by Michelle Erica Green

Odo Finds His Calling

"The Search, Part One" Plot Summary:

When the crew enters the Gamma Quadrant in search of the Founders and is attacked and separated by the Jem'Hadar, Odo finds himself drawn to a mysterious nebula. He takes the unconscious Kira there with him while the fate of the rest of the crew hangs in the balance. On a planet at the center of the nebula, he finds a vast sea which begins to coalesce into individual changelings...


Great opening for the season the first half hour, which inexplicably dropped out of warp around the time Quark bailed out - hey, sometimes comic relief is a good thing, and the idea of Odo and Quark as roommates had much potential that got squandered.

I like the new ship, the new uniform collars, and all the new hairdos, although I hope Kira's new, softer haircut doesn't mean we're getting a new, softer Kira as well. Why did I get the feeling she wanted to giggle every time she had to look earnest and tell Odo, "I'm your friend?"

I wasn't overly impressed with the fight sequences, although the Jem'Hadar makeup has been terrific and I love looking at those guys. The ending was terrific too - all those shapeshifters popping up out of the goo! Of course, a prequel is only as good as its sequel...

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