Spring Flowers 2005

The trees across the street from the boy with whom we carpool to and from our older son's bus stop.

Tulips and a little beetle. I realize that many people will consider the beetle unsightly, ruining both the photos and the flower, but I liked it.

This is a mediocre, blurry photo, but it's the best I could do trying to get our neighbor's tree and the multitude of bees flying around its flowers -- the breeze was blowing and everything was in motion, and I was rushing out to pick up Son #1.

The pink azaleas are in bloom, and one or two red azaleas like this just-opened red one, and about half the purple ones, but the white ones are not open at all.

I just love the patterns and phallic bits inside tulips.

And I love the veins highlighting these petals...

...and the more subtle ones on these pink azaleas, too.

These flowers make me sneeze, but I can't resist the way they make a canopy from the branches anyway. Can anyone tell me what kind of tree it is? These don't make monstrous berries all year like my neighbor's pink flowering tree.

The house in our neighborhood by far most likely to win some kind of garden award is this one, which in addition to having very lovely annuals around the borders of its garden also has this fish pond with fountain in the middle, with the walkway to the front door built right over it. Here you can see the sunlight on the water, the bubbles from the fountain, the fish, and the greenery which already seems to be growing out of control this spring.

The neighbors' yard, with a variety of bright blooming flowers. I love the red, white and blue thing they have going in the hanging basket, and also those very, very red tulips. Naked cupid statuary does not tend to be my thing.

Pink petals, blue sky. These trees are already past their peak, as you can tell from the brown edges of many of the petals; what you can't see in this picture are the hundreds of petals beneath the tree making the sidewalk slippery, though very pretty and shiny.

And here are yellow tulips. The range of colors is just amazing -- we have a very pink tree hanging over our front steps from our neighbor's yard, a bunch of periwinkle in bloom in front of our house, azaleas just starting to peek out, dogwoods coming into full bloom...my nose was even cooperative.