Some Hanover Pictures

St. Matthew's Lutheran Church, with the seventh largest organ in the world, in the distance behind the Dutch Craft Fair in Hanover where we walked around the tents -- "Dutch" here meaning Pennsylvania Dutch, with lots of furniture and food and some jewelry.

The old, abandoned Hanover movie theater, with some of the street fair visible in front.

And the First United Methodist Church of Hanover.

Here's what Hanover is famous for. Utz potato chips, popcorn, cheese curls, snack mix and more come out of these factories!

At the Hanover Farm Market, where dozens of local merchants set up stalls with fruit, vegetables, candies, jams, baked goods and country crafts.

There wasn't Amish tomato jam, to my mother's regret, but there were Mennonite jellies.

Grandma, Adam and Ginger playing with Legos.

Clair enjoying his birthday fondue.

Bunnies behind the house who took turns eating and jumping on each other.

Twilight spiderweb in front of Paul's parents' house.

My in-laws got this wall hanging at Ten Thousand Villages, made from an old oil drum. I just love it -- the Tree of Life motif and all the birds.

A Hanover sunset.