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Sarah Michelle Gellar as Buffy Summers
Nicholas Brendon as Xander Harris
Alyson Hannigan as Willow Rosenberg
Anthony Stewart Head as Rupert Giles
David Boreanaz as Angel
Charisma Carpenter as Cordelia Chase
Kristine Sutherland as Joyce Summers
Michelle Trachtenberg as Dawn Summers
Seth Green as Oz
James Marsters as Spike
Juliet Landau as Drusilla
Eliza Dushku as Faith
Emma Caulfield as Anya
Alexis Denisof as Wesley Wyndham Price
Armin Shimerman as Principal Snyder
Julie Benz as Darla
Lindsay Crouse as Professor Walsh
Marc Blucas as Riley Finn
Amber Benson as Tara
Clare Kramer as Glory
Elizabeth Anne Allen as Amy
Mercedes McNab as Harmony Kendall


Episode 1 -- Welcome to Hellmouth
First aired 10 March 1997. Buffy the Vampire Slayer moves to Sunnydale to make a fresh start, but her powers are desperately needed as the Master Vampire schemes to destroy humanity.

Episode 2 -- The Harvest
First aired 10 March 1997. As Buffy tries to settle in and live like a normal teenager, The Master attacks her new friends.

Episode 3 -- The Witch
First aired 17 March 1997. Strange accidents befall the members of the cheerleading squad when someone from outside the circle wants to join them.

Episode 4 -- Teacher's Pet
First aired 24 March 1997. Though Xander is flattered by his substitute teacher?s interest in him, Buffy suspects there's more to her than meets the eye.

Episode 5 -- Never Kill a Boy on the First Date
First aired 31 March 1997. Buffy must choose between keeping a date with an attractive, romantic student or defending her town against the forces of evil.

Episode 6 -- The Pack
First aired 7 April 1997. After a school trip to the zoo, the coolest pack of kids in town transform into savages.

Episode 7 -- Angel
First aired 14 April 1997. Buffy finds herself attracted to a mysterious benefactor, but Giles investigates his long history and worries that Angel is anything but.

Episode 8 -- I Robot, You Jane
First aired 28 April 1997. Bookish Giles is drawn into the 20th century by an attractive computer teacher; meanwhile, Willow begins an online romance which leads to disaster.

Episode 9 -- The Puppet Show
First aired 5 May 1997. Giles reluctantly agrees to run the school talent show, but a ventriloquist's dummy doesn't seem to be sticking to the script.

Episode 10 -- Nightmares
First aired 12 May 1997. When a young boy is injured in an accident, his spirit escapes his body and begins to cause mayhem in Sunnydale.

Episode 11 -- Out of Mind, Out of Sight (Invisible Girl)
First aired 19 May 1997. An unpopular student avenges herself on those she blames for her plight.

Episode 12 -- Prophecy Girl
First aired 2 June 1997. Giles is appalled to discover that his books predict that Buffy must face the master in a battle to the death...her death.


Episode 13 -- When She Was Bad
First aired 15 September 1997. Buffy goes in pursuit of her final showdown with The Master, not realizing that Giles plays a pivotal role in his return from the dead.

Episode 14 -- Some Assembly Required
First aired 22 September 1997. When teenage girls turn up dead with various body parts amputated, Buffy realizes that someone is trying to build a dream woman one piece at a time.

Episode 15 -- School Hard
First aired 29 September 1997. As her mother begins to suspect that Buffy has a secret life, the vampire slayer comes face to face with the deadly Spike and Drusilla.

Episode 16 -- Inca Mummy Girl
First aired 6 October 1997. An exotic Peruvian exchange student moves in with Buffy and attracts Xander's attention, but dark secrets from her past endanger his life.

Episode 17 -- Reptile Boy
First aired 13 October 1997. Buffy and Cordelia attend a party at a pretigious fraternity, then realize the frat boys intend to sacrifice them to their mascot.

Episode 18 -- Halloween
First aired 27 October 1997. A mysterious figure from Giles' past transforms Buffy and her charges into their Halloween characters, turning Buffy from a Slayer into an 18th century noblewoman in love with Angel.

Episode 19 -- Lie To Me
First aired 3 November 1997. An old boyfriend of Buffy's tries to trade her life for his own; he promises to give her to Spike if the vampire will make him immortal.

Episode 20 -- The Dark Age
First aired 10 November 1997. Years ago, Giles tried to escape from being a Watcher; now those who know his secret are being killed.

