Why Penguins Wear Tuxedos

By Adam

Penguin, Super Penguin and Mother Penguin


Mother PenguinAntarctic Research Worker
Super PenguinPenguin
Mr. PenguinyLeopard Seal
NarratorLittle Blue

Act 1 - In Research Building

Narrator: Long ago, emperor penguins did not look as nice as they do now. They did not wear "tuxedos."

Antarctic research worker: Um... Why are there disgustingly ugly waddling animals wearing rags in our building? I think I left the door open...

Penguin: We are not ugly!

Antarctic research worker: Ya you are.

Penguin: (starting to cry) Fine! But we wear the best clothes we can afford!

(Super Penguin, Mother Penguin, and Penguin all return to the water hole)

Mother Penguin: I'm not trying to be mean, but those researchers are nuts!!!

Super Penguin: Ya, I know. Why do they hate us?

Penguin: We are cuddly, and all we can afford is rags!

Mother Penguin: I've got it! Super Penguin, I need you to take the biggest bag of shrimp you can carry!

Super Penguin: Okay. Why?

Mother Penguin: To take it to the Little Blue of New Zealand and give it to him for tuxedos for all the penguins!

Super Penguin: Great idea! I'll start collecting shrimp as soon as possible!

Penguin: Ya, and then we can show those research workers!

Super Penguin and Mr. Penguiny

Act 2 - Outside Water Hole

Mr. Penguiny: Um... Super Penguin? That doesn't seem like enough shrimp...

Super Penguin: Okay, I'll go get more shrimp (frowns)

(Super Penguin dives underwater)

Leopard Seal: Hello Super Peng-lunch

Super Penguin: Oh sshhhhhhhhoes

Leopard Seal: I know you are looking for shrimp, let me eat you and you can have all the shrimp on the planet!

Narrator: This ridiculous pursuit went on for quite a while, but it ended when Leopard Seal crashed into an underwater icicle.

(Super Penguin returns from underwater)

Mr. Penguiny: I think that should be enough...

Super Penguin: Good, now I can go get tuxedoes!

Narrator: Then Super Penguin swam off at 1,000,000 miles per hour.

The Narrator

Act 3 - New Zealand

Narrator: After what seemed like 10 minutes to Super Penguin (carrying 900 pounds of shrimp while swimming) he finally arrived in New Zealand.

Little Blue: Salutations fellow penguin, what brings you here (pauses) with 900 pounds of shrimp!?!

Super Penguin: I need tuxedoes for all the penguins!

Little Blue: that will be 600...900 pounds of shrimp!

Super Penguin: (relieved) just enough!

(Mr. Penguiny appears)

Mr. Penguiny: I get the first tuxedo!

Super Penguin: (startled) Mr. Penguiny when did you get here?

Mr. Penguiny: A couple minutes ago.

Little Blue: Enough chat, here are the first tuxedos!

Mr. Penguiny and Super Penguin together: Thanks!

Everyone: And all the penguins lived happily ever after.

The End