by Michelle Erica Green

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"Armageddon Game" Plot Summary:

Bashir and O'Brien defuse deadly bio-weapons for the Kellerans, but are then targeted for death because of the knowledge they possess. While they work together to escape, Sisko must unravel their fate.


Predictable. Considering how little they've done with O'Brien and Bashir, you'd think they'd have come up with SOME common interest to discuss other than babes and work. Julian's diaries sound agonizingly boring to me - ballerinas? Sigh.

I don't buy the Kellerans calling in Federation help to get rid of the Harvester weapons if they were so paranoid that they'd murder the aides. When Keiko said that Miles never drank coffee at that hour, I was instantly remind of the scene in Airplane! where the woman says, "Jim never has a second sup of coffee at home...Jim never vomits at home..." and I couldn't take the rest of the episode seriously after that. (This was not Keiko's fault; I actually enjoyed her righteous snappiness.)

The plot reminded me of the TNG LaForge-kidnapped-by-not-smart-aliens and Riker-accused-of-murder episodes. Has anyone else noticed that the more an episode seems like a TNG rerun, the less I like it?

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