Episode 21 -- What's My Line? Part I
First aired 17 November 1997. Career week at school makes Buffy wish she could have a more normal vocation, until her position and her life are threatened by Kendra, the Vampire Slayer.

Episode 22 -- What's My Line? Part II
First aired 24 November 1997. Kendra and Buffy join forces to rescue Angel from Spike, who intends to use Drusilla's sire to restore her health.

Episode 23 -- Ted
First aired 8 December 1997. Everyone adores Buffy's mother's new boyfriend except Buffy, who thinks there's more to his control-freak behavior than just quirkiness.

Episode 24 -- Bad Eggs
First aired 12 January 1998. When Buffy's friends learn about the responsibility of parenting by carrying around eggs, something unexpected hatches from the assignment...but that doesn't stop Buffy and Angel or Xander and Cordelia from getting closer.

Episode 25 -- Surprise
First aired 19 January 1998. Spike and Drusilla bring together the dismembered parts of The Judge, a deadly demon that can destroy the world. After escaping the evil vampires, Buffy makes love with Angel - only to have him lose his soul to a gypsy curse on his happiness.

Episode 26 -- Innocence
First aired 20 January 1998. Buffy realizes that she must destroy her now-evil lover Angel as Giles learns that Jenny Calendar, his new romance, is part of the gypsy family which gave Angel his soul and cursed him to lose it.

Episode 27 -- Phases
First aired 27 January 1998. Having learned of Xander and Cordelia's liaison, Willow begins to fall for Oz, but a werewolf stalking Sunnydale brings the hazards of dating home.

Episode 28 -- Bewitched, Bothered, and Bewildered
First aired 10 February 1998. After being dumped by Cordelia, Xander convinces a witch to create a love spell for him; unfortunately, while Cordelia remains immune to his charms, every single other woman in Sunnydale falls insanely in love with Xander.

Episode 29 -- Passion
First aired 24 February 1998. As Angel tells Buffy's mother about their liaison, forcing Buffy to tell her mother the truth about her secret life, Jenny tries to find a way to regain Angel's soul and win back Giles' trust.

Episode 30 -- Killed By Death
First aired 3 March 1998. Weakened by a high fever, Buffy is hospitalized, where she must confront both childhood memories of death and a growing menace in the present more immediate even than Angel.

Episode 31 -- I Only Have Eyes For You
First aired 28 April 1998. Giles believes that the tortured soul haunting Sunnydale High School is Jenny, trying to send him a message from beyond the grave.

Episode 32 -- Go Fish
First aired 5 May 1998. Buffy and Xander try to protect the members of the Sunnydale High swim team from a monster menacing them.

Episode 33 -- Becoming, Part I
First aired 12 May 1998. Discovering that Angel has a plan to open the Hellmouth and unleash a demon which will destroy the world, Buffy realizes that she cannot postpone destroying him any longer.

Episode 34 -- Becoming, Part II
First aired 19 May 1998. With Giles at Drusilla's mercy and Angel poised to destroy the world, Buffy prepares to kill her former lover at the moment Willow tries to complete Jenny's spell of reversal to restore his soul.


Episode 35 -- Anne
First aired 29 September 1998. After Buffy flees Sunnydale, where she has been thrown out by her mother and killed her lover, Giles draws her back to protect homeless teenagers from a murderous enemy.

Episode 36 -- Dead Man's Party
First aired 6 October 1998. When zombies attack on the eve of Buffy's return to Sunnydale, she gets a chance to prove to her mother and friends that she won't let them down again.

Episode 37 -- Faith, Hope, and Trick
First aired 13 October 1998. When an ancient devil and his trickster sidekick arrive in Sunnydale, recent arrival Faith helps the vampire slayer keep things together.

Episode 38 -- Beauty and the Beasts
First aired 20 October 1998. When a Sunnydale student is found murdered in the woods, Willow suspects Oz in werewolf mode, while Buffy fears the newly returned Angel is behind the mauling.

Episode 39 -- Homecoming
First aired 3 November 1998. Cordelia's determination to become Homecoming Queen arouses Buffy's ire, but Mr. Trick has more problems in store for both of them.

Episode 40 -- Band Candy
First aired 10 November 1998. After the adults of Sunnydale revert to adolescent behavior, Buffy tries to keep Angel's return a secret from her mother.

Episode 41 -- Revelations
First aired 17 November 1998. Buffy's friends are furious when they learn that she has been hiding Angel after all the mayhem he caused, but a new demon in search of a dangerous weapon makes them band together; meanwhile, Faith's new Watcher tries to modify Giles' methods for training Buffy.

