapped teenager in Wisconsin is found alive, but with the words "HE IS ONE" written on his back. Several teens have been missing in the area, later found insane with fear. The local sheriff suspects a group called the Church of the Red Museum, a local cult of vegetarians who believe in reincarnation.

The cult leader, Odin, is a medical doctor, and is suspected of poisoning the children. But actually Dr. Larsen, the town doctor, has been tampering with local children's biochemistry for years, injecting them with alien DNA similar to that used by Project Purity Control.

Excelsius Dei
A 74-year-old man is accused of rape by a nurse in the nursing home where he lives, but he is obviously incapable of the crime. His roommate, however, accuses him of trying to louse it up for everyone, and kills him with an invisible force.

Apparently, an orderly named Gung has been giving the patients mushrooms, which allow them to visit the spirit world and inflict harm on the living. Gung is deported, and deprived of the mushrooms, the patients relapse into a catatonic state.

A serial killer who was caught in 1942 has apparently started in again, carving the words "SISTER" or "BROTHER" on his victims. But he's in a nursing home and can't leave his bed without an oxygen tank. Mulder suspects one of the killer's descendants is carrying on his crimes, and it turns out to be the woman who first found the hidden victims' bodies, somehow possessed by the same evil spirit that compelled the first killing spree 50 years ago.

Mortuary worker Donnie Pfaster is caught taking hair and nails from corpses. Mulder believes he will eventually kill someone, which he does; then he kidnaps Scully, with the intention of adding her to his collection.

Die Hand Die Verletzt
A PTA in New Hampshire has taken to worshiping the Devil, with scary results throughout the town. A new teacher, Mrs. Paddock, is behind events, driving several people insane and keeping a huge snake in her room. The townspeople decide the Devil has become angry with them and that they must destroy the FBI agents to win favor in the Devil's eyes. Ironically, Mrs. Paddock uses mind control to save Mulder and Scully from the townspeople, then vanishes.

Fresh Bones
American soldiers in charge of processing Haitian boat people are starting to commit suicide, seeing bizarre voodoo apparitions. They later return as zombies. Colonel Wharton, their commanding officer, turns out to be holding the Haitians in this country so he can learn their voodoo rites for his own purposes, covering up his abuses of the refugees' rights.

A Russian pilot rescued from Arctic waters starts killing abortion doctors all over the US. These doctors all look exactly the same, with no records of their birth anywhere; they are clones, created by the Russians years ago, named Gregor. The Gregors are being murdered by the pilot, who can shift his shape and bleeds green blood when shot, like the human-alien hybrid in season one's ender, "The Erlenmeyer Flask."

Mulder meets his missing sister, Samantha; she says the Gregors have been raising her since she was abducted, 22 years ago. Their killer is an alien bounty hunter. Meanwhile, the alien hunter impersonates Mulder and gets into Scully's room. Mulder calls on the phone right about then, which makes Scully realize she's not with Mulder, but someone else...

End Game
The alien bounty hunter captures Scully and hopes to trade her for Samantha, whom he wants to either kill or recapture. The aliens are colonizing the Earth by crossing their genes with human DNA, according to Samantha. She agrees to be traded, with Skinner and an FBI sniper standing by, but the bounty hunter grabs her and escapes with his superhuman physique.

Mulder meets several Samantha clones: since the aliens can hybridize our species, it makes sense that they can do cloning as well. X tells Mulder that when the alien bounty hunter is done, he'll try to return to his spaceship, but the government knows where it is and is trying to destroy it before he can escape. Mulder hurries to the site of the spaceship, in the Arctic, and is beaten up by the bounty hunter. The hunter gets away, but Scully, tipped off by X after Skinner beat it out of him, hurries there and saves Mulder's life.

Fearful Symmetry
Animals have escaped from a zoo in Idaho, amid odd phenomena. Scully suspects the Wild Again Organization of setting the animals free, but Mulder thinks UFOs are involved, especially after the elephant, found 43 miles from the zoo, turns out to be pregnant.

Sophie, a chimp who speaks American Sign Language, tells Mulder she fears "Baby go flying light," which Mulder interprets to mean aliens are impregnating zoo animals and then harvesting the embryos. A light kidnaps Sophie, who is killed miles away on the highway by a car.

Dod Kalm
A mysterious force aboard a US Navy destroyer causes accelerated aging. Mulder suspects involvement with the Philadelphia Experiment, in which a Navy ship supposedly travelled in time. As they age at an extreme rate, Mulder and Scully try to find an antidote while Henry Trondheim, the merchant captain who brought them to the destroyer, turns on them and tries to keep all the fresh water for himself.

A circus sideshow freak is killed under water, and Mulder and Scully have a whole town full of bizarre suspects to choose from. It turns out that a man with a congential twin has been drinking heavily, and Leonard, the twin, has been detaching himself to find a healthier host. Unfortunately, this requires burrowing into the prospective brother, which kills them, but Leonard's not too bright, and keeps trying.

The Calusari
A two-year-old is killed in Arlington, Virginia, and Mulder, looking at computer-enhanced photos, suspects poltergeist activity. The victim's grandmother-in-law, who loves the victim's eight-year-old half-brother and disliked the victim, is from Romania and accuses the victim of being a "devil child."

A group of Romanian holy men, the Calusari, explain to Mulder that the boy, the grandmother, and the house are infected with an evil presence that may be related to the Nazi era. The Calusari perform an exorcism, and the eight-year-old boy, Michael, vanishes into a cloud of ashes.

F. Emasculata
Ten federal prisoners have died of an unknown disease in Cumberland Prison, Virginia. Two prisoners, fearing the disease, escape from prison, infecting some of the surrounding civilians.

The Cigarette Smoking Man tries to keep the disease outbreak secret, but Mulder tracks down the last surviving escaped convict, who takes a hostage on a bus. Mulder talks him down, but then the convict is shot and quarantine troops rush in to remove the body. Skinner says this incident, a test of an exotic disease on a captive population, is only the beginning.

