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Michael O'Hare as Commander Jeffrey Sinclair
Bruce Boxleitner as Captain John Sheridan
Claudia Christian as Lt. Commander Susan Ivanova
Richard Biggs as Dr. Stephen Franklin
Jerry Doyle as Garibaldi
Mira Furlan as Delenn
Stephen Furst as Vir
Peter Jurasik as Londo Mollari
Andreas Katsulas as K'Gar
Bill Mumy as Lennier
Patricia Tallman as Lyta Alexander
Jeff Conaway as Zack Allan
Julie Caitlin Brown as Na'Toth (Seasons 1,5)
Mary Kay Adams as Na'Toth (Seasons 2-4)
Jason Carter as Marcus Cole
Robin Atkin Downes as Byron
Andrea Thompson as Talia Winters
Walter Koenig as Bester
Tracy Scoggins as Elizabeth Lochley
Wortham Krimmer as Cartagia
Robert Rusler as Warren Keffer
Wayne Alexander as Lorien

Movie: In the Beginning
Londo Mollari tells a group of Centauri children the story of how the Earth-Minbari war began, which laid the groundwork for the Babylon Project.

Pilot Movie: The Gathering
Kosh, the ambassador from the Vorlons, is the last to arrive on the new Babylon 5 station. He is promptly attacked by an assassin and Commander Sinclair is held responsible.

Episode 1: Midnight on the Firing Line
The Narns attack a Centauri farming colony, outraging Londo Mollari. Garibaldi discovers that a gang of pirates is stepping up their attacks and will go after a ship full of civilians next.

Episode 2: Soul Hunter
A "Soul Hunter" out of Minbari folklore comes to the station for Delenn's soul.

Episode 3: Born To The Purple
Londo's secret stash of blackmail information is stolen by a beautiful spy. Garibaldi discovers a series of secret transmissions from Earth to B5.

Episode 4: Infection
A friend of Dr. Franklin accidentally transforms his lab assistant into a rampaging monster. The ISN is interested in exposing the truth while Sinclair tries to capture the monster.

Episode 5: The Parliament of Dreams
Several religious festivals are held simultaneously on the station, and Catherine Sakai, an old flame of Sinclair's, visits B5. G'Kar begins to fear for his life.

Episode 6: Mind War
Jason Ironheart, on the run from the Psi Corps, hides on B5. He has amazing telekinetic powers. Catherine travels to Sigma 957 to do a planetary survey, though G'Kar warns her of danger.

Episode 7: The War Prayer
Violent anti-alien humans start a race riot on the station.

Episode 8: And The Sky Full of Stars
Earth patriots kidnap Sinclair and imprison him in a virtual reality to find out the truth of what he did at the Battle of the Line.

Episode 9: Deathwalker
Sinclair is urged to protect the universally hated war criminal Jha'dur, known as the Deathwalker.

Episode 10: Believers
Alien parents' religious beliefs prevent Dr. Franklin from operating on their critically ill son.

Episode 11: Survivors
President Santiago of Earth visits Babylon 5, and security is tightened. Garibaldi is framed for sabotage and goes on the lam.

Episode 12: By Any Means Necessary
Labor troubles boil over when a dockworker is killed in an accident. The accident also destroyed a religious artifact G'Kar needs for a ceremony, but the only other such artifact on the station belongs to Londo.

Episode 13: Signs and Portents
A Centauri seer foretells the destruction of Babylon 5.

Episode 14: TKO
A full contact fighting spectacle called the Mutai is being held on B5, and Walker Smith wants to be the first human being to win it.

Episode 15: Grail
A monk searching for the Holy Grail comes to B5, but he seems to have brought a deadly monster with him.

Episode 16: Eyes
Colonel Ari Ben Zayn comes to B5 to investigate everyone's loyalty - including Commander Sinclair's.

Episode 17: Legacies
Neroon, leader of the Minbari warrior caste, threatens war unless the body of a Minbari military hero is found and returned.

Episode 18: A Voice in the Wilderness, Part I
Sinclair and Ivanova discover a Great Machine under the surface of Epsilon 3, the desert world that Babylon 5 orbits. Garibaldi worries that his love, Lise Hampton, may have been killed in the Mars uprising.

Episode 19: A Voice in the Wilderness, Part II
Earthforce troops and alien raiders try to get their hooks on the Great Machine. Garibaldi confirms Lise is alive.

Episode 20: Babylon Squared
Babylon 4 appears out of nowhere, having been sent into the future. Unfortunately, B4 is the station that helped the Minbari in the last great Shadow War in the 1200s, 1000 years ago.
So the station has to go back in time to fulfill its destiny.