Episode 42 -- Lovers Walk
First aired 24 November 1998. Dumped by Drusilla, Spike returns to Sunnydale and kidnaps Willow (in the midst of a de-lusting spell for herself and Xander) to demand a love potion to win Dru back.

Episode 43 -- The Wish
First aired 8 December 1998. Blaming Buffy for all her woes, Cordelia wishes the vampire slayer had never moved to Sunnydale, but an evil genie grants her wish and shows her a world in which The Master rules with Willow and Xander as his vampiric servants.

Episode 44 -- Amends
First aired 15 December 1998. Angel is haunted by his violent past in the person of the ghost of Jenny Calendar; Willow pleads with Oz to give her another chance, while Xander realizes he may have to live without Cordelia.

Episode 45 -- Gingerbread
First aired 12 January 1999. Buffy's mother goes to extremes to avenge the murders of two mysterious local children, leading a witch-hunt right to Buffy and Willow.

Episode 46 -- Helpless
First aired 19 January 1999. Though Buffy plans a quiet 18th birthday, preparations are made for a rite of passage which will test her will to survive against a deadly enemy.

Episode 47 -- The Zeppo
First aired 26 January 1999. While Xander raises hell in more ways than one, Buffy fights an all-female cult seeking to bring about the end of the world.

Episode 48 -- Bad Girls
First aired 9 February 1999. Buffy follows Faith down the primrose path of irresponsibility as her friends consider their post-high school options.

Episode 49 -- Consequences
First aired 16 February 1999. Following an accidental murder by Faith, Buffy is stricken with remorse, but her friend is not. Meanwhile, the Mayor and Trick realize they may have a chance to get rid of a slayer with a murder charge.

Episode 50 -- Doppelgangland
First aired 23 February 1999. When Willow's vampiric double is brought into Buffy's world with a spell gone awry, Buffy and Willow must outwit her while finding a way to beat Faith on the Watchers Council tests.

Episode 51 -- Enemies
First aired 16 March 1999. Faith and her vicious new ally the Mayor conspire to destroy Buffy by stealing Angel's soul.

Episode 52 -- Earshot
First aired 21 September 1999. Buffy gains the ability to overhear people's thoughts...and in addition to discovering that her mother had sex with Giles, she learns of a school assassination plot.

Episode 53 -- Choices
First aired 4 May 1999. As the gang makes decision about college and their futures, Buffy comes closer to a confrontation with the Mayor.

Episode 54 -- Prom
First aired 11 May 1999. Though she saves her school from hounds from Hell and wins an award for giving them the lowest mortality rate for a class ever, Buffy's last dance with Angel is bittersweet.

Episode 55 -- Graduation Part I
First aired 18 May 1999. As the showdown with the Mayor looms, Faith shoots Angel with a poisoned dart for which there is only one cure: the blood of a slayer.

Episode 56 -- Graduation Part II
First aired in the US 20 July 1999. The Mayor's Ascension begins with an eclipse and just gets worse from there.


Episode 57 -- The Freshman
First aired 5 October 1999. Buffy goes to college, where she finds more vampires and new potential love interests.

Episode 58 -- Living Conditions
First aired 12 October 1999. Buffy's new companion in her dorm gives new meaning to the phrase "roommate from hell."

Episode 59 -- The Harsh Light of Day
First aired 19 October 1999. Buffy does it with Parker, Xander does it with Anya, Spike does it with Harmony, and the Gem of Amara makes vampires impossible to kill.

Episode 60 -- Fear, Itself
First aired 26 October 1999. On Halloween, Buffy mopes over Parker, Xander gets closer to Anya, and Gachnar, the Fear Demon, tries to manifest himself.

Episode 61 -- Beer Bad
First aired 2 November 1999. When the local bartender adds something to the beer, everyone who drinks -- including Buffy -- goes Neanderthal and reverts to the demands of the id.

Episode 62 -- Wild at Heart
First aired 9 November 1999. At the full moon, Oz chases Veruca, destroying both the she-wolf and his relationship with Willow.

Episode 63 -- The Initiative
First aired 16 November 1999. Riley pursues Buffy, who doesn't yet know he's an agent in the "Initiative" looking for Spike.

Episode 64 -- Pangs
First aired 23 November 1999. Angel returns to watch over Buffy as a Chumash Indian spirit rises to seek vengeance for his people.

Episode 65 -- Something Blue
First aired 30 November 1999. Willow casts a spell to have her will be done, blinding Giles and causing Spike and Buffy to become betrothed.

Episode 66 -- Hush
First aired 14 December 1999. Monsters who can only be killed by the sound of a human scream steal the voices of everyone in town so they can go after their hearts.