Soft Light
Dr. Chester Banton's shadow becomes lethal, vaporizing people who touch it. He was doing an experiment into dark matter, and tries to avoid people, because he knows his shadow can kill.

Mulder uses soft light, which casts no shadows, to capture Banton. Banton worries that the government will kill him, which would let the shadow entity completely loose with nothing to restrain it. X tries to take Benton away, but emergency lights come on, creating a shadow which kills X's minions. Banton apparently vanishes, but later we discover he's been captured by X.

Our Town
A small Arkansas town's chicken processing plant conceals a dreadful secret: the townspeople are cannibals. They have, in fact, been eating strangers, hoping, as primitive people did, to absorb that person's life force through their flesh and live forever.

The town's birth notices have been destroyed, but one of the people who was eaten had a rare fatal disease which is spreading throughout the people who ate his flesh. The founder of the chicken company spent some time with the cannibals of New Guinea during World War II; it is noted that the founder's remains were never found.

A hacker breaks into the Defense Department computers and uncovers the MJ documents, which are a record of the US government's involvement with UFOs dating to the 1940s. Mulder gets a copy of the documents, encoded in the Navajo language, but he starts behaving strangely, eventually punching Skinner and storming out.

Bill Mulder, Fox's father, asks the Cigarette-Smoking Man to protect Fox. The Smoking Man rejoins that he's been protecting him this far, so he can keep on doing it. Alex Krycek, the turncoat agent, then kills Bill Mulder. Mulder locates Krycek and is about to kill him when Scully shoots him instead, taking him Mulder to New Mexico, where they meet a Navajo "code talker" from World War II named Albert Hosteen. Hosteen believes the Anasazi, a tribe that vanished 600 years before, was abducted by aliens. Mulder finds a railroad car full of alien bodies. The Smoking Man arrives, and sets fire to the car, which explodes with Mulder inside.


The Blessing Way
Mulder is missing from the last season cliffhanger, in possession of a copy of the MJ Files that explain the government's involvement with UFOs. The copy is in Navajo, so he's sought the aid of Albert Hosteen, a former "code talker" from World War II. Unfortunately, Mulder has disappeared.

Mulder turns out not to be dead, as it appeared at the end of the cliffhanger. Instead, he is rescued by Navajo and has spirit visions of Deep Throat, and his own father, telling him to continue his work. Scully, meanwhile, discovers she has a small metallic implant in her neck, which is removed.

The Well-Manicured Man, who is the Cancer Man's boss, warns Scully she may be in danger. Krycek shoots Scully's sister Melissa, mistaking her for Scully. And Scully shows up at Mulder's apartment to meet Skinner, but they wind up holding each other at gunpoint...

Paper Clip
Mulder walks in on Scully and Skinner pointing guns at each other. Mulder disarms Skinner, who says he has the digital tape of the MJ documents, but won't give it to Mulder, because it's the only way to bring the perpetrators of the alien massacre to justice.

Melissa Scully is in a coma in the hospital. Meanwhile, Mulder finds a picture of his father standing with escaped Nazi scientist Victor Klemper, who was allowed to work in the US on the top-secret Project Paper Clip. Klemper directs Mulder and Scully to a mine in West Virginia filled with medical files. Nazi scientists were used to analyze the bodies from Roswell, trying to create an alien/human hybrid. Among the files is one for Scully and another for Samantha Mulder, with her name pasted over Fox Mulder's.

Skinner tries to trade the tape for Mulder and Scully's lives, but Krycek intercepts him and takes the tape, blowing up Skinner's car, although Skinner survives. Now that the tape is destroyed, Cigarette-Smoking Man refuses to make any deal with Skinner. But Skinner informs him that Albert Hosteen listened to and memorized the whole tape (which was, after all, in the Navajo language) and has taught it, using his tribe's oral traditions, to twenty other Navajo storytellers. So unless Cigarette-Smoking Man is willing to kill every Navajo in four states, that information is still out there, and Skinner, Mulder and Scully had better remain healthy.

Mulder asks his mother if she chose which of her children would be taken by the experimenters. She says no, it was Bill Mulder, Fox's father, who made that choice, which is why she divorced him. Melissa Scully dies in the hospital, and Scully vows to find out who was responsible, rekindling her dedication to the X-Files.

Darin Oswald, a teenager in Oklahoma, uses his power to attract and control lightning to kill people who annoy him. Since he's a teenage boy, that's a lot of people. Mulder and Scully figure out who he is and track him down, but he turns on them and almost kills them. They do manage to arrest him, though his powers remain.

Clyde Bruckman's Final Repose
Someone is killing psychics and fortunetellers; Mulder and Scully meet the Stupendous Yappi, a "psychic reader" who declares Mulder is blocking his powers. Although Yappi is clearly a fake, Mulder runs into Clyde Bruckman, an insurance salesman who can see how people are going to die, and unlike Yappi, his power seems to work.

The killer is killing fortune tellers because they can't tell him why he's driven to kill. He tries to kill Bruckman, but fails, although Bruckman dies anyway from an overdose of sleeping pills, but only after leading Scully to shoot the killer.

The List
Neech Manley was put to death, but swore he'd return. He had a list of five men he was going to kill; several are killed by flies who lay eggs in their lungs, filling their chests and heads with maggots.

A prison guard who is now romancing Manley's widow is a suspect, and did in fact cut off the heads of some of the victims. Mulder and Scully arrest him, but unseen by them, the fifth man on the list (the warden) is driving his car when he sees Manley behind him. A single fly distracts the warden, causing him to crash and die.

A man with the online handle of "2Shy" is meeting women on the "Big and Beautiful" section of an Internet personal-chat area, then arranging a meeting and killing them. In fact, the bodies of the women decompose almost totally to liquid. The killer has a biological deficiency: he has no fat cells and has to steal the fatty tissues of others, which, of course, kills them.

The Walk
Murders and suicide attempts at a veteran's hospital lead Mulder to suspect a quadriplegic, Sgt. Rappo, of astrally projecting to injure people he blames for his condition. Another soldier in the hospital is implicated with bringing objects from the victims to Rappo, establishing some sort of psychic link. When Rappo is killed by one of the soldiers, the astral presence vanishes.

