He Said, She Said: Inter-Series Romance
by Michelle Erica Green and Steve Johnson

What Would Happen If Characters Could Date Characters From Other Shows?


Steve and I are both a little bored with the romance situation on our favorite shows, so in classic fan style, we've decided to explore what would happen if characters could date characters from other series. Heh heh heh.

Q and Xena: I know, he isn't good enough for her. But he's got a lot of the same skanky charm as Ares without the nasty edge, and he's one of the few people in the universe who could keep up with her, or at least get out of the way when she was on a roll. His superpowers could be advantageous to her in a battle with an immortal, and she wouldn't let him take crap from any stinkin' Continuum leaders. He's not as good-looking as Hercules, but I bet he's a lot more inventive and doesn't stick to goody-two-shoes behavior like the son of Zeus. The universe would never be the same.

Nikita and Mulder: Is this one obvious or what? A Section One/X-Files crossover would open awesome possibilities, with Ops and CSM fighting over Madeline while Scully and Nikita discuss the pitfalls of dating men obsessed with conspiracies. For all Mulder's faults, he's still more tuned-in and less selfish than Michael, and he'd work with Nikita to get her out while exposing the Section once and for all. She wouldn't be as helpful to him as Scully in the scientific department, but Nikita's proved remarkably resilient when kidnapped, tortured, or forced to pose as her partner's wife during a mission. I see definite possibilities here.

Sisko and Delenn: Sheridan and Delenn were a great couple while he was captain of a space station, but now that he's President of the Interstellar Alliance, he doesn't seem nearly as interested in her counsel, and she's not getting much to do. I bet Delenn would be a lot more productive on Deep Space Nine, negotiating between the Bajorans and the Federation, helping Odo deal with his manipulation by the Founders, exposing the Cardassians for the creeps they really are. Plus, while Sisko is pretty open to alien ideas and recipes, he'd hit a point where he'd say, 'Enough with the Minbari rituals, tonight we're gonna have some good old-fashioned FUN!' He's also got the dead-wife angst, so that won't be anything new for her to deal with. This looks like a good match to me.

Buffy Somers and Blair Sandburg: I got the idea for this one from UPN's Love Boat poll, in which the unlikely couple of Sarah Michelle Gellar and Garett Maggart finished in second place, beating out Duchovny and Anderson -- though not Mulgrew and Beltran. Still, it makes a lot of sense. As an anthropologist and as the Sentinel's guide, Blair is already primed to be a Watcher. He's used to expecting the unexpected, he thinks fast on his feet, and he's a lot closer in age to Buffy's friends than Giles, so he'd probably relate better to their adolescent dating problems. And Buffy's just as smart as Jim and has some of the same sorts of angst in her background. I think this one could work.

Scully and Janeway: Stop laughing, I'm serious. I think Scully would make an excellent science officer on a starship, putting a quick stop to stupid technobabble suggestions by junior officers; moreover, I think Janeway would make a fine leader of a secret research division of the government. They're both scientists, they're both pretty no-nonsense, they've both dealt pretty well with near-intolerable job conditions for a long time. Besides, I'm hard-pressed to think of two female characters their age who have shown LESS interest in any of the hot guys they work with. And Scully's got a tattoo, and we all know Janeway goes for tattoos.


Ahem! Next week, folks, we'll look at the various energy-based small arms of the SF universe...but this week, it was Michelle's turn to pick a topic ...

Scully and Janeway would be good friends, and they both need another competent person to talk to. I stress "person," not necessarily "woman," because Janeway doesn't treat her crew as equals, and given her position, she can't start now. Besides, only Tuvok and Kes (and Neelix, believe it or not) seem to have their heads screwed on right on Voyager; all three were too in awe of Captain Janeway to talk some sense into her. As for Scully, well, she needs a life, and so does Kathryn. Good match.

Sisko and Susan Ivanova: Ivanova's in this for the combat, to hit back at a universe that's hurt her family more than once. She's a beautiful woman with wit and fire who is ALSO more than skin-deep. Kasidy Yates? Give to me the break, as we say in France! Sisko's smart, but every once in a while he runs out of steam for no apparent reason; Ivanova wouldn't let him slack off. She'd be just what Sisko needs, and they'd work together like fire and steel. The Dominion is SO doomed...

Jean-Luc Picard and Delenn: Dignity, always dignity. They aren't just soulmates: they're practically the same person. And Minbari men are SUPPOSED to be bald.

Fox Mulder and Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Mulder's problem has never been getting to the root of the mystery; it's been DOING something about it. On the other hand, he doesn't let go of a mystery once it comes up, and he has more weird science at his fingertips than anyone, even Giles. With Mulder guiding Buffy in her crusade, they actually have a chance to rid the world of vampires once and for all. Then she can change jobs and become Buffy the Conspiracy Slayer! Hmm...doesn't have the same ring.

Londo Mollari and Callisto: Can you think of any better way to keep the errant goddess out of Xena's hair than to sic her on the Centauri Republic? Heck, the Centauri are practically Romans anyway; drop Londo into the Xenic Age and he'd wind up leading the Roman Empire back to glory, before it was overrun by the Huns. Or advance Callisto 3000 years into the Third Age, and watch the sparks fly! The Narn are tough, but they're only mortal.

This column was originally written for AnotherUniverse.com.

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