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Max: Jessica Alba
Logan Cale (Eyes Only): Michael Weatherly
Original Cindy: Valarie Rae Miller
Donald Lydecker: John Savage
Normal: J.C. MacKenzie
Sketchy: Richard Gunn
Young Max: Geneva Locke
Alec/Ben: Jensen Ackles
Joshua: Kevin Durand
Asha Barlow: Ashley Scott
Ames White: Martin Cummins


Kendra: Jennifer Blanc
Herbal Thought: Alimi Ballard
Bling: Peter Bryant
Matthew Sung: Byron Mann
Zack: William Gregory Lee
Elizabeth Renfro (Madame X): Nana Visitor
Rafer: Kris Pope
Charlie Smith: Sebastian Spence
Dr. Sam Carr: Brian Markinson
Sebastian: Jade C. Bell
Vogelsang: Stephen Lee
Brin: Nicole Bilderback
Tinga: Lisa Ann Cabasa
Jace: Shireen Crutchfield
Bruno Anselmo: Douglas O'Keeffe
Richard Sandoval: Fulvio Cecare
John McGinnis: Robert Gossett
Johannessen: Alex Zahara


Episode 1 - Pilot
Max, an escapee from Lydecker's Manticore Project to genetically engineer perfect soldiers, meets Logan Cale, the voice of Streaming Freedom underground journalism. Together they work to protect an informant from corrupt government officials and their thugs.

Episode 2 - Heat
When Max tracks down the woman who saved her from Manticore, she has trouble staying one step ahead of Lydecker.

Episode 3 - Flushed
Desperate for tryptophan to control her siezures, Max breaks into a hospital and ends up in jail.

Episode 4 - C.R.E.A.M.
Logan agrees to help track down his mentor when his daughter asks for help finding her father.

Episode 5 - 411 on the DL
Max finds Zack, the leader of the children at Manticore; Logan's ex-wife visits with a dubious agenda.

Episode 6 - Prodigy
Max and Lydecker are both taken hostage at a genetics conference by anti-technology terrorists.

Episode 7 - Cold Comfort
When Max and Zack try to protect another Manticore escapee, Lydecker learns their identities.

Episode 8 - Blah Blah Woof Woof
Logan tries to help Zack and Max escape from Seattle, but she returns to save his life.

Episode 9 - Out
While Normal falls in love with a transsexual, Logan breaks a date with Max to drag her in search of a flesh-peddler.

Episode 10 - Red
Max agrees to protect the man who shot and paralyzed Logan, not knowing a group of genetically engineered assassins are on their trail.

Episode 11 - Art Attack
Logan takes Max to his cousin's wedding, but she keeps disappearing to help save Normal's life.

Episode 12 - Rising
The stem cells in Max's blood appear to be regenerating Logan's spinal cord, but they're also causing Red soldiers to try to steal her DNA.

Episode 13 - The Kidz Are Aiight
When Zack calls on Max for help, she inadvertently helps Lydecker in learning the location of the other Manticore refugees.

Episode 14 - Female Trouble
Logan consults a former Manticore doctor whom he believes can treat his paralysis, but Lydecker has sent Max's old friend Jace to assassinate her.

Episode 15 - Haven
What starts out as a weekend vacation out of the city ends with Max and Logan discovering the brutal past of both a small town and a boy who grew up there.

Episode 16 - Shorties in Love
When Original Cindy's first love comes back into her life with a deadly secret, Max must break into a pharmaceutical firm to stop a plague.

Episode 17 - Pollo Loco
Lydecker's boss orders him to find the Manticore escapee who's killing his peers. Max, too, wants to stop him, but her killer instincts may make a peaceful resolution impossible.

Episode 18 - I and I Am A Camera
Max discovers that a vigilante stalker is really a superhero underneath his clothes, and Logan realizes his uncle may have invested the Cale fortune in deadly technology.

Episode 19 - Hit a Sista Back
Max tries to help a fellow Manticore survivor rescue her son from Lydecker, not sure whether or not Zack will be an ally.

Episode 20 - Meow
Max has problems with her feline DNA making her horny, and Lydecker has problems with his superiors at Manticore trying to kill him.

Episode 21 - ...And Jesus Brought a Casserole
After Max saves Lydecker from his war with Manticore, Zack calls the X-5s together to destroy the DNA lab so they can all finally stop running.


Episode 22 - Designate This
Manticore's base and Renfro are destroyed as Max helps the other kids escape, but not before she becomes infected with a virus that makes physical contact between herself and Logan deadly.

Episode 23 - Bag 'Em
Alec reluctantly helps Max save escapees from a Manticore assassination squad; Lydecker tries to trace Renfro's research.

Episode 24 - Proof of Purchase
While Max and Logan seek a solution to the virus that separates them and Joshua tries to track down "Sandman," Alec becomes involved in a scheme to kill other transgenics -- or be killed himself.

Episode 25 - Radar Love
Logan helps Max figure out who's using fireworks to commit genocide against transgenic escapees.

Episode 26 - Boo
On Halloween, Max finds herself chasing a headless mutant along with a group of misfit transgenics, all while trying to have a normal night out with Rafer.

Episode 27 - Two
When Max investigates a series of brutal murders, she is horrified to find Joshua the most likely suspect.

Episode 28 - Some Assembly Required
Max discovers that Zack is alive and well, but he has no memory of her.

Episode 29 - Gill Girl
Alec discovers an underwater transgenic whom he and Max must return to the ocean before she can be captured.

Episode 30 - Medium Is the Message
As she struggles to cure the Manticore virus, Max must contend with kidnapping case that involves White and the disappearance of Lydecker.

Episode 31 - Brainiac
Max meets a transgenic who can apparently tell the future.

Episode 32 - The Berrisford Agenda
Alec is haunted by his past mistakes when he wrestles with the ghosts of his last Manticore mission.

Episode 33 - Borrowed Time
Max and Logan find a cure for their genetically engineered virus, but have no time for love when a Manticore creation gets loose.

Episode 34 - Harbor Lights
When Max hospitalized, Logan tries to keep her identity safe from both White and a prying CDC doctor.

Episode 35 - Love In Vein
Max discovers a group of fake transgenics who follow a real transgenic with a messiah complex.

Episode 36 - Fuhgeddaboudit
A transgenic with hypnotic powers uses mind control to make Max, Alec, Logan and the others do her bidding.

Episode 37 - Exposure
When Max and Logan track White's son to a small town with a strange boarding school, Max gets firsthand exposure to the breeding cult's coming-of-age ceremonies.

Episode 38 - Hello, Goodbye
After a disastrous series of events with Alec and Joshua, Max decides that she must end her relationship with Logan for his safety.

Episode 39 - Dawg Day Afternoon
Spotted with his blind girlfriend, Joshua becomes the target of a manhunt by both transgenic-hating humans and White's cult.

Episode 40 - She Ain't Heavy
After White mistakenly kidnaps Max's clone, he tells 453 that she must kill 452 if she ever wants to see her family again.

Episode 41 - Love Among the Runes
As a tide of transgenic prejudice surges, Max helps her friends take refuge in Terminal City.

Episode 42 - Freak Nation
When a hostage crisis arises at the Jam Pony, Max takes on both White and the police, uniting the transgenics to fight for their rights.

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