A kidnapper has struck again, but Lucy, the girl he kidnapped years before can feel what Amy, the current kidnap victim feels. Mulder discovers Lucy's link to the kidnapper and tries to use it to find the kidnapper. At first, she resists, but Mulder persuades her to cooperate and they locate the kidnapper. However, Amy is drowned in a river; Mulder tries CPR, and Amy revives, but Lucy dies at the same moment, giving her life for Amy's.

Videotape of an alien autopsy leads Mulder and Scully to a Pennsylvania man who is killed before they arrive. The suspect is a Japanese diplomat, and Skinner makes Mulder release him. Shortly thereafter, the diplomat is also murdered.

Scully is contacted by a group of abductees, all of whom have had an alien implant in their necks, as Scully did. Some of the women have developed cancer, which they blame on the alien implants.

Mulder discovers the Japanese who were murdered were part of a medical team in World War II called Unit 731. They performed Nazi-style experiments on prisoners. Despite X and Scully's warnings, Mulder leaps onto a boxcar which may contain evidence of 731's attempt to create an alien-human hybrid...

Part Two of "Nisei." X tells Scully the implant in her neck contains the answers to many of her questions. The computer chip replicates the brain's basic functions; Scully concludes it was transmitting her thoughts to someone, or something, else.

Mulder tries to find Dr. Zama, the last Japanese scientist, on the train, but his compartment is empty except for journals and logs -- all in Japanese, of course. Dr. Zama is killed by a mysterious red-haired man. Mulder fights the red-haired man and survives, capturing him. He sees what he believes is an alien-human hybrid aboard.

Scully meets a member of the shadowy group that the Cigarette-Smoking Man works for. He explains that the beings on the train are not aliens, but lepers, surgically altered by Unit 731. Mulder isn't sure that's the truth, but there's a bomb on the train, so he can't take chances. X rescues Mulder from the train right before the bomb explodes.

A boy in Loveland, Ohio, develops stigmata, wounds that resemble those of Christ on the cross. In legend, saints and people touched by the divine often exhibit stigmata. Unfortunately, a killer is going around knocking off stigmatics; while most stigmatics are fakes, trying to impress religious people, the boy in Ohio appears genuine.

Scully considers the possibility that she has been chosen to protect Kevin, the real stigmatic. The killer, Gates, has been killing stigmatics because he's looking for the real one; as soon as he kills the real stigmatic, the "New Age" will come.

Gates is serious enough to try to jump into a huge shredding machine with Kevin under his arm, but Scully grabs Kevin and Gates is shredded. Afterward, Scully goes to confession for the first time in years.

War of the Coprophages
Cockroaches are spreading death in Miller's Grove, Massachussetts. An exterminator and several scientists have been found dead, with roaches crawling all over them. Mulder catches a roach and cuts his fingers on its unusually hard skin, which suggests the roaches could kill people if they attacked in large numbers.

The town goes berserk, using fire, guns and insecticide to kill off the roaches, which may well have been genetically engineered, or else mechanical devices shaped like insects.

The planets align, and in the small town of Comity, high school boys start dying. The locals blame a satanic cult, but two girls, Margi and Terri, are behind the killings, which they can direct supernaturally when they work together. When they disagree over whether to kill Scott, a basketball player they both admire, their powers are turned on each other, destroying the room they are in and, incidentally, killing Scott. They also wreck a police station when they turn on each other again, but once the syzygy (the planetary alignment) ends, so do their powers.

A Russian immigrant named Mostow is suspected of at least seven murders claims he was possessed by an evil spirit. Another similar murder occurs while Mostow is in prison; the evil spirit has crossed over into one of the FBI men that Mostow bit while he was resisting arrest.

Piper Maru
A French ship brings something back from the bottom of the sea, which invades the bodies of the crew. The black oily stuff fills up the victims' eyes, but it also protects them from radiation burns; the only crewman to survive the intense radiation is the one who lets the black oil take him over.

Alex Krycek, the double agent from earlier in the season, shows up to kill anyone who knows about the black oil. This includes Skinner, who is shot nearly to death in Washington, D.C. after he reopens the Melissa Scully murder case.

Mulder captures Krycek, but unfortunately, the French crewman's wife gets to him first. Krycek is infected with the black oil...

Part 2 of "Piper Maru." Mulder theorizes that the black oil is a medium for an alien creature that jumps from body to body. Now it's in Alex Krycek, who has developed the ability to fry people with intense radiation. The Well-Manicured Man tells Mulder that the object recovered by the Piper Maru was a "Foo Fighter," a UFO shot down during World War II.

Meanwhile, the man who shot Skinner tries to get Scully, but she captures him instead. He says Krycek is headed for an abandoned missile silo in North Dakota, which is where the Cigarette-Smoking Man has hidden the Foo Fighter. The alien within Krycek is trying to get back to his ship and escape; he coughs up the oil, and it drains into a grid in the UFO's hull. To keep the alien penned up, the Cigarette-Smoking Man seals up the missile silo, with Krycek trapped inside, forever.

A man with the power to compel others to his will is arrested, but causes a car crash and escapes. The word "RONIN" painted on a police car leads Mulder to an ad in a mercenary magazine for a man named "Osu", the Japanese verb "to push." Pusher taunts Mulder and Scully, making an FBI man burn himself with gasoline, but they capture him when his stunt leaves him worn out for the moment.

The judge lets Pusher go for no perceptible reason; Mulder thinks he might have been influenced by Pusher's mind control. Caught in FBI headquarters by Skinner, Pusher makes a woman mace Skinner and beat him up while Pusher escapes. To catch him, Mulder goes in alone, unarmed, so Pusher can't have other agents shoot each other. Pusher plays Russian roulette with Mulder, but Scully trips an alarm, which startles Mulder out of his trance long enough to shoot Pusher.

