Cherry Blossoms 2006

This is my favorite photo I've ever taken of the Washington Monument, through one of the carved holes on the bridge to the Roosevelt Memorial from the Jefferson Memorial as one walks around the Tidal Basin.

Annual photo of the Jefferson Memorial draped with overhanging blossoms.

Close up of the flowers. They range in color from nearly white to an icy pink.

It was this kind of day -- paddleboats in the water, flowers around the horizon and lots of sun!

Vietnam Veterans Memorial, Washington, DC, with reflections of viewers on the surface. I assume everyone has seen photos of the full scope of The Wall's 58,000+ names.

The relatively new World War II Memorial, which has large archways at either end -- one for the Atlantic theater, the other for the Pacific theater -- and the 48 states and territories named beneath the wreaths on the pillars.

The Korean War Memorial, which also has a wall, though this one is engraved with images of soldiers and civilians rather than with their names. The names of all the nations that took part in the engagement circle around the statues of soldiers from many parts of the world.

I love how somber he looks, and the inscription, "In this temple as in the hearts of the people for whom he saved the Union, the memory of Abraham Lincoln is enshrined forever."

Washington's Most Famous Monument through the cherry blossoms...

...and above them, Washington towering over DC...

...and above the World War II Memorial...

...and the classic view from the steps of the Lincoln Memorial, across the Reflecting Pool to the Washington Monument with the Capitol Building, Smithsonian and Library of Congress behind it.

Dragon kite above cherry blossoms along Raoul Wallenberg Place, between the Washington Monument and the Tidal Basin.