The following are links to some of my favorite Star Trek books.
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Shex'pir's Hamlet is restored here to the original Klingon, translated by a team of scholars with detailed footnotes.

Star Trek: Badlands, featuring a storyline crossing all four shows as a problem discovered by Kirk and researched by Picard is analyzed by Janeway and solved by Sisko. Two volumes.

Star Trek: Captain's Table collects the six individual books about a mythical bar which only admits captains.

Star Trek: Celebrations describes rituals and festivals on Trek from the Klingon Right of Vengeance to the Bajoran Day of Atonement.

Star Trek: Dark Passions, set in the mirror universe, where Intendant Kira has affairs with Seven of Nine and Deanna Troi as she struggles for galactic domination. Two volumes.

Star Trek: Day of Honor, the novelization of the Voyager episode plus five novels set on all four different Trek series to explain the history of the Klingon holiday.

Star Trek: Enterprise Logs, a collection of stories about the captains of all the ships named Enterprise from the Revolutionary War to the 24th century.

Star Trek: Gateways, a seven-book miniseries about the mysterious Iconian portals, spans all the television series.

Star Trek: New Worlds and New Civilizations features the planets of Trek and the cultures that live there.

Star Trek: Spock vs. Q, The Sequel pits the galaxy's most famous Vulcan and the universe's most annoying omnipotent being in an audio fight to save their hides.

Star Trek: Strange New Worlds contest gives fans a chance to publish Star Trek stories. Here are volumes Two, Three and Four.

Star Trek The Next Generation: Double Helix is a series about a genetically engineered plague, which affects everyone from Spock and McCoy on Romulus to Kira and Dukat on Occupied Bajor to Chakotay, Torres, and Tom Riker in the Maquis. The series starts with Infection, followed by Vectors, Red Sector, Quarantine, Double or Nothing or The First Virtue are all available.


Star Trek: Assignment Eternity, in which Gary Seven attempts to set history straight after Spock is killed by a Romulan agent.

Star Trek: Errand of Vengeance: Edge of the Sword focuses on a Klingon disguised as a security officer who finds his loyalties tested when he discovers that Kirk's crew may have more honor than his own leaders. Killing Blow and River of Blood complete the story.

Star Trek: In the Name of Honor brings an old enemy of Kirk's with news of the spread of the honor of Kahless.

Star Trek New Earth: Wagon Train to the Stars, first in a six-volume series about the colonization of a planet far from the Federation. The series is completed in Belle Terre, Rough Trails, The Flaming Arrow, Thin Air, and Challenger.

Star Trek: Odyssey collects William Shatner's first three Kirk novels.

Star Trek: Preserver is the latest of William Shatner's Kirk novels, featuring Kirk's evil double Tiberius.

Star Trek: Rihannsu: Swordhunt continues Diane Duane's alternate history of the Romulans, begun in the 1980s in My Enemy, My Ally and The Romulan Way, concluded in Honor Blade.

Star Trek: Section 31: Cloak reveals the fate of the cloaking device Kirk and Spock stole from the Romulans.

Star Trek: The Eugenics Wars, Volume One tells Gary Seven's secret history of the 20th century as he tries to stop Khan from rising to power. Volume Two depicts the aftermath of the creation of super-children and their struggle for power.

Star Trek: The Janus Gate: Present Tense creates a disaster that destroys the Federation and finds Sulu and Chekov changing places with their counterparts in another timeline. Calamities continue in Future Imperfect and Past Prologue.

Star Trek: The Last Roundup explains what Kirk and crew did between the events of The Undiscovered Country and Generations.

Star Trek: The New Voyages, edited by Sondra Marshak and Myrna Culbreath, made me a Trekkie for life -- if you've been reading the lukewarm fan fiction in Strange New Worlds, treat yourself to this wonderful collection of original series fan stories. The second volume has a killer K/S poem at the end.


Star Trek The Next Generation: A Hard Rain places Dixon Hill in the position of saving not only his world but the Enterprise when a holographic experiment goes horribly awry.

Star Trek The Next Generation: Diplomatic Implausibility sends Worf on his first mission as the Federation Ambassador to Qo'noS.

Star Trek The Next Generation: Gemworld is the home planet of Melora, where Picard's crew faces a crisis. Two volumes.

