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Kevin Sorbo as Dylan Hunt
Lisa Ryder as Beka Valentine
Keith Hamilton Cobb as Tyr Anasazi
Lexa Doig as Andromeda
Gordon Michael Woolvett as Seamus Harper
Laura Bertram as Trance Gemini


Brent Stait as Rev Bem
Steve Bacic as Gaheris Rhade
John de Lancie as "Uncle" Sid Barry
Sam Sorbo as Sara Riley
John Tench as Gerentex
Kimberly Huie as Elsbett Mossadim Bolivar
Adrian Hughes as Cuchulain Nez Perce
Dylan Bierk as Freya
Alex Diakun as Höhne
Rik Kiviaho as Rekeeb


Episode 1 - Under the Night
When a Nietzschean rebellion destroys the Systems Commonwealth, Captain Dylan Hunt and his ship Andromeda Ascendant are trapped in a black hole.

Episode 2 - An Affirming Flame
After being salvaged by the Eureka Maru, Dylan convinces the crew to join him and help restore the Commonwealth.

Episode 3 - To Loose the Fateful Lightning
The Andromeda crew encounters a group of isolated children who believe they must use Nova bombs to destroy the enemies of the Commonwealth.

Episode 4 - D Minus Zero
A mysterious enemy keeps attacking Andromeda while the new crew struggles to work as a team.

Episode 5 - Double Helix
Tyr is invited to marry into a pride of Nietzscheans...if he will betray his colleagues on Andromeda.

Episode 6 - Angel Dark, Demon Bright
When Trance inadvertently pilots the Andromeda back in time, Dylan must make a decision about whether to kill thousands of Nietzcheans to defend the remains of the Commonwealth.

Episode 7 - The Ties That Blind
Beka's rogue brother reappears, claiming he has found religion and asking for her help.

Episode 8 - Banks of the Lethe
A rescue mission from the past forces Dylan to choose between his fiancee and his mission to restore the Commonwealth.

Episode 9 - A Rose in the Ashes
Sentenced for crimes they didn't commit, Dylan and Rommie are sent to a prison colony where only the strong survive.

Episode 10 - All Great Neptune's Ocean
When an alien president is murdered on the Andromeda Ascendant, Tyr is the leading suspect.

Episode 11 - The Pearls That Were His Eyes
An old friend of Beka's father asks for her help, but ends up dredging up unhappy truths about her childhood.

Episode 12 - The Mathematics of Tears
Andromeda discovers a damaged sister ship, the Pax Magellanic, with a crew that has mysteriously survived for 300 years.

Episode 13 - Music of a Distant Drum
Tyr crashes on a planet ruled by the enemy Nietzschean Dragan clan, without his memory but with a valuable package whose contents he cannot recall.

Episode 14 - Harper 2.0
Harper gets a vast database from the All Systems University Library downloaded into his brain, but a bounty hunter wants to get it out.

Episode 15 - Forced Perspective
Dylan returns to a planet where he once led a shameful mission that got him promoted to captain. Unfortunately for him, he's not the only one still alive who remembers.

Episode 16 - The Sum of Its Parts
When a mysterious mechanized culture, the Consensus of Parts, demands contact with Andromeda, the ship's personality is nearly assimilated by alien technology.

Episode 17 - Fear and Loathing in the Milky Way
Gerentex abducts Harper and Trance aboard the Maru and enlists their aid in his search for a relic that can lead him to the treasure of the old Commonwealth; meanwhile, Beka tries to cheer up Dylan by persuading the Perseids to remain in the new Commonwealth.

Episode 18 - The Devil Take The Hindmost
Dylan and Rev Bem try to save a Wayist teacher who is trying to protect a race with genetic memory from learning to kill those who would enslave them.

Episode 19 - The Honey Offering
In order to secure a peace treaty between the Sabra and Jaguar prides and win the independence of two systems, the Andromeda crew agrees to transport Nietzchean princess Elsbett to her arranged marriage.

Episode 20 - Star-Crossed
Rommie falls in love with an android rescued from Restorian attackers, but her beloved turns out to be the avatar of a dangerous former High Guard ship.

Episode 21 - It Makes A Lovely Light
Beka becomes addicted to Flash while trying to navigate through the slipstream to Tarn-Vedra, the lost homeworld of the Systems Commonwealth.

Episode 22 - Its Hour Come Round At Last
When Harper reinitializes a duplicate version of Andromeda's AI, the ship tries to destroy the crew and takes them deep into Magog territory.


Episode 23 - The Widening Gyre
While Tyr and Harper try to stay alive on the Magog world ship, Dylan and Rommie attempt a rescue, leaving orders for Beka to launch a nova bomb if they fail.

Episode 24 - Exit Strategies
Pursued by Nietzcheans, Dylan, Beka, Rev Bem and Tyr crash on an icy planet where they must find both fuel and food.

Episode 25 - A Heart For Falsehood Framed
During negotiations to stop a war, the crew replaces a sacred relic with a fake and Beka falls for the thief who may have stolen the original.

