"X-Files Top 10"
by Michelle Erica Green

Top 10 Storylines 'The X-Files' Could Pursue If Mulder Were, In Fact, Really Dead

10) Autopsy reveals that Mulder was Samantha before transformative surgery.

9) Scully leaves the Bureau for a career in journalism, is paired with a goofy reporter named Clark Kent.

8) Mulder gets to heaven and finds out that two-thirds of the Trinity are in on the Shadow Conspiracy.

7) After dramatic speech, Scully stabs herself in Mulder's mausoleum so she can be with him forever; Cancer Man reveals that Mulder wasn't really dead, merely poisoned; Mulder turns the knife on himself; Montagues and Capulets make peace.

6) Nuclear war devastates North America; genetically enhanced bees, cockroaches rejoice.

5) Last season was all a dream; Scully awakens to find Mulder in her shower.

4) Eddie Van Blundht makes a better Mulder than Mulder.

3) Galactica '80 crew takes responsibility for all alien abductions in the past 17 yaruns.

2) Skinner and Scully get married, buy a house in the Virginia suburbs, have 3 adorable children, drive his and hers Geo Prisms to work; Scully has her tattoo removed.

1) Death by gunshot wound turns out to be a cover-up. Remember how Clyde Bruckman said Mulder would die?

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