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Ethan Embry as Derek Barnes
Lisa Sheridan as Chloe Tanner
Karim Prince as Jason Tatum
Lizette Carrion as Lan Williams
Dennis Christopher as Vince Elsing

Episode 1 -- Subject: Fearsum
First aired October 6, 2000. When Derek takes over his dead brother Adam's paranormal web site, he uncovers clues that Adam's suicide may have been triggered by powerful evil forces.

Episode 2 -- Subject: Three-Thirteen
First aired October 13, 2000. When a couple tells Derek that a spirit is possessing their unborn child, he thinks they're crazy until he hears the truth on the piano.

Episode 3 -- Subject: Edith Keeler Must Die
First aired October 20, 2000. Derek looks for alligators in the New York subways, and finds they treat him better than Chloe.

Episode 4 -- Subject: Coelacanth This
First aired October 27, 2000. When the Freakylinks gang stumbles across a girl attacked by an "ancient evil," they stop to investigate the Thunderbird legend in the Georgia woods.

Episode 5 -- Subject: Desert Squid! Myth or Legend
First aired November 3, 2000. Derek, Chloe and Jason head to Texas to find out whether a mysterious creature or a corporate conspiracy should be blamed for slaughtered cattle.

Episode 6 -- Subject: The Harbingers
First aired January 5, 2001. A dream about Adam causes Derek to read his brother's favorite horror novel and investigate the hometown of its mysterious author.

Episode 7 -- Subject: Still I Rise
First aired January 12, 2001. A famous rapper believed to be dead turns up alive, but hiding from supernatural forces.

Episode 8 -- Subject: Me and My Shadow
First aired January 19, 2001. Chloe and the gang investigate a boy who believes something evil lives in his shadow.

Episode 9 -- Subject: The Stone Room
26 January 2001. Derek helps Jason try to figure out what supernatural things are happening in his father's law firm.

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