Teso Dos Bichos
Ecuadoran Indians object to the removal of an urn containing a shaman's ashes from an archaeological site in the Andes. A jaguar then attacks one of the archaeologists, and the others start dying one by one; Dr. Bilac, an Ecuadoran scientist, is killing them with a hallucinogen called Yaje which controls wild animals; jaguars in South America, rats in urban America.

Hell Money
Paper used to pay off ghosts during the Chinatown Festival of the Hungry Ghosts,also called "hell money", is found beside a crematorium where murders have been committed. Apparently the bodies were burned to cover up the fact that their organs have been removed; many Chinese are playing a gambling game where they bet their internal organs in order to win cash. The organs are sold to feed the pot for the next game.

Jose Chung's "From Outer Space"
The alleged alien abduction of two Washington State teenagers is recalled differently by everyone involved, including author Jose Chung, who is writing a book on alien abductions. In the eyes of Dungeons and Dragons fan Blaine Faulkner, Mulder and Scully are rude, menacing government thugs trying to cover up the alien visit; in other accounts, Jesse "the Body" Ventura and game-show host Alex Trebek are recalled as stern, fatherly "Men in Black" assigned to clean up after a UFO incident.

Skinner, who is finalizing his divorce, picks up a woman in a bar. When he wakes, she is dead, murdered. The woman was apparently a prostitute; unknown to anyone else, Skinner saw her as first an old woman, then his ex-wife, Sharon.

Skinner's secrecy was the reason for the divorce, according to Sharon. She tries to help him, but he refuses, and then Sharon is hurt in a car accident. The murder and the accident happened while Skinner was asleep, dreaming of an old woman who suffocates him; Mulder suggests Skinner may be haunted by a succubus, a dream spirit jealous of other women in Skinner's life, who preys on them while he's sleeping.

Something is killing people in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Georgia, dragging them into the lake. Locals blame Big Blue, a sort of Loch Ness monster legend. But despite local huckster's fake evidence, something real is eating people -- and Scully's dog -- until Mulder shoots and kills an alligator.

A man keeps killing the same person; he kills him and then the dead man appears again, so he has to kill him again. In reality, he's killing anyone who crosses his path, thinking it's the same man.

A second, similar murder spree in the same Maryland town brings Mulder and Scully there, and inflicts the odd electronically-stimulated paranoia on Scully, who thinks she sees Mulder handing evidence to the Cigarette-Smoking Man. Mulder, who is color-blind between red and green, is immune to the device, which works by modulating color on television broadcasts.

Mulder catches up to the paranoid Scully and talks her down; he almost catches the cable TV repairman who was altering the TV signals, but X finds him first and kills him. X meets the Cigarette-Smoking Man and tells him the job is done, with all the loose ends tied up. This is the first time we've seen that X works for the Cigarette-Smoking Man.

Talitha Cumi
A man shoots up a restaurant, but one of the customers, Jeremiah Smith, heals the wounded by touching them. Meanwhile, Cigarette-Smoking Man goes to Mulder's mother, demanding she remember something. Mrs. Mulder turns up later in the hospital, having had a severe stroke. X warns Mulder about her condition, saying he called the ambulance after she met Cigarette-Smoking Man.

Mulder's mother, impaired by the stroke, writes the word "PALM." Mulder tries the anagram LAMP and finds, inside a lamp at his mother's house, an alien stiletto-like weapon. The Alien Bounty Hunter comes to kill Jeremiah Smith with a similar stiletto weapon. Smith escapes.

X demands the alien weapon from Mulder, saying it's the only thing that can kill them, but Mulder doesn't have it on him. Scully discovers that the Social Security Administration employs several Jeremiah Smiths, all of whom look identical. One of them comes to Scully's apartment for protection. Mulder reaches Scully and Smith just as the Alien Bounty Hunter arrives, drawing his own stiletto. Mulder faces him with his own alien weapon...


Mulder follows Jeremiah Smith to a bee farm in Canada, tended by clones of his sister Samantha and boy clones as well. Scully discovers that the Smallpox Eradication Program of the 1940s and 50s also coded each recipient of smallpox vaccine with a biological "bar code" that the Jeremiah Smith clones were keeping track of.

The Cigarette-Smoking Man compels the Alien Bounty Hunter to heal Mulder's mother as she lies comatose in the hospital.

A man is killing women who show signs of stress, trying to use lobotomies to relieve them of their unrest, or "unruhe" in German. Scully, who speaks German, is captured by the loony, while Mulder uses logic to locate her before it's too late.

A strange, deformed baby found buried on a ball field leads Mulder and Scully to a severely inbred family that have lived in one place for over a century. But now that they've been disturbed, the family starts fighting to protect its home, with fatal results.

A passenger on a flight from Africa is found dead on the airplane, the pigment drained from his skin. The being responsible is a Teliko, a man from African mythology whose skin loses its color unless he drains the color from others.

The Field Where I Died
A hostage situation triggers buried memories in Mulder; memories of a time before his birth, in fact. Under hypnosis, he regresses to a past life that may hold clues to resolving the hostage standoff, and reaches out to a woman who was once his wife.

Plastic surgery leads to a series of grisly deaths as liposuction becomes hemosuction. Why are the surgeons making lethal errors? Are they being controlled by the witchy head nurse, or is something even worse responsible?

Musings of a Cigarette-Smoking Man
Frohike of the Lone Gunmen has learned the identity of the Cigarette-Smoking Man, and tells Mulder all about him. He was a Green Beret who was tapped to kill JFK, then later to shoot Martin Luther King, Jr. Over the course of his career, he acquires tremendous power in the secret government, until he becomes the point man in the secret war against the aliens.

Paper Hearts
A killer Mulder captured 20 years ago killed more little girls than he admitted to; the dates are about right for him to have been involved in the disappearance of Mulder's sister, and Mulder has a dream to that effect. Perhaps there were no aliens involved, just a deranged predator...

The killer, Roche, toys with Mulder's emotions, doling out bits and pieces of the story in exchange for access to his grisly trophies of his crimes. Mulder tricks Roche into betraying the fact that his detailed knowledge of Samantha's abduction come not from being involved, but from a telepathic link with Mulder, the man who profiled him.

