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Tia Carrere as Sydney Fox
Christien Anholt as Nigel Bailey
Lindy Booth as Claudia
Tanja Reichart as Karen Petruski
Tony Rosato as Stewie Harper
Louis Mandylor as Derek Lloyd
Nancy Sakovich as Cate Hemphill


Episode 1 - Buddha's Bowl
Sydney Fox drags her new assistant Nigel Bailey to Asia in search of Siddhartha's richest gift.

Episode 2 - Smoking Gun
A man whose grandfather was framed by Al Capone hires her to clear his family's name by finding the murder weapon.

Episode 3 - Headless Nun
When her plane crashes near a convent, Sydney tries to solve the centuries-old mystery of a missing nun.

Episode 4 - Flag Day
Sydney searches for the flag which once flew over a beleaguered California Gold Rush fort.

Episode 5 - Thank You Very Much
A has-been musician asks Sydney for help finding a guitar which once belonged to Elvis.

Episode 6 - Diamond in the Rough
A baseball player seeks the glove which cost the Red Sox the 1946 World Series.

Episode 7 - Transformation
A Pentagon agent wants to find the secret formula of Paracelsus to create gold before evil forces wreak havoc with the world economy.

Episode 8 - Etched In Stone
Sydney's friend Stewie needs her help finding the rune stone of King Jann of Norway, but where will the runes lead them?

Episode 9 - Book of Love
A gorgeous Italian known as "Soccer's Casanova" wants Sydney to help him find the original legendary lover's book of bedroom advice.

Episode 10 - The Myth of the Maze
When Sydney's assistant Claudia falls for a real live Greek god, Sydney finds herself in a labyrinth of trouble.

Episode 11 - The Irish Crown Affair
A disgraced family may hold the key to Brian Boru's crown, an Irish heirloom.

Episode 12 - The Emperor's Bride
A Chinese emperor buried his wife with a priceless necklace, sought for centuries by treasure hunters, and now on the verge of discovery...

Episode 13 - Afterlife and Death
Sydney helps a friend track a priceless diamond, but when the gem is cut, all of Amsterdam could be history.

Episode 14 - Nine Lives
A stolen cat statue leads Sydney and Nigel to an Egyptian cult led by an exotic, deadly woman.

Episode 15 - Affaire de Coeur
A young engaged woman has one of a pair of legendary rings, and wants Sydney's help finding its long-lost counterpart.

Episode 16 - A Vanishing Art
Sydney and Nigel pretend to be a magician's assistants in order to find a missing Russian treasure.

Episode 17 - A Good Year
Did Marie Antoinette's lover hide the crown jewels of France in a bottle of wine, now at a vineyard about to be sold for gambling debts?

Episode 18 - The Last Knight
Sydney finds herself on the trail of Jacques de Molay, last of the Knights Templar, and his sacred sword.

Episode 19 - Love Letter
One of Sydney's students seeks the truth behind a French Revolutionary romance.

Episode 20 - Possessed
When a friend believes he is being killed by a vampiric lamia, Sydney and Nigel search for Zeus' sundial to save him.

Episode 21 - Nothing But the Truth
Sydney mentor Professor Chandler dies and leaves her information on recovering the Chalice of Truth, which makes it impossible for anyone to tell lies.

Episode 22 - Memories of Montmartre
Sydney attempts to uncover the truth about her French grandmother's life and treasures, searching from the Moulin Rouge to a Paris cemetery where a Russian treasure may be hidden.


Episode 23 - The Put Back
Old friend Ross Crawford asks Sydney and Nigel to help him return an African idol to its temple.

Episode 24 - Dagger of Death
The dagger of Kali, goddess of destruction, causes anyone who touches it to commit murder unless it is safe in its sheath, but the Cult of Kali wants to stop Sydney from taking their relic.

Episode 25 - Last of the Mochicas
Sydney and Nigel crash in the jungle aboard a plane full of suspicious people after recovering a vessel believed to contain the great warrior spirit of the Mochica tribe.

Episode 26 - Legend of the Lost
Agent Derek Lloyd kidnaps Nigel to get Sydney to help him find an ancient tribe long believed to be extinct.

Episode 27 - Fertile Ground
Sydney and her high school sweetheart search for a Hawaiian idol stolen by Captain Cook.

Episode 28 - Gypsy Jigsaw
When the Vulture, a thief of artifacts, kills a friend of Sydney's who was on the trail of the Crown of Roma, a deck of Tarot cards may hold clues to the mystery.

Episode 29 - Three Rivers To Cross
Randall Fox, Sydney's father, asks his daughter to help find a statue of a jade empress that will soon be buried under flood waters from a new dam.

Episode 30 - Roman Holiday
Claudia chases a thief to Italy and gets kidnapped over her involvement in a hunt for Caesar's breastplate.

Episode 31 - Cross of Voodoo
Two graduate students who disappeared in New Orleans turn up as zombies when Sydney and Nigel hunt for them.