Episode 21: The Quality of Mercy
Talia Winters telepathically scans a maniac criminal's mind, while Londo takes Lennier on a tour of the station.

Episode 22: Chrysalis
Sinclair and Catherine plan their wedding. Garibaldi uncovers a plot to assassinate President Santiago, while Londo gets help from Mr. Morden and Delenn enters a chrysalis to become more human.


Episode 23: Points of Departure
Sinclair is reassigned as ambassador to the Minbari; the new commander, Capt. John Sheridan, must stop a renegade Minbari warship.

Episode 24: Revelations
Delenn emerges, transformed into a much more humanlike appearance. G'Kar warns of the return of the Shadows.

Episode 25: The Geometry of Shadows
Londo tries to see the future with the help of a group of wizards, while Ivanova tries to quell disputes between green Drazi and purple Drazi.

Episode 26: A Distant Star
Sheridan's mentor, Captain Cortez, is lost in hyperspace and Sheridan rushes to rescue him.

Episode 27: The Long Dark
A sleeper ship comes to Babylon 5 with a 100-year-old frozen woman and her dead husband. Garibaldi finds out there is an evil force aboard the ship.

Episode 28: A Spider in the Web
The Free Mars movement steps up its campaign of violence on the station by murdering Talia Winters' friend.

Episode 29: Soul Mates
Londo is given the priceless opportunity to divorce two of his three wives and keep only one, but which one?

Episode 30: A Race Through Dark Places
Bester chases escaping telepaths to B5, and causes Talia to question her membership in the Psi Corps. Delenn tries to get closer to Sheridan.

Episode 31: The Coming of Shadows
Londo provokes war between the Centauri and Narn with the aid of the Shadows.

Episode 32: GROPOS
A huge contingent of EarthForce soldiers is stationed aboard B5, commanded by Dr. Franklin's father, General Richard Franklin. Dr. and Gen. Franklin do not get on well.

Episode 33: All Alone In the Night
Aliens kidnap Captain Sheridan; Delenn is kicked off the Minbari's ruling Gray Council in favor of Neroon, a warrior. When Sheridan is rescued, General Hague of EarthForce warns him of growing tensions on Earth.

Episode 34: Acts of Sacrifice
G'Kar tries to get Earth and the Minbari to help the Narn against the Centauri.

Episode 35: Hunter, Prey
A doctor who knows about the plot to assassinate President Santiago is chased to B5 by an EarthGov assassin.

Episode 36: There All Honor Lies
Sheridan is accused of murdering a Minbari warrior who attacked him, and the sole witness claims Sheridan acted without cause.

Episode 37: And Now For a Word
The ISN news network does a "60 Minutes"-style expose of Babylon 5.

Episode 38: In the Shadow of Z'ha'dum
Morden, Londo's contact with the Shadows, is captured by Sheridan and interrogated.

Episode 39: Knives
An immaterial alien inflicts strange visions on Sheridan.

Episode 40: Confessions and Lamentations
A deadly plague is loose on B5, and Dr. Franklin suspects biological warfare.

Episode 41: Divided Loyalties
Lyta Alexander is on the run from Psi Corps and warns Sheridan that someone on B5 is a "sleeper agent" of the Corps, with a false personality set to drop like a mask at a single word of command.

Episode 42: The Long, Twilight Struggle
The Narn homeworld is overrun by Centauri and Shadow forces. Delenn shares the secret of the Rangers with Sheridan.

Episode 43: Comes the Inquisitor
Kosh puts Delenn through painful tests to see if she has the will to fight the Shadows. Worried about her safety, Sheridan takes her place in the ordeal.

Episode 44: The Fall of Night
Earth decides to ally with the Centauri and Sheridan is severely disappointed in his own government.


Episode 45: Matters of Honor
Marcus Cole comes to B5 to ask Sheridan to break a Centauri blockade, which would be an act of war. Marcus gives Sheridan a White Star ship, with the best of Vorlon and Minbari technology. En route, they spot the first Shadow ship.

Episode 46: Convictions
Someone is setting bombs on the station. Ivanova gets Brother Theo and his fellow Trappist monks to scan hundreds of hours of videotape to find the mad bomber.

Episode 47: A Day In the Strife
G'Kar has been replaced by the Narn government and is recalled to Narn. If he doesn't go, the Centauri are prepared to lean on his family, and the families of every Narn on Babylon 5.

Episode 48: Passing Through Gethsemane
Lyta Alexander returns as Kosh's aide. A monk has visions of bloody murder, which turn out to be repressed memories.

