Homestead Farms 2004

"Only ever really one story: a boy and a girl and a dream of the world,

An apple, a kiss, a moment of sky, a moment you choose without knowing why...

And God said the reason had hung from the tree, but I feel the reason hanging on me,

I am free of my innocence, fallen too far,

I am helpless to change, I am hopelessly lost, I am all that you are." (Lyrics by October Project)

Gourd pumpkins for Jessica, who wanted something orange and all I had to offer last week was Kraft Macaroni and Cheese.

And fancy gourds in more lovely fall colors. One of my favorite things about Sukkot are the number of gourds on display.

Indian corn and green peppers.

Red apples and a redder weed growing in the orchard.

It's the season of the witch...

...and pumpkins, and hay rides, and caramel apples.

Piggies at Homestead Farms! I adore pigs, particularly since I stopped eating them five years ago.

These were eating the apples that had fallen to the ground and playing in the mud and very happy.

Now here's someone who is not looking forward to Thanksgiving next month.

A local Puck Fair (a little belated, and we're not in Ireland, and there were no orgiastic revels, but still).