Episode 32 - Lost Contact
In the Myanmar jungle, a team digging for ancient artifacts finds a living example of a missing link, a violent prehistoric human.

Episode 33 - The Real Thing
Serving as technical advisors on a London movie set, Sydney and Nigel spot real relics that belonged to an Egyptian pharaoh. The objects came from a burial chamber believed to be lost among the pyramids, so Sydney and Nigel head to Egypt to uncover an old crime.

Episode 34 - M.I.A.
Sydney agrees to help Interpol agents catch a thief, but before she even meets him, she is kidnapped by an unknown assailant on the streets of New York. Nigel and Claudia try to think of any enemies Sydney might have, and end up remembering many of their adventures together while Sydney struggles against a decidedly undead Edward Patel.

Episode 35 - Out of the Past
Claudia has visions of a past life in ancient Egypt, leading a museum curator to find a secret compartment in Cleopatra's jewelry box. When Sydney and her assistant travel to Alexandria, they search for the queen's lost necklace as an obsessed Cleopatra relic hunter known as the Scorpion stalks them.

Episode 36 - Eyes of Toklamanee
Sydney's student Adam uncovers a journal proving the existence of the Eyes of Toklamanee, a Native American relic of enormous power. They travel to St. Louis, where an archaeologist working for the city's new subway line and a major security force try to stop their research.

Episode 37 - Run Sydney Run
On the Russian steppe, Sydney finds the Sword of Ateas. But her group is ambushed, and Sydney is shot. When she wakes, she finds herself trapped in the house of Tsarlov, a friendly but controlling former Russian colonel. Tsarlov has no phone or computer and claims Nigel died in the rebel ambush. When Sydney finds her assistant alive in the dungeon, the colonel makes her an offer: he'll spare Nigel if she'll become the prey for his next hunt.

Episode 38 - French Connection
One of Nostradamus' prophecies predicts that a Fox will stop an assassination, but Sydney and Nigel have only the ancient book of predictions and a scant amount of political background if they're to foil a killer.

Episode 39 - Don't Go Into the Woods
Sydney and Nigel go to the Carpathian Mountains to look for the Golden Falcon of Mirabor, but werewolves threaten their search.

Episode 40 - Midnight Flight
An old friend of Sydney's from the Louvre asks her for help recovering a ruby-encrusted scepter, but when he sells it for profit, they must get it back again.

Episode 41 - The Executioner's Mask
An antique bronze mask that once belonged to a disfigured executioner horribly transforms those who wear it, and will continue to do so until it is returned to its owner's remains.

Episode 42 - The Royal Ring
Nigel's brother Preston discovers a riddle written by Henry VIII concerning the wedding ring of Anne Boleyn. Nigel agrees to help find the ring, but is horrified to discover that his former lover Amanda is now with his brother, romantically and professionally.

Episode 43 - Set In Stone
When Nigel learns that a favorite legend about a sword in a stone may be true, he and Sydney go to Hungary, where they discover an ancient order of monks guarding the secrets of St. Gabriel's magical relic -- and the demon it imprisons.

Episode 44 - Deadline
Sydney's former lover must find an ancient cross for a collector who has poisoned him with a virus and won't relinquish the antidote until he gets the relic.


Episode 45 - The Wages of Sydney
In pursuit of an ancient Chinese dragon's egg filled with explosives, Sydney comes into conflict with old rival Cain, a ruthless relic hunter whom she pretends is her husband to gain an ancient map.

Episode 46 - Mr. Right
When an Indonesian artifact goes missing, Sydney's off vacationing with her ex, and Derek Lloyd wants to drag her into the mess.

Episode 47 - Sydney at Ten
A relic last seen when Sydney's mentor Allister Newell was murdered 20 years ago resurfaces.

Episode 48 - Light of Truth
Sydney helps and Arabian prince with a magical lamp.

Episode 49 - Treasure Island
When Sydney hunts for pirate booty, her employer may make her walk the plank.

Episode 50 - Star of Nadir
On a Middle Eastern relic hunt, Sydney goes up against a Taliban-type group of Muslim fundamentalists who despise Western feminism.

Episode 51 - Vampire's Kiss
Sydney helps a vampire find his lost chalice.

Episode 52 - Devil Doll
Sydney gets mixed up with an Aztec doll that has gems for eyes but can scare people literally to death.

Episode 53 - Incognito
Nigel goes undercover to expose a band of thieves.

Episode 54 - All Choked Up

Episode 55 - Warlock of Nu Theta Pi
A top student uses an ancient amulet and kicks off a new witch project.

Episode 56 - Women Want To Know

Episode 57 - Fire in the Sky
Did the Moandaga Indians have an alien encounter? A government conspiracy may stop Sydney and Nigel from finding out.

Episode 58 - Hunting With the Enemy
Sydney avoids an ambush in a Gamoran temple.

Episode 59 - Antianeiral

Episode 60 - Under the Ice

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