Episode 26 - Pitiless as the Sun
Trance is interrogated by an Inari scientist while the Andromeda crew tries to find out who's been attacking Inari cargo ships.

Episode 27 - Last Call at the Broken Hammer
Dylan leads a stylish old Western shootout to protect an intergalactic leader.

Episode 28 - All Too Human
While Rommie fights 'Matrix'-like battles on a planet where AIs are despised, Tyr struggles with his Nietzschean responsibilities as Harper's life hangs in the balance.

Episode 29 - Una Salus Victus
When the crew must fight Nietzscheans to protect a convoy of ships, their personal goals come into conflict with their mission.

Episode 30 - Home Fires
On a planet of Commonwealth descendants gathered by Sara Riley, Dylan faces a descendant of Gaheris Rhade.

Episode 31 - Into the Labyrinth
While Harper considers trading the All Systems Library to the Spirit of the Abyss in exchange for a cure for his Magog infestation, Dylan mulls an alliance with Elsbett's husband, a Sabra-Jaguar pride leader.

Episode 32 - The Prince
When Dylan and Tyr become co-regents to a young prince after his father dies, the young man must decide whether to strive for peace or power.

Episode 33 - Bunker Hill
While the crew helps Elsbett's Sabra-Jaguar fleet attack the Drago-Kazov, Harper returns to Earth to help his cousin fight the Nietzscheans enslaving the planet.

Episode 34 - Ouroboros
When Harper's Magog infestation threatens to kill him, he devises a plan to use tesseract technology to remove the larvae. Unfortunately the space-and-time-warping affects far more than just his insides.

Episode 35 - Lava and Rockets
With mercenary killers on his tail, Dylan hijacks a ship and bonds with its novice pilot. Meanwhile Tyr tries to convince Rommie that he didn't abandon their captain.

Episode 36 - Be All My Sins Remembered
Beka's past comes back to haunt her in the form of a Borgified boyfriend.

Episode 37 - Dance of the Mayflies
After a rescue attempt exposes them to deadly alien spores, the crew fights zombies that keep coming back to life.

Episode 38 - In Heaven Now Are Three
Beka, Trance and Dylan hunt for an artifact that legend says can re-ignite suns and raise the dead.

Episode 39 - The Things We Cannot Change
Trapped on the event horizon of a black hole, Dylan recalls his life aboard Andromeda as he hallucinates a life with a wife and son.

Episode 40 - The Fair Unknown
The Vedrans, founders of the Commonwealth who have been missing from the slipstream for over 300 years, finally make a return, only to make another planet disappear.

Episode 41 - Belly of the Beast
While Dylan goes off to reassure a planet that there really aren't giant devouring space monsters, his ship runs into one.

Episode 42 - The Knight, Death and the Devil
When Dylan hooks up with an AI to try to save a group of High Guard ships from the Drago-Kazov, he is shocked to learn that they value their independence more than his Commonwealth.

Episode 43 - Immaculate Perception
When Tyr learns that his wife's pride is on the verge of extermination, he sets off to save her, and learns that he has a son. Then he learns that the child is more important than he ever could have imagined.

Episode 44 - The Tunnel at the End of the Light
As delegates gather to ratify the Commonwealth Charter, an invisible attacker causes panic and forces Trance to reveal some of what she knows about the future she wants to avoid.


Episode 45 - If the Wheel Is Fixed
Tyr and Beka return from the mysterious beyond stranger than usual.

Episode 46 - The Shards of Rimni
When Dylan gets a mysterious package in the mail, he takes Harper in pursuit of the sender and ends up the prime suspect in a murder.

Episode 47 - Mad to be Saved
When Dylan and crew pick up refugees fleeing from a repressive planet, they discover that they're not equipped to serve as an insane asylum.

Episode 48 - Cui Bono
Uncle Sid returns, running for Second Triumvir, but an assassination attempt forces Beka to investigate both his past and her own.

Episode 49 - The Lone and Level Sands
Crewmembers on the Maru encounter human travelers who left Earth centuries before they did, but tensions among them may strand Dylan outside the Commonwealth forever.

Episode 50 - Slipfighter the Dogs of War
When an evil dictator starts testing nova bombs, Dylan goes up against great odds to blow up his reactor.

Episode 51 - The Leper's Kiss
Dylan tracks an assassin targeting a Commonwealth bureaucrat, taking along the killer's alienated sister for guidance.

Episode 52 - For Whom the Bell Tolls
While Andromeda is infested with metal-eating slugs, Harper believes he sees the ghost of a dead crewmember.

Episode 53 - And Your Heart Will Fly Away
When Tyr goes to rescue an onetime lover from her murderous ex, he inadvertently gets her and the ship into danger.

Laura Bertram
Lexa Doig, 2002
Lexa Doig, 2000
Keith Hamilton Cobb
Majel Barrett Roddenberry, 2001
Majel Barrett Roddenberry, 1999
Lisa Ryder, 2002
Lisa Ryder, 2000
Brent Stait
Gordon Michael Woolvett
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