Krycek turns up in North Dakota, telling Mulder he wants to bring the Cancer Man down. He leads Mulder and Scully to a courier bringing a Mars rock from Russia. Its intended destination is Dr. Carns-Semme, a virologist living in Charlottesville who happens to be the personal physician of the Well-Manicured Man.

Inside the rock, which is believed to come from Mars, is a black oil that organizes itself into worms when exposed to air and seeks human flesh to burrow into. When it enters a human being, the host's eyes cloud over with a black film.

The Russians have apparently found a more systematic use for the alien oil; they expose prisoners to it, giving them remarkable stamina to do lots of physical labor before they die. Being Russians, they use this alien technology to run a slave labor camp in Siberia, near the site where the Tunguska explosion took place in 1908.

Mulder and Krycek are captured by the Russians and put in the camp; both are exposed to the oil, but they escape and are caught by the locals. Mulder has a smallpox vaccination scar, so he's all right, but Krycek doesn't, so to protect him from being caught, the villagers cut his arm off. Mulder returns to the US with the truth, which he tells the Senate.

El Mundo Gira
Mulder and Scully are on the trail of a Mexican legend, the Chupacabra, or "Goat-Sucker", which attacks people amid a torrent of yellow steaming rain. But the victims were involved in a love triangle between two brothers, so one or the other may have murdered them under the cover of the Chupacabra legend.

The murders of several skinheads who killed a Jewish man are blamed on the dead man's spirit, risen from the grave. Actually, the skinheads are being stalked by the Golem, a clay monster from Jewish folklore.

Never Again
Scully gets drunk and gets a tattoo from a parlor which gave another man a tattoo that taunts him into killing women. Now the man is after Scully, who has to solve the problem without Mulder, who is busy touring Graceland.

Leonard Betts
A paramedic named Leonard Betts is killing people in order to eat their tumors, which he needs in order to survive. Actually, his body is even weirder than that; not only can he sense tumors in others, but he can regenerate wounds completely and regrow missing body parts. In fact, when he gets a lot of food, he even twins off a copy of himself.

Mulder and Scully catch him eventually, but he tries to get Scully, saying she has "something he needs." Scully kills him with a heart-shock apparatus. Later, in her apartment, she starts bleeding, and remembers his words.

Memento Mori
Scully is diagnosed with cancer; the tumor is on the surface of her brain, so it can't be surgically removed. Scully contacts the group of alien abductees she met earlier, who also developed cancer when alien implants were removed from the back of their necks. However, one of them, Betsy Hagopian, has just died; in fact, all of them have died of cancer except Penny Northern, who is in the hospital.

Penny's doctor, Dr. Scanlon, may have developed a treatment for alien-implant-removal cancer , and begins treating Scully as well. Mulder and UFO enthusiast Crawford sneak into a fertility clinic in Pennsylvania, where all the cancer victims were treated at one time or another. They find Scully's name on a list of files.

Mulder finds out Crawford is an alien clone and warns Byers, of the Lone Gunmen, to stop Scully's treatment immediately, as Dr. Scanlon is in on the clone scheme. But as it turns out, the clones are trying to save the alien abductees, who are their mothers. The treatment Scanlon was applying is stopped in time to save Scully, but Penny, who was under his care for longer, dies. Scully vows to fight the disease and continue her X-Files work, for as long as she has left.

Army generals are being murdered by a Vietnam vet who can disappear at will. He blames them for the bizarre experiences his Green Beret team had during the war; Mulder learns that the man cannot actually appear and disappear, but can affect human minds, making people ignore his presence. If they take their eyes off him for a single second, or blink, he'll be gone.

Tempus Fugit
An airliner is downed by a UFO, with the survivor showing severe radiation burns. Max Fenig, a former alien abductee, was aboard the plane; Mulder thinks he was being re-abducted, but Fenig's body turns up in the wreckage.

Mulder believes the airliner narrowly avoided collision with a UFO, which also crashed. He dives into a nearby lake, where the UFO went down, and finds a gray alien body in the wreckage underwater.

Part two of "Tempus Fugit." Mulder is captured by the military while in the lake. Scully, who has narrowly survived a shootout with a rogue federal marshal, goes to Fenig's home, where they find evidence that Fenig appropriated alien technology for his own purposes. Mulder believes the aliens snatched Max out of the airplane in order to suppress his physical evidence of alien visitation, but the Air Force shot down the UFO before it could capture Fenig.

Garrett, the rogue marshal, steals Fenig's alien gadget and escapes, but he vanishes off the airliner he took to Washington. The implication is that the aliens who tried to get Fenig got Garrett instead, along with the evidence.

A man is killed seconds after being warned of the exact manner in which he would die. The warning came from the future, where a researcher had learned to travel a few minutes back into the past. Time travel turns out to be a side effect of cryonics, the study of freezing people safely; the freezing compound is also a time-travel drug.

Small Potatoes
Eddie van Blunht can alter his features to look like anybody. When Mulder and Scully close in, he impersonates Mulder and goes to Mulder's house, trying to take his place in the FBI. He's not very successful, but is suave enough to romance Scully, and almost gets to kiss her when the real Mulder bursts in.

Zero Sum
The Cigarette-Smoking Man has perfected a way to use killer bees as carriers of a lethal smallpox strain. But some of the bees escape during shipping, killing a postal worker and alerting Mulder and Scully to the Cancer Man's scheme.

Harold, a mentally retarded bowling alley employee, can see the spirits of women who are about to die. These ghosts continue to call out to him even after they die. Scully suspects Harold committed the murders himself, until Scully herself sees a ghost.

But it wasn't Harold who was responsible; it was his psychiatric nurse who committed the murders. She was slowly poisoning Harold; the reason he could see ghosts is that he, himself, was about to die.

Hypnotic regression sends Mulder temporarily over the edge of insanity; he wakes covered in blood, thinking he may have killed someone. But actually, the memories of an argument at his family's beach house, between his parents and the Cigarette-Smoking Man, are fighting to get to the surface.