Episode 49: Voices of Authority
Ivanova has telepathic visions of the murder of President Santiago; she and Marcus go to the First Ones, far out in the galactic rim, and get their promise to help in the Shadow War.

Episode 50: Dust to Dust
A drug that produces telepathy is being sold on the station; G'Kar takes some and learns some of Londo's secrets.

Episode 51: Exogenesis
An alien parasite is loose and Marcus and Dr. Franklin chase it down.

Episode 52: Messages from Earth
Marcus discovers that the Earth government has found a Shadow ship and is bringing it to Earth. President Clark declares martial law.

Episode 53: Point of No Return
The Nightwatch tries to take over Babylon 5, and Zack has to choose between them and the Captain. A Centauri seer gives Londo some cryptic advice about his future.

Episode 54: Severed Dreams
Mars and other colonies secede from the Earth Alliance. Babylon 5 fights back against Earthforce ships and men sent to capture the station.

Episode 55: Ceremonies of Light and Dark
The Babylon 5 crew killed in last week's battle are buried in space. Delenn holds a ceremony, which is almost interrupted by Neroon, the Minbari warrior caste leader. The crew get new uniforms.

Episode 56: Sic Transit Vir
Vir is betrothed to a Centauri woman whose attitude toward Narns shocks him.

Episode 57: A Late Delivery from Avalon
A man claiming to be King Arthur arrives on B5. G'Kar recognizes Babylon 5 as an independent state.

Episode 58: Ship of Tears
Bester tells Sheridan that Clark is in league with the Shadows, who have also infiltrated the Psi Corps. G'Kar asks to join Sheridan's conspiracy.

Episode 59: Interludes and Examinations
Sheridan convinces Kosh to help him in their war with Clark, but Kosh says the price for his help is Sheridan's death at Z'ha'dum. Franklin resigns as doctor, having become addicted to stims.

Episode 60: War Without End, Part One
Ambassador Sinclair returns as Babylon 4 re-appears. It was flung into the future, but needs to go 1,000 years into the past to battle the Shadows in the last great Shadow War.

Episode 61: War Without End, Part Two
Sheridan becomes unstuck in time, and sees visions of his and Londo's futures.

Episode 62: Walkabout
Dr. Franklin wanders the Downbelow, looking for himself. Instead, he finds love.

Episode 63: Grey 17 Is Missing
Garibaldi discovers one whole level of the station is missing; it's been taken over by lurkers, who live in fear of a deadly alien called a Zarn.

Episode 64: And the Rock Cried Out, No Hiding Place
Londo arranges the death of his rival, Lord Refa, using the Narn resistance as his bait and his trap.

Episode 65: Shadow Dancing
Franklin, dying from a stab wound, meets himself and decides he doesn't want to die after all.

Episode 66: Z'ha'dum
Sheridan's wife Anna returns from Z'ha'dum. She takes him there to hear the Shadows' side of things, but instead he destroys the Shadow city with his White Star ship, destroying Anna, the White Star, and himself.


Movie: Thirdspace
A Vorlon artifact nearly unleashes chaos on the galaxy.

Episode 67: The Hour of the Wolf
Lyta, Bester, and others go to Zha'dum to scan for the missing Captain Sheridan. Ivanova tries to hold the Non-Aligned Worlds alliance together by herself.

Episode 68: Whatever Happened to Mr. Garibaldi?
G'Kar goes looking for Garibaldi and is captured by the Centauri. Sheridan finds himself at the bottom of a pit on Zha'dum, with Lorien, the oldest being in the universe.

Episode 69: The Summoning
Garibaldi is rescued by Zack and returns to B5. Delenn organizes an all-or-nothing final assault on the Shadows. Sheridan returns to B5 with Lorien. Ivanova and Marcus discover the Vorlon fleet in hyperspace and tell the others the Vorlons have overwhelming military force at their disposal.

Episode 70: Falling Toward Apotheosis
The Vorlons eliminate worlds that have served as Shadow bases by tearing the worlds apart. Emperor Cartagia wants the Vorlons to attack Centauri Prime, so the deaths of billions of Centauri will elevate Cartagia to godhood. The station crew tries to get rid of Kosh's unpleasant replacement.

Episode 71: The Long Night
The Shadows start destroying Vorlon-influenced worlds. Sheridan combines the White Star fleet with many non-aligned forces and uses his massed fleet as a barrier between the Vorlons and the Shadows.

Episode 72: Into the Fire
The Shadows and Vorlons confront Sheridan and demand he choose between them. He chooses neither, and the First Ones take them both out of the galaxy.