Episode 67 -- Doomed
First aired 18 January 2000. Buffy and Giles believe the end of the world is coming and enlist the gang to stop a demon from reopening the hellmouth.

Episode 68 -- A New Man
First aired 25 January 2000. Giles is having a bad week after discovering the truth about Riley and the Initiative; then his old friend Ethan Rayne turns him into a demon.

Episode 69 -- The I in Team
First aired 8 February 2000. Buffy enlists in the Initiative, but Professor Walsh tries to cover up her Frankenstein demon Adam by sending the Slayer on a suicide mission.

Episode 70 -- Goodbye Iowa
First aired 15 February 2000. Drugged and miserable after learning of Walsh's death, Riley begins to doubt Buffy.

Episode 71 -- This Year's Girl
First aired 22 February 2000. Faith wakes from her eight-month coma and finds a gift from the mayor that allows her to switch bodies with her nemesis Buffy.

Episode 72 -- Who Are You
First aired 29 February 2000. Faith seduces Riley as Buffy escapes from the Watcher Council and gets her body back.

Episode 73 -- Superstar
First aired 4 April 2000. Geeky Jonathan images having his own show with Buffy as the sidekick, but the spell with which he creates this alternate universe conjures an ogre.

Episode 74 -- Where the Wild Things Are
First aired 25 April 2000. Buffy and Riley's sex life disturbs the ghosts of children who lived in Riley's place when it was a home for children run by a puritan fanatic.

Episode 75 -- New Moon Rising
First aired 2 May 2000. Oz returns and is shocked to learn that Willow now loves Tara.

Episode 76 -- The Yoko Factor
First aired 9 May 2000. Spike starts rumors targeted to break up the Scooby gang and leave Buffy vulnerable to Adam.

Episode 77 -- Primeval
First aired 16 May 2000. Adam has created an army of "cyberdemonoid" zombies and activated a behavior-controlling chip that forces Riley to work for him.

Episode 78 -- Restless
First aired 23 May 2000. The first slayer rises and tries to kill most of the Scooby gang in their sleep, sending them dreams based on movies.


Episode 79 -- Buffy vs. Dracula
First aired 26 September 2000. Dracula, who believes Buffy has become a killer worthy of his attention, turns into a bat, possesses Xander and uses his own erotic powers to get the Slayer's attention.

Episode 80 -- Real Me
First aired 3 October 2000. Dawn, who has appeared out of nowhere yet is remembered by everyone, laments that it's not easy being the sister of the Slayer and gets attacked by Harmony.

Episode 81 -- The Replacement
First aired 10 October 2000. Xander gets split in two and discovers that he doesn't like a lot about himself, but he also learns he has it easier than Riley, who doesn't believe Buffy loves him.

Episode 82 -- Out of My Mind
First aired 17 October 2000. Riley learns his super-charged matabolism may kill him, but Spike and Harmony kidnap the surgeon so he can have his chip removed and rid himself of Buffy, whom his dreams reveal he loves.

Episode 83 -- No Place Like Home
First aired 24 October 2000. While Glory searches for the Key -- hidden in the form of Dawn -- Buffy's mother becomes ill.

Episode 84 -- Family
First aired 7 November 2000. Tara's demon family come to claim her, and Glory unleashes a new demon to go after Buffy.

Episode 85 -- Fool For Love
First aired 14 November 2000. Buffy is wounded by a vampire and asks Spike to tell her about how Slayers die. He explains his history with Drusilla, Angel and Darla.

Episode 86 -- Shadow
First aired 21 November 2000. Joyce, Buffy's mother, learns that she has a brain tumor; Giles realizes he has sold powerful amulets to Glory, who smashes Buffy around.

Episode 87 -- Listening to Fear
First aired 28 November 2000. Riley gets turned on by letting vampires drink from him, and an ill Joyce rants that Dawn is not real.

Episode 88 -- Into the Woods
Number 87, First aired 19 December 2000. Spike reveals Riley's secret vampire fetish to Buffy; Riley claims he wanted to feel needed; Buffy fails to stop him from leaving town. Xander declares his love for Anya so she won't ever feel the same hopelessness.

Episode 89 -- Triangle
First aired 10 January 2001. Willow and Anya's magical competition becomes dangerous, while Giles tries to get information about Glory from the Watchers' Council without revealing Dawn's identity.

Episode 90 -- Checkpoint
First aired 23 January 2001. As Council members check out Giles and the gang, Buffy hides her mother and Dawn from Glory by asking for Spike's help.