Star Trek The Next Generation: I, Q gives the omniscient pest the deadliest threat to his universe.

Star Trek The Next Generation: Immortal Coil reveals the secret origins of Data and artificial intelligence in the Federation.

Star Trek The Next Generation: Maximum Warp has dead zones appearing all over the galaxy, rendering technology useless. Two volumes.

Star Trek The Next Generation: Q's Guide to the Continuum, a tour of the known universe and much Trek lore by Q, who is naturally above it all.

Star Trek The Next Generation: Section 31: Rogue teaches Picard that one of his oldest friends is a member of Starfleet's most controversial division.

Star Trek The Next Generation: The Battle of Betazed finds Deanna Troi defending her planet during the Dominion War.

Star Trek: The Next Generation: The Best and the Brightest introduces a new group of cadets who struggle through the Academy and the understanding of what it will mean to be Starfleet officers.

Star Trek The Next Generation: The Dominion War: Behind Enemy Lines sends Picard and Ro Laren deep undercover to stop a deadly threat to the Alpha Quadrant. Tunnel Through the Stars continues the story.

Star Trek The Next Generation: The Genesis Wave, Book One brings back the fantastic technology from The Wrath of Khan to haunt Picard's crew. Book Two asks if there's life after Genesis. Book Three shows that there is, in unexpected places.

Star Trek The Next Generation: The Gorn Crisis shows what those reptiles have been up to lately.

Star Trek The Next Generation: The Q Continuum: Q-Space reveals Q's secret past when the Enterprise tries to breach the galactic barrier and inadvertently causes a crisis. Continued in Q-Zone and Q-Strike.

Star Trek The Next Generation: The Valiant tells the story of Picard's first command.

Star Trek The Next Generation: Tooth and Claw sends Riker on a deadly adventure while Picard negotiates for peace.


Star Trek Deep Space Nine: A Stitch In Time relates Garak's fascinating history in the form of a long letter from the Cardassian tailor to Dr. Bashir.

Star Trek Deep Space Nine: Avatar starts a few months after the end of the Dominion War, as Kira and her new staff contend with a rogue Jem'Hadar attack and a Bajoran prophecy of doom. Two volumes.

Star Trek Deep Space Nine: Far Beyond the StarsBased on the episode of the same name, Benjamin Sisko finds himself experiencing the life of Benny Russell, an oppressed 20th century science fiction writer.

Star Trek Deep Space Nine: Millennium: The Fall of Terok Nor starts Judith and Garfield Reeves-Stevens' excellent alternate timeline in which the Prophets and Pah-Wraiths go to war for the fate of the universe. Concluded in The War of the Prophets and Inferno. Or read the Millennium Omnibus.

Star Trek Deep Space Nine: Rebels: The Conquered introduces a Kai Winn whose background during the Resistance leads her to a different destiny. The Courageous and The Liberated conclude her story.

Star Trek Deep Space Nine: Section 31: Abyss brings Bashir in conflict with another genetically engineered doctor who wants to conquer the universe.

Star Trek Deep Space Nine: The Deep Space Nine Companion summarizes all the episodes, plus provides interviews, commentary, production information, and much more.

Star Trek Deep Space Nine: The Deep Space Nine Companion CD-ROM has all 176 episode scripts, plus their trailers, photos, and cast lists, in a searchable database.

Star Trek Deep Space Nine: The Dominion War: A Call To Arms... summarizes the episodes in which Sisko and his crew try to hold the line. ...The Sacrifice of Angels concludes the arc.

Star Trek Deep Space Nine: The Lives of Dax tells the symbiont's history before it became Curzon, Jadzia and Ezri.

Star Trek Deep Space Nine: What You Leave Behind is the novelization of the Deep Space Nine final episode, including a few scenes not televised.


Star Trek Voyager: Dark Matters: Cloak and Dagger finds Telek R'Mor, the Romulan from "Eye of the Needle," back on Voyager with deadly news from the Alpha Quadrant about a threat to the universe. Continued in Dark Matters and Shadow of Heaven.

Star Trek Voyager: Echoes sees Voyager shattered in parallel universes, witnessing a missing planet with a dead population.

Star Trek Voyager: Endgame tells the story of the final episode of the series, with some new material about what happens after they get home.