Episode 73: Epiphanies
Bester has useful information to trade for his lover's life; he hopes the technology to cure her may be found on Zha'dum. They go there, but a telepathic probe from Lyta blows up the Shadow bases left behind.

Episode 74: The Illusion of Truth
ISN comes to do a special on Babylon 5, which is used as propaganda for the Clark regime.

Episode 75: Atonement
Delenn is in trouble for planning to marry Sheridan, who is not a Minbari. In a ritual of atonement, she enters a deep dream states and faces the buried truth: she is the one whose order caused the Minbari-Earth War.

Episode 76: Racing Mars
Marcus and Franklin go to Mars to contact the resistance. Garibaldi decides he can no longer trust Sheridan and his allies.

Episode 77: Lines of Communication
The Religious and Warrior castes of Minbari disagree over their next move. Delenn meets a Drakh, formerly a servant of the Shadows, now hoping to step into the Shadows' place. Sheridan organizes a Voice of Freedom station to counteract Earthgov propaganda.

Episode 78: Conflicts of Interest
Ivanova makes the first broadcast as the Voice of the Resistance. Garibaldi gets a job on Mars, working for reclusive billionaire William Edgars.

Episode 79: Rumors, Bargains and Lies
Sheridan tricks the Centauri and Narn into asking for Army of Light protection.

Episode 80: Moments of Transition
As Delenn attempts a suicidal ritual to lead Minbar out of chaos, Neroon of the warrior caste takes her place, and while dying, converts to the Religious caste.

Episode 81: No Surrender, No Retreat
Sheridan's army liberates Proxima 3, where Earthforce ships have begun firing on civilians.

Episode 82: The Exercise of Vital Powers
Garibaldi is ordered to capture Sheridan as a sign of his faith to his new boss.

Episode 83: The Face of the Enemy
Garibaldi sets up Sheridan and delivers him to Earthforce. Then Edgars reveals that he is planning to annihilate the telepaths on Earth with a tailored disease. Bester meets Garibaldi, learns the truth, and admits that he was behind Garibaldi's paranoia of late, using Garibaldi to find out who was after the telepaths. Bester restores Garibaldi's true memories, but it's too late; the Psi Corps has killed Edgars and stolen the disease.

Episode 84: Intersections in Real Time
Earthforce interrogates Sheridan, hoping to use him as a propaganda mouthpiece.

Episode 85: Between the Darkness and the Light
Ivanova takes the White Star fleet to stop an ambush by Shadow-derived Earthforce ships, and is fatally injured. Garibaldi, Franklin and Lyta rescue Sheridan.

Episode 86: Endgame
Sheridan strikes at Mars; Shadow-implanted telepaths bollix up the computers on Earthforce ships, so Sheridan can disable them without killing them. Marcus takes Ivanova back to B5 and uses an alien healing machine to save her life, at the cost of his own.

Episode 87: Rising Star
Sheridan turns himself over to Earthgov for trial and is exonerated. He is made the first President of the Interstellar Alliance, headquartered on B5.

Episode 88: The Deconstruction of Falling Stars
Views of Sheridan and Delenn from 100, 500 and 1000 years later show how history is distorted to serve the needs of the moment.


Episode 89: No Compromises
As Captain Lochley arrives to replace the departing Ivanova, a group of telepaths begs asylum from President Sheridan.

Episode 90: The Very Long Night of Londo Mollari
Londo has a heart attack and faces his demons in the form of G'Kar.

Episode 91: The Paragon of Animals
As Sheridan seeks help from the telepaths to stop Alliance members from attacking one another, the ambassadors debate signing a declaration of principles.

Episode 92: A View from the Gallery
Two maintenance men watch events unfold on the station and clean up the messes.

Episode 93: Learning Curve
Ranger recruits learn what it means to be Minbari and to control terror.

Episode 94: Strange Relations
Bester comes to Babylon 5 seeking the rogue telepaths hidden down below.

Episode 95: Secrets of the Soul
Byron's relationship with Lyta reveals to him why the telepaths were created, giving him a new sense of purpose in trying to save his people.

Episode 96: In the Kingdom of the Blind
Violence develops both on Centauri Prime and among the telepaths on Babylon 5.

Episode 97: A Tragedy of Telepaths
Conflicts reach a head between the Drazi and Brakiri, the telepaths and the mundanes, and Londo and the leaders on Centauri Prime.

Episode 98: Phoenix Rising
Byron concludes that the only way to stop the violence in his name is to sacrifice himself.

