by Michelle Erica Green

Statute of Limitations

"Dax" Plot Summary:

Jadzia Dax is arrested by the Klystron for a crime committed by Curzon Dax, her previous host. The Klystron plan to hold Jadzia responsible for the crime of which Curzon is accused - treason and murder. An extradition hearing is begun when Sisko insists he needs proof that Jadzia can be held responsible for Curzon's behavior while Odo visits the widow of the General whom Curzon is accused of killing; the widow says Curzon was innocent. She also reluctantly admits that Curzon was once her lover.

Dax refuses to destroy the woman's reputation by discussing the affair, but the widow ultimately testifies that Curzon was in her bed while the treason took place, and it was her own husband who betrayed their people. The prosecutor - who is also the son of the dead General - thanks Dax for protecting his father's image.


This episode was largely an excuse to teach us about Trill initiates and to distinguish between the host and synbiont roles - a marked change from TNG, where the symbiont controlled the host's thoughts completely, like Odan with Will Riker in "The Host." I found Jadzia's background interesting despite Terry Farrell's somewhat flat performance, but the episode itself wasn't very compelling. We knew from Sisko that Curzon was a bit of a party animal; now we know that he was also an adulterer. I understand why Jadzia was chosen to host a symbiont, but why in the world was he?

I did like Sisko's role in defense of his old friend, as well as Kira's cross-examination. Bashir's crush on Dax could start to grate very quickly, however. She's lived several lifetimes, she's been a man; shouldn't she have more interesting tastes in sexual partners?

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