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Goosebumps Guide for Parents
A short summary of the series' appeal and high points.

A Night In Terror Tower
Two children on a vacation in London discover that they may be the reincarnations of a prince and princess who died horribly.

An Old Story
The elderly aunt of two young boys tries to age them so she can offer them as potential mates to her friends.

Bride of the Living Dummy
Ventriloquist's dummy Slappy falls in love with a child's doll.

Night of the Living Dummy III
An antique ventriloquist's dummy becomes self-aware and terrifies two kids and their cousin.

One Day at Horrorland
The vacationing Morris family stumbles into Horrorland amusement park, where they get a bigger fright than any of them bargained for.

Stay Out of the Basement
Dad's always been a bit of a mad scientist, but now he's so obsessed with his plants, he's neglecting his kids.

The Haunted Mask
When a timid girl puts on a terrifying mask for Halloween, her self-hatred turns it into her own face.

The Haunted Mask II
When a friend of Carly's finds her mask and puts it on, he turns into an old man.

The Werewolf of Fever Swamp
After his family makes him move to the middle of nowhere, Grady is tormented by a supernatural menace.

Welcome To Dead House
Based on the first book in the famous series, the story of two kids who move to a haunted house in a strange town.

Werewolf Skin
While trying to take a scary picture for a photo contest, Alex makes a horrible discovery about his relatives.

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