Maximus II


Two members of Maximus' family and two bunnies on the hill near the house.

As you can see, fear of humans and their habitations is not a problem for the groundhogs. They don't even worry about Ginger, my in-laws' aging beagle.

Can you spot the three groundhogs in this picture?

Here is one of the Mrs. Maximuses (Maximi?) crawling toward the drain with one of the babies.

And here is one of the young'uns about to enter the drainpipe from which the hoggies came and went all weekend.

Maximus off in the distance with another family member. Some of the neighbors have expressed to my in-laws that they fear the groundhogs will eat through tree roots and destroy the drainage system. My in-laws are passionately involved in groundhog defense.

Here, however, by an old stone house near the YMCA, the groundhogs have not made a good case for themselves. *g*

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