An alien body is found entombed in a block of ice, but Mulder and Scully are told it's a fake. Scully reports back to the government that she now believes Mulder has been duped all these years into pursuing government conspiracies and fake extraterrestrials.

Mulder, apparently despondent, goes home. Scully later tells a government commission that she found Mulder dead of a self-inflicted gunshot wound. Is Mulder dead?


After shooting a would-be assassin at close range, Mulder asks Scully to to protect him while he uncovers a vast government bank of DNA samples and a Defense Department conspiracy to develop biological weapons. As he finds what might be a treatment for her cancer, Scully experiments and realizes that the material from the potentially alien ice core sample is found in her own mutated DNA.

Redux II
As Scully lies dying of cancer and Mulder is in danger of arrest for both murder and perjury, Cigarette-Smoking Man tells Mulder that implanting the microchip he took from the government facility is the only way to save her. Then he asks Mulder to come work for him, introducing him to Samantha - whom he raised as his own daughter. As Mulder implicates the section chief in Scully's illness, an assassin shoots Cigarette-Smoking Man.

Unusual Suspects
The history of the Lone Gunmen, who formed an alliance during a computer trade show in Baltimore in 1989 - where they met a young Fox Mulder and a mysterious woman wanted for murder who told them that the government had JFK assassinated and is planning to test biological weapons on humans.

On the way to a communications seminar in Florida with two other agents, Mulder and Scully stumble upon local police stymied by a number of violent attacks in nearby woods, which appear to have been perpetrated by something supernatural.

The Post-Modern Prometheus
Rumors of a man with a distorted face and two mouths who has been seducing women in a small town in the heartland lead Mulder and Scully in pursuit of the legendary "Great Mutato," while local Dr. Polidori tries to impede their investigation.

Christmas Carol
During a visit home, Scully receives a mysterious phone call from her dead sister Melissa, directing her to a little girl whose mother has died under mysterious circumstances. The child Emily, who suffers from a rare form of anemia, bears such an uncanny resemblance to Melissa that Scully has the girl's DNA tested and learns that she herself is Emily's mother.

Scully's biological daughter slowly dies of her rare ailment, which was caused by the doctors who created her in league with alien conspirators.

Pusher, a criminal who can impose his own will on others, pursues Mulder following his escape from prison, but the widow of a policeman killed by Modell appears to be causing even more damage than the murderer.

The adults connected with troubled teenagers die grotesquely amidst the mud and trees of a nearby orchard; Scully suspects vengeful abuse victims, Mulder suspects an unnatural connection between the local psychiatrist and the deaths.

In the town where Scully is trying to vacation, a little girl's doll causes murder and mayhem while the girl's mother, a clairvoyant, sees the deaths in advance but cannot stop them.

Kill Switch
An artificial intelligence which appears to have killed its creators begins targeting the brilliant ex-lover of one of the developers. She tries to help Mulder and Scully find the sequence to terminate the program, but Mulder gets trapped in a virtual-reality scenario by the malevolent AI.

Bad Blood
Mulder and Scully travel to a small rural town following a report of vampiric activity among cows and humans. Though they give hysterically opposing versions of the events which ensue, they are both surprised to find vampires living in trailer parks and delivering pizza.

Patient X
While Krycek tortures a Russian boy who witnessed an alien massacre and has been infected with the black oil cancer, Mulder and Scully meet Cassandra Spender, a woman who claims to have been abducted many times by benevolent aliens. While faceless aliens summon groups of people to a resort and slaughter them, leading the cabal to wonder what the aliens are up to, Covarrubias wrests the boy away from Krycek and Scully takes Cassandra to a bridge where other abductees have gathered.

The Red and the Black
Scully is hypnotized and remembers the details of the mass murder on the bridge, which Mulder finds implausible, but Skinner insists that extraterrestrials are more believable than a government conspiracy comitting those actions. Skeptic Jeffrey Spender gets a letter from his father - Cigarette-Smoking Man - but returns it to the sender.

Events from the 1950s and the early 1990s converge as a young Fox Mulder interviews a man named Arthur Dales - who knew his father - about Dales' and Bill Mulder's involvement in anti-communist investigations and the creation of the X-Files.

Mind's Eye
A self-sufficient blind woman claims to be guilty of murders that Mulder doesn't believe she could possibly have committed; he believes instead that she can "see" through the killer's eyes.

All Souls
As young girls are discovered murdered, their eyes burned out and their hands curved in supplication, Scully has visions of Emily and seeks solace from the Church.

The Pine Bluff Variant
In the middle of a joint FBI-CIA sting, Mulder suspects that germ warfare agents are being tested on dollar bills.

Folie a Deux
A telemarketer is convinced that his boss is a monster who can turn people into zombies. When Mulder goes to check out this crackpot story, he finds that he can see the boss changing shape and creating zombies as well. He's confined for psychiatric observation, and while he's tied to the bed, the monster comes in the window to kill him. Scully, visiting Mulder, sees the night nurse has become a zombie and saves Mulder, chasing the monster away with gunfire.

Thereafter, Scully tells Skinner it was a case of folie a deux: a delusion shared by two people. The two people she tells him about are undoubtedly the gunman and Mulder, but she really means that she and Mulder have seen the monster.

The End
The attempted shooting of young chess champion Gibson Praise sets off a string of events which end in the boy's abduction, an assassination attempt on Mulder's former partner's life, and the destruction of the office of the X-Files.

Fight the Future
Reassigned to an anti-terrorism unit, Mulder and Scully encounter a conspiracy to hide proof of human contact with extraterrestrials. Though a doctor who once knew Mulder's father tries to warn them of government involvement, they nearly become victims of Cigarette-Smoking Man and his cabal, who will make any sacrifices necessary to protect their own deal with the aliens who are poised to take over the world.


The Beginning
Mulder and Scully find evidence that the aliens who infected her in Antarctica have infected others - including Gibson Praise, whom they find and must protect from both the conspirators and the new X-Files team which includes Diana Fowley.