Star Trek Voyager: Marooned has Kes kidnapped, Janeway stranded and Paris injured on a mysterious planet, leaving Chakotay in command of Voyager.

Star Trek Voyager: Mosaic is Kathryn Janeway's "official biography" - the story of her childhood on Earth and the events which shaped her into a Starfleet captain.

Star Trek Voyager: Pathways tells the life stories of the crew of Voyager, as recited to one another during a dangerous away mission.

Star Trek Voyager: Section 31: Shadow concerns an unknown assailant trying to kill Seven of Nine.

Star Trek Voyager: The Hologram's Handbook, as told by the EMH to actor Robert Picardo, explains the trails and joys of being photonic.

Star Trek Voyager: The Adventures of Captain Proton purports to be the comic upon which Voyager's 'Captain Proton' serial is based.


Enterprise: Broken Bow is Diane Carey's novelization of the pilot episode of Trek's fifth series.

By The Book finds Archer initiating a disastrous first contact with a rigid species while members of his crew discover role-playing games.


Star Trek New Frontier tells the story of the USS Excalibur, Captain Mackenzie Calhoun, first officer Elizabeth Shelby, and a fascinating new crew in an uncharted region of space. Start with the omnibus containing the first four novels. Next come Martyr, Fire on High, The Quiet Place, and Dark Allies in which the Excalibur blows up.

There are also Captain's Table and Double Helix novels, the former telling Calhoun's story in flashback, the latter introducing some new recurring villains. The comic Double Time fills in a gap in the Excalibur's history by recounting an incident in which Calhoun tried to change history.

Excalibur: Requiem kicks off with the aftermath of the destruction of the ship and Captain Calhoun's presumed death. Renaissance and Restoration follow in the trilogy.

Next there's a Gateways novel about two warring planets that nearly get Calhoun and Shelby killed again, followed by Being Human, which ends with even more crew deaths. Stay tuned!


Star Trek S.C.E.: The Belly of the Beast introduces the crew of the USS da Vinci of the Starfleet Corps of Engineers in an exclusive e-book. Fatal Error sends them to save an alien super-computer that has been sabotaged. Hard Crash has a dead Borg-like pilot who appears to have been fused to the machinery of her vessel.

Star Trek S.C.E.: Interphase Book One finds the Defiant emerging from a rift in Tholian space, carrying a deadly secret from the past. In Interphase Book Two, Gold and his team try to salvage it.

Star Trek S.C.E.: Cold Fusion is part of the Deep Space Nine relaunch, with Nog trying to retrieve Empok Nor's reactor core.

Star Trek S.C.E.: Have Tech Will Travel collects the first four e-books in paperback.

Star Trek S.C.E.: Miracle Workers collects 'Interphase Part II' through 'Invincible Part II' in paperback.


Star Trek The Next Generation: The Valiant tells the story of Picard's first command.

Star Trek Stargazer: Gauntlet finds someone trying to cost the young Picard his captaincy as he pursues a dangerous pirate.

Star Trek Stargazer: Progenitor sends Picard to assist a crewmember with a fertility ritual, putting both both his landing party and his ship in grave danger.


Adventures in Time and Space summarizes the finest of the Trek novels.

The Definitive Star Trek Trivia Book Think you know everything about the Trek shows and films? Find out.

The Definitive Star Trek Trivia Book, Volume 2More questions about the four Trek TV series and movies.

Future Perfect: How Star Trek Conquered Planet Earth travels around the world talking to Trek actors and fans about what it all means.

Hamlet on the Holodeck is Professor Janet Murray's study of virtual reality, interactive storytelling and entertainment culture.

NASA/TREK "slashes" science and popular culture through the lens of Professor Constance Penley.

Star Trek: Aliens & Artifacts shows how Trek faces and places are created and how readers can try to recreate the effects.

Star Trek: Paper Universe is an instruction manual for creating origami Trek spaceships and space stations, complete with rice paper.

Star Trek: Parallel Narratives uses literary and social theory to pick the franchise apart and figure out what it means.

Star Trek: Starship Spotter is a full-color CGI-designed reference manual to many space-going vessels of the 23rd-24th centuries.

Star Trek Voyager: A Place Among the Stars contains postcards of Janeway, Torres, Kes and Seven of Nine.

Star Trek Voyager: A Vision of the Future chronicles the making of Star Trek Voyager.