by Michelle Erica Green

Turn Me On, Dead Man

"The Wire" Plot Summary:

Bashir fights to save Garak from an experimental brain implant which is slowly killing him; the situation is complicated by the fact that Garak experiences the implant as a pleasure device. In order to save his friend, the doctor must unravel some of the secrets of the Cardassian's past as an operative, traveling to meet Garak's former mentor.


I enjoy learning about the plain, simple tailor a bit at a time; nonetheless I thought we were going to find out more substantive details about Garak's past. The discussions of the implant were reminiscent of the TNG "Don't Do Drugs" episode. The episode plodded and I still don't quite understand Tain's role -- is he Garak's father, his mentor, his manipulator? Are we supposed to trust him because we don't trust Garak, or vice versa?

That it worked,, I credit the actors. Garak's pain was convincing even if his symptoms looked like pon farr. I believed all of his stories as he told them; I hope we get more of the fake pasts before we get the real one, though with a bit less confusion. Bashir was great both striking out at Odo and NOT hitting on Dax, as well as trying to pick Garak's brain. WARNING: Unrepentant slasher comment to follow: I just wish Julian and Garak would hurry up and move past the flirting phase; they're running away from their true feelings!

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