Episode 91 -- Blood Ties
First aired 6 February 2001. Now that she knows Glory is a god, Buffy tries to figure out how to deal with her. Meanwhile, both Dawn and Spike realize Buffy's sister is the Key, and Dawn realizes that Ben and Glory are the same person.

Episode 92 -- Crush
First aired 13 February 2001. His love for Buffy rejected, Spike meets up with Drusilla, who inspires him to break up with Harmony but can't get him over the Slayer.

Episode 93 -- I Was Made To Love You
First aired 20 February 2001. A lonely Buffy decides to forego dating after meeting a robot created by a man to be the perfect romantic partner. Then she comes home to find her mother dead on the couch.

Episode 94 -- The Body
First aired 27 February 2001. Joyce's death sends Dawn into a state of denial so deep that Buffy fears it more than the forces of evil threatening them.

Episode 95 -- Forever
First aired 17 April 2001. Angel visits Buffy after learning of the death of her mother, while Dawn tries to perform a spell to bring Joyce back to life.

Episode 96 -- Intervention
First aired 24 April 2001. The first slayer takes Buffy on a quest to recover her true self; meanwhile, denied her true self, Spike builds a nearly perfect Buffy robot.

Episode 97 -- Tough Love
First aired 1 May 2001. Calamity strikes the gang as Buffy tries to become an authority figure for Dawn, now that Joyce is gone.

Episode 98 -- Spiral
First aired 8 May 2001. With Glory in pursuit of Dawn, who learns she has the power to destroy the universe, Buffy and the gang leave Sunnydale.

Episode 99 -- The Weight of the World
First aired 15 May 2001. After Glory abducts Dawn so she can use The Key to end the world, Buffy enters a catatonic state from which only Willow's magic may be able to save her.

Episode 100 -- The Gift
First aired 22 May 2001. When Dawn's blood opens the portal between dimensions, Buffy gives her own life to save her sister.


Episode 101 -- Bargaining Part I and II
First aired 2 October 2001. Willow casts a spell to bring Buffy back from the dead as a gang of demons descend on Sunnydale to take over in the Slayer's absence.

Episode 102 -- Afterlife
First aired 9 October 2001. The gang fights a demon that has apparently accompanied the traumatized Buffy back from Hell.

Episode 103 -- Flooded
First aired 16 October 2001. The basement floods and idiots menace Sunnydale.

Episode 104 -- Life Serial
First aired 23 October 2001. Buffy finds herself forced to consider getting a real job.

Episode 105 -- All the Way
First aired 30 October 2001. Dawn nearly gets in trouble on Halloween.

Episode 106 -- Once More, With Feeling (Buffy: The Musical)
First aired 6 November 2001. When a dancing demon comes to town, the Scooby Gang find themselves singing about their problems.

Episode 107 -- Tabula Rasa
First aired 13 November 2001. Willow casts a spell to make Tara and Buffy forget their frustrations with her, but ends up wiping everyone's memories, including her own.

Episode 108 -- Smashed
First aired 20 November 2001. Willow turns Amy from a rat back into a girl and gets a little crazy with her; meanwhile, Buffy and Spike fight and make love in an abandoned building.

Episode 109 -- Wrecked
First aired 27 November 2001. Abandoned by Tara, Willow takes Dawn with her to a dangerous warlock and nearly gets them both killed.

Episode 110 -- Gone
First aired 8 January 2002. A spell by the dork gang leaves Buffy invisible, which is how Dawn feels most of the time.

Episode 111 -- Doublemeat Palace
First aired 29 January 2002. Buffy's job at a burger joint makes her suspect that the meat she's serving isn't kosher.

Episode 112 -- Dead Things
First aired 5 February 2002. When Warren accidentally kills his ex-girlfriend while trying to turn her into a sex slave, he tries to make Buffy believe she committed the crime.

Episode 113 -- Older and Far Away
First aired 12 February 2002. When Dawn wishes for more attention, the gang gets trapped in Buffy's house fighting a demon.

Episode 114 -- As You Were
First aired 26 February 2002. Riley and his new wife come to town on a secret mission.

Episode 115 -- Hell's Bells
First aired 5 March 2002. A vengeance demon convinces Xander that if he marries Anya, their lives will be miserable together; he abandons her at the altar.

Episode 116 -- Normal Again
First aired 12 March 2002. After an encounter with a demon, Buffy keeps hallucinating that she's in a mental hospital (with both parents, without her fictional sister), recovering from her delusions of being a vampire slayer; that life seems better to her than her real life.

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