National Aquarium Baltimore 2004

The dolphin tanks overlook the harbor, including a lighthouse and many boats and ducks.

Nani and her calf Spirit show off their fins.

A dolphin and a rubber duckie.

Waving to the audience...

...and greeting people up close.

Moving backwards, upright, through the water.

This photo shows why many people, including us, avoid sitting in the splash zone.

The rays at the National Aquarium, which unlike the cicadas outside probably do not have world domination on their mind.

This is one of my favorite places in the world, very relaxing.

However, some of them are spotted, some of them are nearly white, some of them are big, beautiful and dark, and none of them seem to mind the sharks that share their tank.

The tank also contains a sea turtle that lost a flipper in a net, was rehabilitated, and will probably live out its life in this aquarium tank.

This leafy seadragon makes me think of Puff the Magic Dragon, though he's a relative of a seahorse.

Look! We found Nemo! (I had to say that.)