by Michelle Erica Green

This month, Wildstorm brings out "All Of Me," a glossy paperback Original Series story featuring one of the best-drawn Spocks ever. The tale is a little thin, but like many Classic Trek episodes, that doesn't matter because the characters are spot-on. Bones gets a few zingers in, Spock gets to meet dozens of alternate-universe duplicates of himself, and Kirk gets to call Spock a treacherous half-breed (all part of a deception, of course.

Though the early pages feature a fight between Kirk and a number of Orion raiders - of course there's a hot, vicious Orion babe, though not a slave girl at least - the story focuses on a mad scientist who claims to have found a way to bring alternate universe doubles of himself and others into the familiar Trek universe. (The Intendant would be in heaven.)

Kirk cites the Prime Directive - then, discovering that the enhanced duplicates are immune to phaser fire, he does what -- he starts a good old-fashioned brawl. Like must of the original television series, this takes place against garish orange-and-yellow alien backgrounds and gets Kirk locked behind forcefields. While Spock feigns allegiance to the villain, Scotty and Sulu defend the Enterprise, and the group uncovers the evil force at work behind the madman.

My two favorite panels feature a big-busted female version of Captain Kirk, whom Spock uncovers as a fraud because of her docility, and a chess game between Kirk and Spock where they gaze soulfully at one another (that probably wasn't the artist's intent, but I take my slash subtext where I find it). The crisp artwork, witty dialogue, and entertaining story make this an excellent package. Writers and artists Ingersoll, Isabella, Lopresti and Emberlin are to be commended.

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