Sunrise, Sunset

Sunrise through the trees in the backyard, winter 2004.

Down the main street of my neighborhood, pointed skyward, fall 2004.

Sunset on the winter solstice, 2004.

And sunset the day after the winter solstice, 2004.

Grand Canyon, late afternoon summer 2003.

Sunset behind the Devil's Tower Campground.

Chicago sunset skyline from Promontory Point, Hyde Park.

The Washington Monument and Lincoln Memorial, spring 2003.

Spring sunset in our neighborhood, 2006.

Spring rainbow in our neighborhood, 2006.

The light over the Potomac River seen from Virginia.

The Washington Monument from across the Potomac River, winter 2004.

Sunset over Hanover, Pennsylvania, February 2003.

Driving home past Gettysburg.

Pennsylvania skyscape.

Philadelphia, fall 2004 view of Moshulu -- once a sailing ship, now a restaurant.

Christmas Eve 2004, an overcast sky at Great Falls later resolved into this amazing sunset (photo taken from Potomac Village gas station, sorry about all the clutter).

And post-sunset, fall 2005. The bright spot near top center is Mars; the small kite-shaped constellation on the left is the Pleiades. I do not swear it but I believe the red star at far left may be Aldebaran, the eye of Taurus.