by Michelle Erica Green

Impotent Omnipotence

"Q-Less" Plot Summary:

Q and Vash arrive on Deep Space Nine and trouble immediately commences which almost destroys the station. Everyone suspects Q, but it's actually Vash who's the culprit, and Q knows it; he's protecting her. While the station suffers a debilitating power drain, Vash hides her artifacts, until finally the omnipotent alien is forced to admit that Deep Space Nine's problems stem from a glowing orange crystal which Vash is auctioning. The "crystal" is beamed off the station and a butterfly-like creature emerges from it, flying into the wormhole to the Gamma Quadrant. Q suggests that Vash will be bored among humans and suggests that she explore some ancient ruins, but she decides she'd rather go without him.


A entirely forgettable Q episode which made him look impotent and trivial, the only good line was Sisko's observation that Q couldn't be causing the power failures on the station because he's be taking the credit for it and gloating if he were responsible. It's too bad that's not the Q who visited Sisko, because I'd like to see how this commander would deal with Picard's formidable adversary. Unfortunately, this Q only superficially resembled that being. Even Vash wasn't smart or compelling, just greedy and self-centered - she and Quark made a better couple than she and Q did. I hope he stops wasting his time pursuing her and goes back to Jean-Luc, which can only be good for everyone involved.

Apt title, at least.

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