Episode 99: Day of the Dead
A Brakiri festival to honor the dead brings ghosts to everyone living in part of the station.

Episode 100: The Ragged Edge
While G'Kar finds himself becoming a religious icon, Londo sees Garibaldi's evidence and inadvertently reveals that the Centauri are behind the attacks on the Alliance.

Episode 101: The Corps Is Mother, The Corps Is Father
Bester takes a pair of interns for training on a mission to track down a murderous telepath.

Episode 102: Meditations on the Abyss
Delenn asks Lennier to help gather proof that the Centauri are behind the attacks on the Alliance.

Episode 103: Darkness Ascending
Lennier returns with proof of Centauri duplicity, which could tear the Alliance apart.

Episode 104: And All My Dreams, Torn Asunder
Garibaldi's drinking problem causes a vital message to be lost, plunging the Alliance into war.

Episode 105: Movements of Fire and Shadow
While Londo discovers that the Centauri Emperor has been manipulated into starting a war, Lyta and Franklin discover Shadow technology on the Centauri ships.

Episode 106: The Fall of Centauri Prime
The Drakh demand Londo as their price for averting the destruction of Centauri Prime.

Episode 107: The Wheel of Fire
Desiring to disappear from his people's worship of him as their messiah, G'Kar invites the criminally dangerous Lyta to become his traveling companion.

Episode 108: Objects In Motion
An attack on Garibaldi and Lise inspires him to ask her to marry him.

Episode 109: Objects At Rest
After nearly letting Sheridan die, Lennier flees; Sheridan records a message for his unborn child's 21st birthday, which he will not live to see; and Londo returns with a terrible legacy.

Episode 110: Sleeping in Light
At the end of his shortened lifespan, Sheridan says goodbye to his aging friends and sees Babylon 5 for the last time.



Captain Matthew Gideon: Gary Cole
Lt. John Matheson: Daniel Dae Kim
Max Eilerson: David Allen Brooks
Galen: Peter Woodward
Dr. Sarah Chambers: Marjean Holden
Dureena: Carrie Dobro
Trace Miller: Alex Mendoza
Senator McQuade: Tim Thomerson

Movie: A Call To Arms

A new deadly threat to humanity creates new alliances and new adversaries on Babylon 5.

Episode 1: War Zone
Earth has been dusted with an alien plague by the Drakh, so Captain Gideon and his crew on the Excalibur go in search of a cure before it kills everyone on Earth.

Episode 2: The Long Road
A miner's strike leads to a hostage situation which Gideon attempts to defuse.

Episode 3: The Well of Forever
Galen wants the ship to visit the Well of Forever deep in hyperspace, and catches a corrupt telepathic cop.

Episode 4: The Path of Sorrows
Gideon has flashbacks about atrocities under President Clark, courtesy an alien which derives nourishment from forgiveness.

Episode 5: Patterns of the Soul
The colonists on Theta 49 are infected with the Drakh plague and must be quarantined.

Episode 6: Ruling from the Tomb
A conference on Mars is threatened by religious fanatics who believe God wants the Earth destroyed.

Episode 7: Rules of the Game
Gideon works to convince the Lorkans to let the Excalibur land, while the Lorkans try to kill him.

Episode 8: Appearances and Other Deceits
An alien being which can possess the bodies of the crew invades the ship. Also, and equally horrifying, a team of interior decorators come aboard to redesign the look of the ship's control rooms and uniforms.

Episode 9: Racing the Night
On a world devastated millennia ago by the Drakh plague, Excalibur finds evidence of massive biological research which evidently failed. Crewmen then start disappearing as they explore the ruins -- is the research still going on?

Episode 10: The Needs of Earth
An alien refugee seeks shelter from the Excalibur, in exchange for a vast storehouse of information from his culture. But he is protective of his information, and there are enemies who want it back, or him dead, or both.

Episode 11: The Memory of War
Excalibur finds a weapon of immense power in the ruins of an ancient race, but the weapon is the reason that species is dead and gone, and Galen discovers that their fate may be tied to that of Earth.

Episode 12: Visitors From Down the Street
Two aliens who are convinced humanity has been secretly intervening in their species' history and genetics get the chance to meet Gideon face to face. A parody of The X-Files from the aliens' point of view.

Episode 13: Each Night I Dream of Home
A young man volunteers to be injected with the Drakh plague so that Dr. Franklin can observe the course of the infection. The Drakh don't want his experiment to succeed and prepare to terminate the young man, and the Excalibur, prematurely.

Sort of like what happened to Crusade itself ...

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