Homestead Farms 2006

It was yet another magnificent fall day in Maryland and again we spent most of it outdoors -- first visiting Pennyfield Lock and Riley's Lock on the C&O Canal, along the Potomac River heading toward Tobytown and Poolesville, then at Homestead Farm picking apples and visiting the animals. There were herons in the ruined canal by Riley's Lock, where the Girl Scouts give tours of the lockhouse, and hawks over the ruins of Pennyfield House, a favorite fishing hangout of Grover Cleveland, now falling into ruin and being allowed to decay because of the exhorbitant cost of rebuilding. For the second day in a row I took nearly 100 photos; the afternoon light is so beautiful and the trees are in the earliest stages of turning, the color not dramatic yet but still so much green everywhere, without bare branches.

A calf with an apple at Homestead Farm in Poolesville.

The people who run the farm do not seem to have any objections to children offering fallen apples to the animals that live there, like this goat.

And there are butterflies on the apple trees themselves... well as bees, which thankfully were not very plentiful.

Stupidly, since it was a beautiful day, I wore cropped pants and got bug bites around my ankles! But it was worth it!