A man kidnaps Mulder, demanding that he drive him west; meanwhile, in his hometown, the brains of people and animals keep exploding out through their ears. As Scully tries to figure out what is motivating Mulder's abductor, her partner tries to keep moving fast enough to keep himself and his passenger alive.

Mulder sneaks aboard the derelict Queen Anne, which has been lost in the Sargasso Sea since World War II. On board, he finds people from decades ago who remind him uncannily of Cigarette-Smoking Man, Skinner, Kirsch, and Scully, whom he manages to kiss passionately before the real one rescues him.

Dreamland I
When a UFO passes overhead, Mulder switches bodies with Morris Fletcher - an unhappily married manager at a company testing a highly experimental anti-gravity aircraft which apparently can tear the space-time continuum, enabling two objects to occupy space at the same time.

Dreamland II
As Mulder attempts to convince an extremely skeptical Scully and Morris' wife Joanne that Morris is really himself and vice versa, he uncovers the secret leak in the military who is trying to stop the experimental flyer tests. Meanwhile, Morris romances Scully in Mulder's body, arousing only her suspicions, until she handcuffs him to the bed he's bought for Mulder and goes off to see what the real Mulder is up to.

Terms of Endearment
A polygamist demon who wants to have a normal baby keeps impregnating new wives, then performing abortions on them when ultrasounds reveal demonic abnormalities. Though they're no longer on the X-Files, Mulder steals the information from Spender's office and attempts to protect one wife while another tries to protect her unborn child from her husband.

The Rain King
Mulder and Scully are invited to a town in Texas to investigate a mysterious drought and a man who can allegedly control the rain. Though they are not surprised to find that the redneck is a charlatan, they discover that the local weatherman's adored co-worker seems to have a connection to the weather abnormalities.

How the Ghosts Stole Christmas
Mulder drags Scully to a house which is reputed to be haunted every Christmas, where the two encounter a couple of ghosts who killed themselves decades earlier. The initially comic pair try to convince the F.B.I. agents that they're doomed to perpetual loneliness and should end it all.

A photographer who has an uncanny ability to predict and arrive at murder scenes admits that he chases death for one reason only: he's immortal, having cheated death many years before, and now he wants to die.

S.R. 819
Skinner is infected with an unknown toxin, then is informed by an anonymous phone call that he has less than 24 hours to live. While Scully attempts to solve the medical mystery of the poisoning, Mulder tries to learn the connection between Skinner's predicament and a Senate export resolution which would send medical supplies to Third World countries. The A.D. dies but is revived by a mysterious stranger who is ultimately revealed to be working for Krycek.

Two Fathers
As medical experiments on Cassandra Spender complete her transformation into the first successful human-alien hybrid, her former husband, Cigarette-Smoking Man, tries to bring his son Jeffrey into his work. Mulder and Scully attempt to find out what really happened to Cassandra and what the alien agenda will be; meanwhile CSM learns that Jeffrey will not cooperate and turns to his one remaining ally, Diana Fowley, and Cassandra asks Mulder to kill her before the conspirators can use her to help destroy the human race.

One Son
Mulder and Scully are quarantined by a group led by Fowley at Ft. Marlene, where Mulder encounters a badly-abused Marita Covarrubias. When Mulder chooses to trust Fowley, Scully says she can't work with him any longer. CSM explains to Mulder that he, Mulder's father, and the rest of the cabal worked with the alien invaders to protect their own families, telling the younger man to go to El Rico Air Force Base. But Scully has already tracked Cassandra to the Potomac train yards, and picks up Mulder on her way there. Meanwhile, Krycek goes to Ft. Marlene to retrieve an alien fetus, but finds it missing. At El Rico, Fowley saves CSM as faceless aliens murder the entire cabal. Blaming his son for the failure of his hopes, CSM shoots Jeffrey Spender.

Back on the X-Files, Mulder and Scully pose as a married couple in an exclusive planned community where people keep disappearing mysteriously if they don't follow the neighborhood's strict code to the letter.

Agua Mala
Arthur Dales summons Mulder and Scully into a Florida hurricane, where a mysterious tentacled creature appears to be killing people.

A single day keeps repeating - always ending with a bomb exploding in a bank where Mulder has gone to cash his paycheck. Only the lover of the man with the bomb is aware that the events will replay unless the cycle can somehow be broken, so she attempts to stop Mulder and Scully from going near the bank.

A Chinese werewolf-type animal is brought to the United States, where it begins attacking people. Mulder hopes a dog-loving kennel owner can help them track it, but Scully believes the woman has her own agenda - to use the dog to lure Mulder into her own lair.

An escaped convict who has seemingly acquired the ability to alter matter so that he can pass through it hunts for the son he has never seen.

Everything Phillip Padgett writes comes true; unfortunately, he writes about a murderer who tears the hearts out of live victims. Dana Scully has caught his interest as a character for his work, so he moves into the empty apartment next door to Mulder's.

The Unnatural
With the help of Arthur Dales, Mulder discovers a connection between a talented Negro League player and the crash site in Roswell, New Mexico.

Three of a Kind
The Lone Gunmen lure Scully to Las Vegas when a mysterious woman from their past resurfaces at a defense department contractors' convention.

Field Trip
After going to a field of mushrooms looking for clues about the deaths of a young couple, Mulder and Scully find answers to questions they'd only dreamed about.

A mysterious artifact found in Africa leads to the murder of a scholar and exerts an inexplicable, dangerous influence on Mulder's brain.


The Sixth Extinction
Scully tries frantically to decode the alien artifact while Mulder asks Skinner to summon a former adversary who may be able to help free the agent from his own hyper-conscious brain.

Amor Fati
While Scully fights Fowley and tries to discover where Cigarette-Smoking Man has hidden her partner, Mulder hallucinates the life he could have had if he'd worked with his father.

Someone or something is sucking the brains right out of the skulls of its victims. Could it be that nice fast food worker?

