by Michelle Erica Green

I'm In Love With Your Ghost

"Second Sight" Plot Summary:

Sisko meets a mysterious woman in a red dress, who shares his love of space and appears to him where no one else can see her. He falls for her, but she turns out to be a projection from the telepathic mind of the wife of an egotistical scientist attempting to re-ignite a star. The scientist dies in his experiment to punish himself for his wife's suffering, and she does not remember Sisko.


What should have been an interesting Sisko story gave way to everyone else providing comic relief for his intensity. Dax, Bashir, Kira, O'Brien, and guest star Seyetik (Richard Kiley) kept their senses of humor even when events got un-funny. Sisko, however fell in love intensely, talked to Jake intensely, investigated intensely, and moped intensely.

So it was a problem when the direction plodded, and the plot out-dumbed dream sequences. Seytik's suicide was inappropriately funny ("Let there be light!"), but I wished Sisko would have burst into a big grin at least; the guy has got to lighten up.

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