When former members of the Millennium Group are exhumed by a necromancer, Mulder and Scully call in Frank Black to help solve the case. On New Year's Eve, they also kiss.

The Goldberg Variation
The luckiest man in the world is miserable because everything comes with a price.

Students stumble across a cave that lets them move faster than normal humans.

When a minister with hypnotic powers helps murderer Donnie Pfaster go free, Scully and Mulder receive mysterious messages in the form of a song on the radio.

The Amazing Maleeni
Competing magicians employ elaborate tricks, including a severed head, in what may become a giant financial scam.

Signs and Wonders
A congregation of snake charmers is held under the sway of an oppressive reverend.

Sein Und Zeit
In pursuit of a kidnapped child and in the wake of his mother's suicide, Mulder finds connections with his sister's kidnapping.

Cancer Man and a child's ghost lead Mulder to his sister's diary and a vision of lost children in a place where they can finally be safe.

While Mulder and Scully are followed by a camera crew filming a reality show, they hunt a creature that preys on people's worst fears.

First Person Shooter
Mulder and Scully enter a role-playing game to track down an artificial character who's killing live players.

A man well-versed in folk magic begins to kill the family of the doctor who let his daughter die.

En Ami
Cancer Man tells Scully that he's dying, and wants to share his secrets with her while there's still time; he tempts her with an extraterrestrial cure for all human ailments.

Shattered mirrors and stories of a horrific creature lead Mulder and Scully to find a woman whose desire for a perfect family has brought out her inner demons.

all things
When a former lover reappears, Scully confronts the choices she has made in the past, and opens herself to rituals and beliefs she would once have rejected. When Mulder returns from a trip to England, she spends the night at his place.

Brand X
Second-hand smoke from an experimental cigarette starts causing people to die from tobacco beetles hatching in their lungs.

Hollywood A.D.
Skinner sells out the story of the X-Files to a producer friend, disrupting Mulder and Scully's attempts to solve a murder revolving around Church documents.

Fight Club
Two pairs of separated-at-birth half-siblings keep getting entangled in one another's lives and causing mayhem all around them.

Je Souhaite
Mulder and Scully meet a genie who grants people exactly what they ask for, which in most cases leads to incredibly stupid, disappointing results.

Reports of alien abductions lead Mulder to Oregon, where he vanishes. Skinner sees a UFO depart right in front of him. Krycek and Covarrubias kill Cigarette-Smoking Man. And Scully discovers that she's pregnant.


Agent John Doggett is assigned to head the task force to find Mulder, who is being tortured by aliens in an undisclosed location. Meanwhile, something that looks like Mulder turns up at Gibson Praise's school in Arizona.

Doggett sees first-hand evidence of shapeshifters, and gets assigned to the X-Files after an alien attacks Skinner and Scully.

Scully and Doggett try to solve bizarre killing that may involve a giant bat-like creature.

Scully goes off to investigate what appears to be a cult killing, and ends up with an enormous slug in her body; Doggett comes to her rescue.

Doggett obsesses over a case in which a seven-year-old boy reappears a decade after he vanished.

Doggett's old friend Martin Wells begins living his life backwards, from his own murder to the day he allegedly killed his wife.

Via Negativa
With Scully in the hospital, Doggett works with Skinner to track a potentially murderous psychic cult leader.

When a killer who apparently can see through walls starts shooting drug dealers, Doggett and Scully search for both motive and the mystical powers that let a blind man see the impossible.

When they discover the prints of a dead man on a shattered car, Doggett and Scully start pursuing a killer who can smash through steel.

A legless mystic from India hides himself inside the bowels of others in his quest for vengeance for his son's death, using his powers of illusion to make his true form invisible to those around him. When Scully confronts him in the body of a child, she is devastated to have to shoot at what looks to her like a little boy.

The Gift
When Doggett uncovers evidence that Mulder shot someone during a case he and Scully never reported, Skinner accompanies the new X-Files agent to find the truth -- that Mulder apparently encountered an empathic being that could take the diseases of others into his own body and regurgitate them whole.

While Doggett scours the Boston underground to find out what ate away a transit cop's flesh, Scully tries to stop the director of transportation from turning on the trains and possibly spreading an infection throughout the city.

Per Manum
A man whose wife died in childbirth comes to Scully with a story that sounds disturbingly like her own. As she tries to protect another pregnant woman and her own fetus, she recalls trying to get pregnant with Mulder as a sperm donor, and wonders how far she can trust her new partner.

This is Not Happening
UFO aficionado Richie Szalay encounters a woman who was abducted in Oregon the night before Mulder. Doggett asks old friend Monica Reyes, a specialist in ritualistic crime, to help with the investigation. Scully ultimately tracks down miracle healer Jeremiah Smith and finds Mulder, but it may be too late to save him.

Billy Miles comes back to life after being found dead in the ocean, inspiring Skinner to have Mulder's body exhumed. Krycek reveals that Mulder has been given a virus that will reincarnate him as an alien, which is what happened to Billy.

Three Words
While Kersh tries to get Doggett and Skinner to force Mulder out of the X-Files, Mulder and the Lone Gunmen investigate a conspiracy involving Absalom's UFO cult and a supposed government plan to hide the presence of extraterrestrials in the United States. Scully tries to help Mulder. When Doggett passes along information from a secret informant, he inadvertently sets them up.

While Scully is in the hospital with a partial placental abruption, Monica Reyes asks Mulder to help her investigate a murder case that has supernatural connections to the murder of Agent Doggett's son years before.

Mulder rushes to an oil rig in the Gulf of Mexico to prevent Kersh from using Doggett to bury evidence of the black oil infestation.

On his first case without Mulder, Scully or Skinner to hold his hand, Doggett investigates murder by a slime creature.

While Billy Miles goes on a killing spree of doctors involved in genetic engineering, Scully learns that her unborn baby's life is still in danger.

Scully has her baby in an abandoned Georgia town, Skinner shoots Krycek, Kersh collaborates with Doggett's enemies and Mulder and Scully finally admit to the possibility of a romantic relationship between them.


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